Fabric Ventures: Why we should invest in Moralis

Fabric Ventures is pleased to join Coinbase, EQT and other investors in Moralis’ Series B round.


Providing tools to improve the developer experience has been an important part of the web2 landscape for the past decade. The need to simplify and consolidate developer tasks to accelerate production, quality, and deployment has created a multi-billion-dollar market that will continue to grow as software continues to “eat the world.” 

Developer experience issues, if any, will only get worse in web3. The coding languages ​​for web3 are mostly specific to this industry, and some degree of retraining is required for software developers looking to enter the industry. Furthermore, the sheer number of existing developers in web3 is still small, which means that there are very few highly skilled native users. As of December 2021, the total number of monthly active developers is less than 20,000 – 59% of which entered the field that year.

However, more and more Web2 developers are entering the field, and these developers expect to find tools that make their work easier and faster. So the vendors who are best able to meet these needs and allow easy creation of dapps will create tremendous value.

Moralis works best as an essential store for dapp development. It provides developers with a full range of products, from tutorials to easy-to-develop SDKs, to fast and reliable Node APIs (fully integrated with Moralis services), to Web APIs (including NFTs) that facilitate the collection of various blockchain data . For example, you can think of it as Firebase for web3.

Even though the company is only a year old, Moralis is already showing strong traction. With the charisma and online activity of founder and YouTuber Ivan Lijeqvist, the company has attracted countless attention in the industry, and tens of thousands of new developers join its platform every month.

Moralis is the go-to for any new team looking to build something new on web3. Not only do they handle backend services with reliable and fast node provisioning, but they also provide an SDK that greatly reduces development time and allows related data to be called using their API. We believe that being able to provide all of these services is critical for future monetization and value addition, and that developers (especially new developers from web2) won’t want to integrate with too many separate products, preferring to let Moralis handle All their backend needs.

For web and game developers, Moralis provides SDKs for the following languages ​​and frameworks: JavaScript, React, Node.js, Unity, and C#. Moralis prides itself on an 87% reduction in average time-to-market because Moralis makes calls to asynchronous APIs without having to worry about on-chain specific implementation details and boilerplate code. Looking at the code, you may notice that it looks similar to a Web 2 application, the API calls are made to the Moralis server, which represents the connection between the front end of the application and the blockchain.

Additionally, Moralis has received excellent reviews across the developer community, and we have direct references from existing portfolio companies. We place great value on the quality of their API, cross-chain support, and the suite of features provided. Producing great products is the best way to attract developers and generate stickiness, and we believe Moralis has the best chance of doing that.

We are excited to deepen our relationship with Moralis through the Fabric X program. Founders at every level of the company, from ideation to initial product-market fit and more, have always been an integral part of Fabric DNA, and we’ve always supported the best technical talent at work in web3 – there are so many engineers here Excited about what they’ve built, but they need time to really explore the crypto space without the immediate financial pressure of leaving their previous job. Noticing the bottlenecks for developers and entrepreneurs in the Web 3 ecosystem and realizing that they need a good environment to start their Web 3 journey, we created the Fabric X program and started from the first in France The period Le Crypto Fellowship begins. We are delighted with the initial results of the Le Crypto Fellowship and shocked that so many teams have naturally made Moralis their tool of choice. We look forward to further strengthening this relationship as we launch more incubators in different regions.

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