Facebook blesses the internal logic of Metaverse

Almost all social and gaming companies will become followers of Metaverse. This is my intuitive judgment on the future development trend of the meta-universe.

From this perspective, when we look at Facebook’s full blessing of the meta universe, it will be more objective and rational, rather than blindly denying and skeptical.

When the concept of Metaverse began to appear, Zuckerberg, the head of Facebook, couldn’t restrain his inner excitement, and constantly expressed his firm confidence in the future of Metaverse, and he took part in the process of the landing and practice of Metaverse. .

Many people disagree with these actions of Zuckerberg.

Some people think that he is just trying to find a good story for Facebook’s stock price; some people think that he is just seeing the meta universe as a concept; some people think that he is just to seize the right to speak itself, not other.

Although these statements have certain truths, it would be very arbitrary if we only regard Facebook’s blessing of Metaverse as a pursuit and concept.

They didn’t really understand the inner logic of Facebook’s blessing of the meta universe. It would be too simple and arbitrary if it was just because of Facebook’s aggressive advancement in the meta-universe field, as a concept, or even a show.

In my opinion, Facebook’s full effort to bless the meta universe is not only for concept and show, but more like a big game of chess.


When it comes to meta-universe, the first thing we think of is blockchain.

Whether it is from the concept of meta-universe, or to the main practitioners of meta-universe, blockchain players occupy a considerable share of it. It is precisely because of this that people will deeply bind the meta-universe to the blockchain, and some people even regard the meta-universe as a synonym for the blockchain.

Although there is indeed a huge connection between the metaverse and the blockchain, if it is just because of this, it would be too much to connect the blockchain with the metaverse in depth and equate the metaverse with the blockchain. Too simple and arbitrary. In my opinion, the blockchain is more like a lower-level and purer technology than the meta-universe. It is precisely with the blockchain technology that the meta-universe was born. What needs to be clear is that blockchain and metaverse cannot be equated, let alone confuse the two.

Earlier, Facebook had actually begun to deploy blockchain technology and established a blockchain working group. After exploring and exploring the blockchain for a period of time, Facebook also released Libra , which caused a lot of sensation in the industry. Many people regard Libra as an epoch-making existence, but later, because of the supervision of digital currencies in various countries, Libra’s fate was ill-fated.

However, this cannot offset our judgment on the depth of the layout of the blockchain by Facebook. What we should see more is that Facebook does have some ideas of its own in the research and application of blockchain technology. In my opinion, it is Facebook’s many accumulations and practices on the blockchain that finally led it to see the potential of the meta-universe itself in the first time, and quickly cut into it.

If we stand on the deep connection between the blockchain and the metauniverse, plus our in-depth understanding of Facebook’s layout of the blockchain, we will have a deeper understanding of the current Facebook blessing of the metauniverse. In a sense, Facebook’s blessing of metauniverse is not based solely on enthusiasm, let alone seeing the outlet of metauniverse itself, but more on its own in-depth layout of metauniverse in the early stage, and more on its own in the early stage. Deep understanding of blockchain technology.

With these foreshadowing, when we look at Facebook’s blessing of the metaverse, we will find that it is not groundless, but is supported by a whole set of logic and systems. From this point of view, Facebook’s blessing of Metaverse is by no means groundless, but is supported by a whole set of ideas and systems.


When it comes to Metaverse, the first applications that many people think of are games and social interactions. It seems that there is a natural connection between these two industries and Metaverse.

Whether it’s gaming or social networking, Facebook is a company with its own genes. If we regard the Internet era as the era in which Facebook establishes its market position, then the upcoming meta-universe era will inevitably be the era in which Facebook consolidates its market position.

As the needs of users continue to increase, especially as new generations of users begin to join in more and more, we will use traditional social methods and tools to meet their social needs, which is obviously beginning to fall behind. In this context, we need to use a new social approach to meet the social needs of the new generation of users, so as to achieve the expansion of social platform users and continue their own development.

The same is true for Facebook. Although Facebook occupies an absolute advantage in the social field worldwide, it will still face a series of problems and challenges such as new user needs, new user groups, and new social environments. In this case, Facebook must face these new changes and propose targeted solutions. If you just focus on the Internet itself, then Facebook cannot meet the new social needs of users. Only through new technologies can new solutions be found.

The meta universe was pushed to the forefront under such a big background. With the help of Metaverse, the traditional social model can undergo a deep and comprehensive transformation. Virtual social networking will inject new gameplay and new ideas, so that users, especially users in the Z era, will get the social experience they want.

For Facebook, which has been looking for a way to break the game, the emergence of Metaverse is undoubtedly a good medicine. With it, many pain points and problems that seem to be unsolvable will have new solutions. When Facebook’s traditional social methods are deeply changed, especially when the social methods based on Internet technology are deeply changed, for Facebook, it is undoubtedly that the old trees are in the spring and ushered in new development opportunities.


Behind the popularity of Metaverse is the external manifestation of market development. In other words, the inherent demand of market development found an outlet for the meta-universe, which finally led to the emergence of the meta-universe.

At present, the development of the Internet industry has progressed to the deep water, and many existences such as traditional technologies, traditional models, and traditional species have begun to encounter more and more difficulties and challenges. How to find and solve the problems caused by the traditional development model is a problem and challenge that almost every technology company is facing. Of course, Facebook is no exception.

Among these new development trends, the realization of the in-depth integration of virtual and physical has become a necessity and direction. How to establish a deep connection between the virtual world and the physical world, and how to break the barrier between the virtual world and the physical world, has become a predicament and problem that every technology company must face.

The same is true for the ambitious Facebook.

Unlike the outside world, it is only for Facebook to fully support the concept of meta-universe, just for the main concept. I think more that Facebook wants to use the concept of meta-universe to realize its own innovation, so as to allow itself to be the first to find a connection between the virtual world and the entity. The key to the world continues to lead the development of the industry.

Therefore, the reason why Facebook will give all its support to Metaverse is not to try to conceptualize it, but because it has seen such a profound and complete change that is taking place in the Internet industry, especially the industry. It began to look for ways and methods to deal with such a change, and thus began to find answers from the meta-universe.

From this logic point of view, Facebook’s blessing of Metaverse is caused by the development of the Internet industry and even the technology industry. It is an inevitable development of the industry. Facebook only caters to such a trend, and does not intend to focus on such a concept.

When the integration of the Internet industry and the real industry continues, especially when more and more new technologies begin to join the process of integrating the virtual economy and the real economy, we will also see more companies begin to join the ranks of the meta universe Among them, what opened up was an era of meta-universe. Simply put, the meta-universe era is a brand-new era in which the virtual economy and the real economy are deeply integrated.

In the context of the continued unabated enthusiasm of the meta universe, what we see is that more and more companies are beginning to join it, and Facebook is no exception.

Many people don’t understand Facebook’s full support of Metaverse, and some even see this as a hype for a new concept. Obviously, this is caused by their ignorance of the meta-universe and the inner logic of the meta-universe itself.

When we truly understand Facebook’s earlier layout, especially its deep involvement in the blockchain field, we will find that the concept of Facebook’s full blessing of the meta universe is not groundless, but has a whole set of logic in it.

After straightening out this point, we can truly realize that Facebook’s involvement in the meta-universe wave is not creating the wind, but chasing the wind; it is not advocating, but conforming.

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