Facebook evolved into a Metaverse: a centralized dystopian virtual world

In the past few years, the CEO of Facebook has shown the world his plans for the future. As social networks lost popularity and public trust, he showed a keen interest in new topics that did not involve the content of Congress’ inquiries.

Zuckerberg wants to surpass Facebook and social media . Social media has taken an important place in almost everyone’s life.

He hopes that the future vision is bigger than Facebook, although Facebook can already influence people’s decision-making by analyzing people’s personal data.

He wants to be bigger, but that doesn’t mean better. 


In addition to AR glasses, Zuckerberg’s current main work direction is to build a meta-universe. This idea points to a real virtual world , where people can truly enter the virtual space.

Zuckerberg has invested millions of dollars to build the prototype of the meta universe. He also announced plans to recruit approximately 10,000 employees in Europe. Now he seems to be considering changing the name of Facebook, this incident shows the determination of the company’s transformation.

Last summer, in an interview with The Verge, Zuckerberg mentioned Metaverse, “ Metaverse will become a focus. I think it will become an important part of the development of the Internet after the mobile Internet , and I think it will be The next point is the same for our company. We will redouble our efforts in this direction.”

Companies with a central organization VS global free trade

Of course, the term meta universe was not an invention of Zuckerberg. Its origins can be traced back to 1992, when science fiction writer Neil Stephenson created it in his novel “Avalanche.”

When Zuckerberg announced his commitment to the field of meta-universe, a Twitter user said that the term ” meta-universe” was used to describe “companies own virtual worlds, in which end users will become dystopian corporate dictatorships.” Citizens under “.

In response, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey commented: “He is the narrator.”

Talking about Zuckerberg and Dorsey means talking about centralization and decentralization, omniscient companies that want to rule everything, and companies that want to achieve global free trade through Crypto and do not expect to take anything from users. .

As a fan of Crypto, Dorsey believes in decentralized systems, global currencies, and free international trade in goods and services . He believes that Crypto will open the door to a peaceful future in the world.

Dorsey’s work to build a decentralized exchange for Crypto aims to be completely open, as he tweeted in July: “Open roadmap, open development and open source.”

When he planned to use the Crypto blockchain to bring more opportunities to the world, he completely opposed Zuckerberg’s idea of ​​dominating the new world and influencing users for personal gain .

Zuckerberg sees the power of Crypto as a means to gain more control, while Dorsey sees Crypto as the native currency of the future of the Internet and the basis of a non-custodial wallet that everyone can use.

The man who rules the dystopian world

Although the testimony of former Facebook employees severely criticized the company, when the parliamentary committee listens to these announcements, the company will announce some details of the meta universe.

The Washington Post emphasized this in September, stating that Facebook’s intentions are clearly political and to redeem its reputation .

The words of Joan Donovan, research director of the Seanstein Center for Media, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard University, have caused widespread concern among public stocks.

As long as you can make the technology look fresh and cool, you can evade regulation, and you can develop it for a few years before the government catches up to defend it.

Zuckerberg’s historical behavior does not show that he is a man who fought for democracy, he fought for himself . Meta Universe’s strategy does not fully cover the characteristics of his company. If he is the one who will rule our future reality, what hope is there for a decentralized world?

Facebook’s large-scale manipulation does not paint a sunny scene for virtual reality, where, in addition to reading our data and selling data, they can also hear our voices, see us in real time, and know our behavior. Way and further influence the public.

This is not just a question of Facebook dominating virtual reality. The world’s ideology, politics, and economy may be completely in the hands of the top 1% of people .

From his own point of view, he questioned whether virtual reality can bring social interaction more closely than screens. Isn’t this just to further isolate us by covering up the need for human contact with novel gadgets?

Welcome to a dystopian world, where “evil companies” not only play with democracy, but also expose human needs.

At the same time, the alliance of Crypto enthusiasts may be more powerful: pay attention to major issues in the world economy; protect the needs and privacy of users, thereby embodying true democratic behavior; and aim to use international free trade as a link that people can truly benefit from .

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