Facebook also pays “net celebrities” to counter TikTok

The move announced by Facebook this time integrates numerous remuneration programs in various fields such as art, fashion, and entertainment.

The US Facebook announced on July 14 that it will issue a total of more than 1 billion U.S. dollars in remuneration to various creators active on its own SNS (social networking site) before the end of 2022. The Chinese short video app “TikTok (TikTok)” and others have achieved rapid growth through the mechanism of paying remuneration to influential UP owners known as “net celebrities”, and Facebook will use this move to counteract it.

Facebook also pays "net celebrities" to counter TikTok

Facebook and TikTok APP icons on the phone (data)

The move announced by Facebook this time integrates numerous remuneration programs in various fields such as art, fashion, and entertainment. It is said to be complementary to the existing profit channels for creators. The photo sharing app “Instagram” and the social networking site “Facebook” will release detailed measures in the app this summer and autumn respectively.

As a service against TikTok in 2020, Instagram launched the short video publishing function “Reels”. A mechanism to pay bonuses to creators who produce high-quality content under certain conditions will be introduced in the United States in the near future. Facebook Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mark Zuckerberg published an article on social networking sites on July 14th, stating that “I hope to build the best platform for millions of creators to better sustain their livelihoods.”

Facebook previously provided a mechanism for creators to obtain revenue by uploading works to social networking sites. However, there are criticisms that the distribution of proceeds is not transparent. It is said that the new mechanism will clarify how creators can obtain benefits, and the distribution method will also follow certain principles.

Facebook also faces criticism of free-riding in terms of content. Behind the announcement of paying huge amounts of money to creators, it also revealed the sense of crisis facing TikTok, which provides content quality through diversified remuneration programs and increases the number of users.

The US research company Sensor Tower announced on the 14th that TikTok became the world’s most downloaded APP in the first half of 2021, with cumulative downloads exceeding 3 billion. In addition to the apps pre-installed on smartphones, this is the first time that it has exceeded 3 billion times in addition to the apps provided by Facebook.

The “Creator Economy” in which individuals directly make money through social networking sites, etc. is growing rapidly. Having a large number of well-known creators will help increase users, and large social networking sites are strengthening the functions of promoting creators’ profitability.

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