Exploring the New Boundaries of NFT – Pacific’s First INO Model

Pacific, as a cross-chain multi-ecological NFT aggregation trading platform and financial base protocol, is committed to building the leading NFT trading platform in the polka ecology.

Pacific as a cross-chain multi-ecology NFT aggregation trading platform and financial infrastructure protocols, committed to building the leading NFT trading platform in the polka ecology, currently has a multi-level design on the NFT infrastructure including the underlying protocols, including decentralized NFT exchange, on-chain NFT governance module, dynamic NFT interaction and multi-ecology NFT interoperability across chains, committed to become the cornerstone of NFT liquidity. Currently the project has been awarded Web3.0 Phase 8 Grant and has completed its first milestone.

Exploring the New Boundaries of NFT - Pacific's First INO Model

INO (Initial NFT Offering) is Pacific’s first project pass drop model based on project ecology. WAVE stands for “Wave and Trend”, which means the NFT wave is sweeping the crypto world. The first batch of equity cards is the wave card privacy project Evanesco equity card (EVA WAVE CARD), with the development of the platform, in the future there will be successively different protocol projects such as identity track, storage track, DeFi track and other equity cards, NFT equity cards of various tracks can enjoy the subscription rights brought by different categories of popular projects. Project cards can be exchanged for “track equity cards” at a later stage to enjoy the rights and benefits of other projects in the same track while receiving subsequent benefits from the project.

INO model and user benefits description
Pacific equity card account can be understood as “tradable, value-added, and directional coinlist account”.

  1. Locked track, directional subscription, airdrop rights

Pacific has launched a limited number of INO equity cards, which not only allow you to get the subscription quota and airdrop rights of a single popular project, but also to get the subscription qualification of other projects in the track to which the project belongs. At present, the platform has reached cooperation intentions with several high-quality popular projects, and will provide cardholders with multiple project rights and interests in the near future to ensure that equity cardholders can obtain the right to participate in a track’s popular projects on a targeted basis.

  1. NFT cards themselves can be listed and traded, with huge value-added potential

The equity cards themselves are NFT assets and can be freely traded and transferred between users. As the Pacific platform grows and partners with more quality projects, the value of the equity decks will grow as well. Holders can transfer the ownership of the cards to gain value-added profits.

  1. The platform promises to buy back NFT equity decks to stimulate the secondary market

Pacific platform revenue will feed the secondary market for platform pass and card buyback to maximize the benefits for users and create wealth for fans.

Exploring the New Boundaries of NFT - Pacific's First INO Model

The platform has entered into a deep strategic cooperation with Evanesco (the leading project of Boca Privacy Financial Agreement and the first official ITO project of Mask Network) to exclusively issue 100 EVA WAVE CARD cards in limited quantity. Users who successfully bid for this INO card will enjoy the right to subscribe to 100U shares of Evanesco project. The details of the card auction are as follows.

Details of the first batch of INO cards

  • Total number of cards issued: 100
  • Card unit price: 105 USD
  • Cards corresponding to EVA pass share: 100 USD
  • Evanesco issue unit price : 0.03 USD
  • Subscription currency: USDT
  • Unlock period : 100% after launch

Evanesco’s issue price is 0.03 USDT and will be unlocked 100% after launch.

Exploring the New Boundaries of NFT - Pacific's First INO Model

Tips: Evanesco project passes will be issued directly to the card holder’s address in the Ethernet network at 12:00 on May 27th.

Users holding EVA WAVE CARD cards can enjoy the priority subscription right for more subsequent cooperation projects of Pacific platform, in addition to getting Evanesco project airdrop.

The current market mainstream IDO platform has problems such as high threshold for user participation, high number of participants resulting in less shares available to users, and a large amount of transaction fees invested but cannot be subscribed successfully. On the contrary, INO model, just hold Pacific NFT WAVE CARD equity cards can easily enjoy the right to subscribe to the project, get a high share, and enjoy the value-added benefits of the card, which greatly optimizes the community user participation experience.

How to participate in the INO Equity Card Auction

  1. Visit Pacific’s website: https://pacific.one
  2. Use the Heco chain address to connect to the official website
  3. Enter the INO auction at the opening time
  4. Whitelist users can participate

Card subscription whitelist is limited to 500 places, pay attention to the official platform to participate in activities to receive.

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