Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

Is it actually close friends?

The jelly is on fire and it has been used for 24 days. The gel was cold again and only lasted 3 days.

This app called Jelly focuses on socializing with close friends, but it has gone out of the circle with its avatar fashion. Since its launch, there has been almost no large-scale active publicity. Only relying on the sharing and fission among users, the ranking in the Appstore has gradually climbed, reaching the top on February 11, surpassing the social overlord WeChat.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

The official introduction of the jelly

Young users are important participants in their social communication chain. Many Gen Z people send links with their well-designed avatar photos to their circle of friends, or directly share them with close friends. On social media such as Xiaohongshu, Weibo, Douyin, etc., Jelly has also attracted a lot of discussions by virtue of its ability to be fashionable and dress up as an avatar.

However, the growth of users has brought a lot of pressure to this newly born app, and many users have reported problems such as poor product experience, stuck use, and message delays. The core of its products to attract young people: fashionable clothes, but also suspected of plagiarism.

Under the pressure of public opinion, the app, which was born less than a month ago, was removed from the app store and new users were suspended. The official statement said that the delisting was an initiative, and the current focus is to focus on improving the existing user experience.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

As a social software, the precipitation of social relationships is the core of its experience. When the user group is relatively narrow, cutting off new users from joining, its user experience has been greatly reduced. At the peak of the heat, “retreat with rapids”, and then “make a comeback”, can it make another wave again?

After all, in the post-WeChat era, we have seen many short-lived social apps, and Gel is not the first, and presumably not the last.

01 Social software loves the Metaverse

Although Jelly does not claim to be a Metaverse product on its product page or in its external statements. However, the concept and design of creating a virtual human identity and enabling virtual social networking have led many people in the industry and the media to classify it into the category of the Metaverse.

Turning back time, when the concept of the Metaverse was far less prevalent than it is now, similar products emerged one after another. Whether it’s Zepeto, which focuses on creating virtual images, or QQ Show, which has been operating for many years under QQ, there have been similar settings. It’s just that at that time, they still called their own names, each with their own characteristics.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

And now, they’re all Metaverse.

The wind of the times blows from the east coast of the Pacific Ocean to the west coast, and the Metaverse comes to China and becomes the Metaverse. In China, one of the early concept promoters has a social product that has been slightly loud in the past two years-Soul.

Soul was officially founded in 2016, and the first position that was familiar to the public was socializing with strangers based on language chat matching. From the perspective of the time, almost all stranger social software such as Tantanmomo was based on the user’s photo as the relationship-driven basis, which increased the difficulty of matching ordinary users to a certain extent.

Soul not only has no rigid requirements for photos, but also allows users to design their own avatars and assign planets based on their interests and hobbies. It also has the function of chatting and matching, which not only reduces the threshold for users to enter, but also increases the frequency of user matching. It is said to make up for the existence of market gaps.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

Due to its special positioning and overwhelming marketing, Soul has exceeded 100 million registered users in just 3 years.And its daily active users have also increased from 3.3 million three years ago to 9.1 million this year.

But the problem is also obvious. There is a relatively obvious industry ceiling for stranger social networking. The 9.1 million daily active users also lack enough capital imagination for a social product. Its financial data released to the public also shows that since 2019, Soul has accumulated losses of 1 billion yuan.

Fish need water, and capital markets need imagination. Just in time, the Metaverse came to China across the ocean.

At the beginning of 2021, Soul first proposed the concept of “social Metaverse” in China, claiming that he “will provide Generation Z with a social Metaverse linked by soul”. Soon afterwards, Soul began to prepare to go public in the United States. “When Roblox used Metaverse to turn 6 billion into 60 billion, I Soul raised 200 million US dollars with Metaverse, it’s not a problem.”

The blessing of the Metaverse made Soul’s response in the market far beyond imagination. Soul, which planned to raise US$200 million, eventually raised more than US$3 billion. Although Soul ultimately failed to go public due to issues such as stricter regulations, the story of Soul and the Metaverse has already unfolded. As it keeps appearing in various Metaverse-related reports, Soul has transformed itself from being a stranger socially to a “social Metaverse for young people.”

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

soul’s website homepage

There are many stories similar to Soul. Overseas, Zuckerberg, who started with the social software Facebook, was determined to directly change the company name to Meta, and incidentally launched his first Metaverse social product: horizon worlds, its gameplay It is still relatively simple, and the modeling is relatively rough, but it can be substituted into the setting of virtual characters to enter a virtual world, and there is already a prototype of the Metaverse.

In addition, once popular social products such as Zepeto, because of the characteristics of virtual characters, began to position their products closer to the Metaverse. In December 2021, when Sina reported on it, it called it “Asia’s largest Metaverse platform”, while two years ago, the public’s perception of it was only a “face pinching game”.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

After September, Tencent successively applied for trademarks such as “QQ Metaverse”, and many domestic products began to move closer to the Metaverse. Platforms such as “Rainbow Universe” have even started a wave of online real estate speculation and the Metaverse boom. has arisen.

Under the situation that the current social software pattern has been stabilized, the new type of stranger social software dominated by interpersonal relationships is already a segmented market and a vertical track, and the traffic ceiling is relatively obvious. Business imagination is also very limited.

The emergence of the Metaverse not only provides a brand-new gimmick, allowing original products to attract new users.It also allows the social software to be repackaged, “put on the vest”, and remake the original story and tell it again.

Investors love to listen, audiences love to watch, and products gain exposure. It looks like it’s a happy ending.

02 Is it the Metaverse or the QQ Show?

At a time when the Internet track is already very crowded, people’s demand for new apps has weakened, and the various Internet applications we use in our lives can already meet basic needs, and in the Apple ios store, it is not difficult to find it. Some apps made by small companies, targeting a fixed population, and requiring paid use.

However, there are still new entrepreneurs fighting in the subdivision track. The appearance of Soul has solved the problem of low matching degree of strangers in the past to a certain extent, while Jelly has found a more subdivided piece in the socialization of acquaintances. Domain – “Close Friends Social”.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

In its official introduction column, Jelly declared that it is a “friendship apartment that only belongs to you and your best friend”. There is no grouping, blocking, and visibility for three days. Only 50 close friends are allowed to be invited, and only plogs of the day’s photos are allowed to be published. Record your life, in addition, you can also create your trendy avatar to express your mood at the moment in a vivid state.

Although a lot of space was used in its slogan to introduce the concept of socializing with close friends, the main concept of the gel, the only thing that came out of the circle and formed a discussion was the “Tide Play avatar” in its introduction column.

Its unique face pinching system has quickly become popular on social media such as Weibo, Xiaohongshu, and Douyin, and in the circle of friends, there are also many Gen Z people who have tried new things first and put their own virtual fashion image. Sun” came out.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

Stories like this are not unfamiliar to user groups who are always trying new things. In 2018, Zepeto developed by a Korean company was popular in China, and many people used their faces to transfer themselves to the app, and took pictures with friends and punched cards. But the app’s overly limited experience also caused its users to churn away quickly, and it was soon silent on the market. After the Metaverse concept became popular, Zepeto also turned into a Metaverse application.

If you go back in time, the cm show that was launched inside QQ was once welcomed and sought after by young people. It not only has a dress-up system, but also a unique set of emoticons, which can be used to communicate with friends more vividly. interactive. Going forward, the once-popular QQ show is the tears of a generation.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

It can be seen that the trendy game matching system created by Jelly is not original, but a seasonal item that will set off a craze on the Internet after a while, not to mention those apps that already have more similar product features abroad. .Among the clothing and items that are used as accessories for characters, there are still many who are questioned as plagiarism by outfit bloggers, and their foundation is also in jeopardy.

Xuanzi, who joined Jelly before it reached the top, has now uninstalled the app. At the beginning, she felt that Jelly had unique advantages compared to the former QQ and the QQ Show in it. After all, “you can more intuitively feel the existence of the other party’s avatar, and you can also interact directly. Although QQ has complete functions, it is not It’s divisive. Not as immersive and immersive as gel.”

But the bad experience still made her stop using it and uninstall it. “It’s too laggy, too lazy to click in.” She now opens the friend list at the beginning, and the latest friend plog was 4 days ago.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

As a post-00s generation, many of Xuanzi’s friends downloaded Jelly. Her friend list is like a hand-held cabinet filled with avatars of friends. However, the post-95s Xiaoxin who followed the trend did not have such a fresh experience. Only four friends made her social circle relatively monotonous. Recently, she uninstalled the gel because of “too power consumption” and “invasion of privacy”.

The reason for taking the initiative to remove the gel is to maintain the experience of existing users, but after the existing users have tasted the early adopters, they can’t wait to leave. Judging from the monitoring data of its app store, the gel, which has been rendered as “explosive” by various media, has only been downloaded about 1.6 million times. The number of its users is far from enough.

Explosive and fast-decaying jelly, is it Metaverse or QQ Show?

The gel that briefly topped the app store

The emergence of the Metaverse has brought hope to many technologies and products that have been in trouble. From a large level, there are cloud, VR/AR, blockchain, etc., while in terms of subdivided products, there are sandbox games, cloud games, social software, virtual idols, and so on. Jelly did not take the initiative to rub against the Metaverse, but was indirectly affected by this wave of dividends.

At present, social software is a form of smooth integration with the concept of the Metaverse, and the transformation of social giant Facebook has proved this. However, the future of gel-type social products is still uncertain. On the one hand, the relatively stable pattern makes it more and more difficult to promote new social products. On the other hand, existing products on the market can already meet the needs of most users. The product ceiling of its subdivided track is very obvious.

Therefore, although Jelly does not rub against the Metaverse, the Metaverse may be its only answer, but before the Metaverse is truly realized, if you want to survive the darkness before dawn, you still need to maintain the current product experience. Live the first part of the user.

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