Facebook core technology executive Bosworth: Meta Metaverse essentials (including legendary life)

The “Coffee Talking V Talking” series brings together the digital economy and investment perspectives of international celebrities in an authentic fashion. Readers can see the wisdom of the wise, learn from the above, and grow vigorously.This article is the 33rd chapter of “Cashuo V Lectures”. It shares the important views of the original Facebook executive and will be the chief technology officer of Meta in 2022 by Andrew Bosworth (Andrew Bosworth). A preliminary idea of ​​integrating the Metaverse structured by a centralized organization with blockchain, NFT, and decentralized DAO. Part 2 of this article is an introduction to Andrew Bosworth.

Facebook core technology executive Bosworth: Meta Metaverse essentials (including legendary life)

Andrew Bosworth, who is also a top student at Harvard University with Meta (formerly Facebook) boss Mark Zuckerberg, and has served as an assistant teacher for Xiaozha in the artificial intelligence course, has served as a core executive of Meta (formerly Facebook) for a long time. He is currently in charge of leading the company’s AR and VR sectors, and is expected to be the chief technology officer of Meta after the new year, becoming a key figure in Meta’s transformation to the Metaverse.

Facebook core technology executive Bosworth: Meta Metaverse essentials (including legendary life)

After Zuckerberg announced that Facebook changed its name to Meta and transformed into a Metaverse, Bosworth accepted a long interview with Decoder and disclosed some preliminary ideas for Meta’s future Metaverse:

“(Future Metaverse deployment) Some will be brand new. There are no analogues in the physical world. This requires real invention. Then, I think we as a society must consider integrity and privacy. This is an unresolved issue. I’m thinking, the stronger the integrity and privacy guarantees, the weaker the interoperability. We know that this is a difficult balance that we must weigh.”

“If the entire Metaverse is controlled by a company, it is not difficult for the database, but we don’t want it to be like this, and we also think it is impossible. Another method that may be very powerful is NFT and encryption technology.”

“You don’t have to store the data in a database with its own shortcomings, but store it on the blockchain. That space is very exciting and it develops very rapidly. The basic technology is definitely useful here (Metaverse) One of the things. If they are not support, at least part of it. I am not sure that every part of the Metaverse will be supported by encryption technology. But I think it is very important, especially considering the current entrepreneurial vitality in the field , It really has something to do with the creator.”

Facebook core technology executive Bosworth: Meta Metaverse essentials (including legendary life)

After the previous interview, according to the New York Times and other media reports, senior technology tycoon Bosworth released an “internal post”, hoping that Meta, which was renamed from Facebook, could “anchor the depth of the blockchain.” Compatible”, he also talked about exploring the relevant business paths of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO) and NFTs.

In the post, Bosworth “calls for caution,” but added that Meta “should adopt these technologies before other organizations.” He pointed out: Blockchain technology may “have a profound impact on our industry in the next ten years.”

Bosworth also stated in an internal post that Meta should “developing ways to apply NFT” and “seeking possible investment areas, including blockchain-based smart contracts and DAOs.”

According to reports, he wrote: “My overall idea is to establish a goal of deep compatibility with the blockchain. I hope we don’t have much to rely on it completely, but if we see an opportunity to cooperate with entrepreneurs in the Web 3.0 field, I hope it’s worth the effort.”

However, Bosworth allegedly also warned employees not to be too fanatical about Web 3.0, and “urging employees not to rely too much on decentralized technology.”

Introduction to Andrew Bosworth

Andrew Bosworth, a well-known senior manager in the technical field in the United States. He is currently Meta’s vice president in charge of the AR/VR sector.

Bosworth, who grew up on a farm outside of San Jose, California, graduated from Harvard University with a major in computer science in 2004. While serving as an assistant professor of artificial intelligence (CS182), he met Mark Zuckerberg, an undergraduate at the time.

After graduating from Harvard University, Bosworth worked as a developer for Microsoft Visio for nearly two years, and then responded to Zuckerberg’s call and joined Facebook in January 2006 and has been in business until now.

Regarding Bosworth’s experience of joining early Facebook, the media has disclosed in detail. At that time, when Bosworth received an AOL instant message for an interview for Facebook’s artificial intelligence position, he was taken aback and participated in the interview with skepticism.

“I didn’t take it seriously,” he recalled. “It wasn’t until after the interview that I realized the ambition of what they did and what it might become. After that, I was very excited.”

However, Bosworth is still reluctant to give up his career at Microsoft and enter the uncharted territory of a start-up company.

“My manager gave me one of the best gifts. When there was a chance to join Facebook, he said to me: You must go. I don’t want to lose you because you are a great genius here, but you are still young , You have nothing to lose, you will learn a lot in that environment.” Bosworth recalled.

He accepted the manager’s suggestion and became one of the first more than ten employees of this fledgling company.

As a 15-year veteran of Facebook, Bosworth first built infrastructure as a back-end engineer, developed a prototype that later became News Feed, and co-invented major functions such as News Feed, Messenger and Groups, and was committed to early anti-spam Mail and anti-abuse system.

Facebook core technology executive Bosworth: Meta Metaverse essentials (including legendary life)

The year Bosworth joined Facebook, the platform had 5 million users, but within a year, the number of users more than doubled, and the growth rate was exponential. The team’s early work pace was also very fast, and the boundary between work and life basically did not exist. At that time, the six roommates of Bosworth were all Facebook employees, so they were working around the clock. Recalling that year, he said that it really didn’t feel like work. They were enjoying adventure, creativity, and the fun of trying new things, sometimes even crazy things.

Later, Bosworth led the creation of Facebook’s advertising business. Currently, he leads Reality Labs, building consumer hardware and software, including Quest VR headsets. The team he leads has more than 10,000 employees, accounting for one-fifth of the company’s employees. In 2022, he will become the chief technology officer of Meta, and his responsibilities will be expanded to include the company’s artificial intelligence and a broader engineering team.

Bosworth is arguably the most influential computer science expert in the world, an extraordinary social media influencer, and has a large number of fans. He often posts personal photos and videos and interacts with his huge fan base on social media platforms.

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