Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

Against the backdrop of the recent explosion of artificial intelligence-generated content (AIGC), the crypto market is quite cool, so there is a meme diagram as follows:

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

Regardless of whether this trend continues, one of the things I’m very worried about with the current AIGC is that if it’s centralized, it leads to the centralization of power, and power leads to corruption, which is not the future I want to see.

But it is undeniable that the influence of AI has become more and more powerful, GPT3, DALL· E, Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, Stable dreamfusion, GET3D and other AI models are emerging, from generating 2D pictures to videos to 3D modeling, the ability of AI is developing at a staggering speed.

So AI and Crypto are not related?

First, an example of AI combined with Web3 games

In my opinion, they complement each other, especially for the Metaverse supernarrative.

Imagine that one day in the future, we will be able to access the magical virtual world through AR/VR devices, and we can instantly create 2D and 3D items that we imagine or cannot imagine in our minds through prompts, just like chanting a magical spell, and then we really have them (data is hosted on the public chain), we can also interact with intelligent AI NPCs in the virtual world and affect the story development of the entire game world. And all this will be supported by a fully transparent open source infrastructure.

Under this vision, humanity will unleash limitless creativity.

It’s this vision that drives me to focus on the open Metaverse and AI-driven gaming, and here are four examples of projects that have received VC funding right now.

Note: Project attention mentioned below refers to the attention of top VC members, not the number of followers or dicord members.

1、AI Arena

AI Arena is an AI-powered Web3 competitive game whose developer ArenaX Labs last year raised $5 million in seed funding led by Paradigm and funded by the Framework, in which players design and train AI-powered NFT fighting characters in a global PVP arena and automatically pit them against each other.

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

(Image credit: AI Arena)

The participants of the whole game are mainly divided into competitors and researchers, where the researchers power the game competition by creating the best machine learning (ML) models and obtain the game’s native token neurons ($NRN), which can facilitate the development of AI algorithms, on the other hand, players from all over the world compete to develop the best training strategy to maximize the performance of their NFTs in the arena, and the higher the ranking in the global leaderboard, the more token rewards can be earned.

Game difficulty: Can be quick-started, but difficult to master.

Highlights: Promoting AI algorithms.

Game implementation difficulty: Easier.

Token issuance status: Not yet issued.

Attention: Average.


Delysium, a Web3 FPS game with AI elements, closed a $4 million seed round led by Alameda Research, Republic and Galaxy Interactive in March this year, and a $10 million strategic round led by Anthos Capital in October with participation from Immutable and others.

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

(Image credit: Delysium)

In this FPS game, the biggest highlight is that AI-powered MetaBeings can hold private property and participate in the game to generate income, they are no longer characters controlled by the player, but AI-driven robots.

Game difficulty: Quick start.

Highlights: AI robots are smarter than traditional computers.

Potential problem: For incentivized chain games, AI will also bring destructive power, and it will be important to design a good economic model.

Game implementation difficulty: Hard.

Token issuance status: Not yet issued.

Attention: Average


rct.ai, a startup that provides AI solutions for the gaming industry, received a multimillion-dollar seed round from Y Combinator, a well-known startup incubator, in 2019, followed by a $10 million Series A investment led by the Makers Fund, and in November 2021, rct.ai received $10 million from Metaverse Capital, Galaxy Interactive, HashKey Capital, and others Series A-3 financing.

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

(Image credit: rct.ai)

rct.ai The most important product at the moment is Chaos Box, which according to the introduction, is an AI engine that uses the Chaos Box algorithm to analyze real-time player input and dynamically generate NPC responses and new storylines based on deep reinforcement learning, which can support large-scale emergency behavior of AI and NPCs in the game.

Short-term highlights: Profitable P2E games with AI bots.

Development difficulty: Difficult.

Attention: Poor.


Webaverse is an open Metaverse project consisting of various open source software, and in 2021, the team received a $2 million seed round led by 1confirmation.

According to the project’s whitepaper and information provided by the GitHub code repository, Webaverse provides an open source and browser-based Metaverse engine on which anyone can build and host virtual worlds and gaming experiences, and the Webaverse team is currently building an open Metaverse world based on Upstreet. In the Upstreet virtual world, gamers can randomly generate 2D or 3D assets through various AI models (Note: Webaverse forks and modifies open source AI models such as Stable Diffusion, Stable dreamfusion, GET3D, AdelaiDepth, etc.). ), and minted into NFTs on the Ethereum sidechain it provides to import into the virtual world, in addition, Upstreet will also apply AI to NPCs to enhance the game user experience.

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

(Image credit: Webaverse)

Game difficulty: Quick start.

Highlights: Incorporates a variety of open source AI models.

Potential problem: The small amount of funding may not match the grand project vision.

Game implementation difficulty: Hard.

Token issuance status: Not yet issued.

Attention: High.

Second, use AI to tell the story of Web3 games

Storytelling is one of the oldest and most powerful forms of communication, and when a story catches our attention and attracts us, we are more likely to absorb the information and meaning in it.

An important point of Metaverse games is that it requires users and platforms to participate in the creative process together, rather than planned limited games, in the game, we will have a concept of Lore, in traditional games, which are planned by the game designer, completely predictable, and through AI models, we can bring together various inputs and generate unpredictable outputs, such games have infinite possibilities.

Explore the convergence of AIGC and Web3 gaming

Figure: This is a model of a neural network, AI such as GPT-3 is much more complex, but the structure is similar.

This is also another potential use of AI in Web3 games in addition to AI-generated content and AI NPCs.

Some simple observations

Compared with the current very mature field of AI image generation, the development of AI games involving 3D assets is still in a very early stage, which is why the financing amount of related game projects is still relatively small.

But it is undeniable that the market size of the game field is much larger than the picture market, and AI will also be a very important trend for the next development of games.

Therefore, in my opinion, the potential of AI + Web3 games will be very large, however, this road of exploration will inevitably encounter bumps and bumps, so several of the early projects discussed in this article are likely to face failure, but their exploration direction is worth learning.

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