Explore the “Boring Ape” BAYC themed restaurant: How is it here?

In early April, a themed restaurant called “Bored & Hungry” opened.

This restaurant was inspired by the Bored Ape NFT. Co-founder Andy Nguyen spent $267,000 on the Bored Ape #6184 NFT in March this year. He originally only wanted to do a 90-day pop-up store, but unexpectedly The restaurant is so popular that it recently announced that it will keep the restaurant open.

Today, this NFT-inspired themed burger restaurant has become the most popular Internet celebrity restaurant in Los Angeles. People are very interested in the food sold in this store, and they are rushing to visit the store. So what are the characteristics of this store? Woolen cloth? Next, let “meat eater” reporter Jason Nelson and “grass eater” reporter Kate Irwin take you to find out.

Restaurant environment: 4 stars

When the restaurant first opened, the long queue at the door is still vivid in my mind, and until now, there are still a steady stream of customers who want to come to check in. Although the parking lot of the restaurant is not large, it is basically enough.

When you walk into this themed restaurant, the first thing that catches your eye is the huge billboard of two “Boring Apes and Mutant Apes” NFTs. It feels very much like “Rick and Morty” and “SpongeBob SquarePants” together — only now it’s two apes tied up with a beef burger.

Explore the "Boring Ape" BAYC themed restaurant: How is it here?

The entire purchase operation process is simple: you can order through the self-ordering machine in front of the counter, accept bank card or mobile payment, and the kitchen is behind the counter. The dining table is outdoors, and patrons can enjoy the bright sunshine and Long Beach car fumes (just kidding).

It is worth noting that the “Bored & Hungry” restaurant, which is still in the trial operation period, does not have toilets, so customers who come to eat must ensure that they have done a good job of hygiene, otherwise they will be at a loss.

Menu Price: 4 stars

Normally, some food trucks or pop-ups only accept cash, but Bored & Hungry doesn’t do that due to hygiene concerns. They accept credit and debit cards, and of course ETH as well as Apecoin (BAYC’s native token).

Although the theme of the restaurant is “Boring Apes and Mutant Apes” NFTs, they have no intention of promoting cryptocurrency payment methods. You won’t see “Pay with ETH” or “Pay with Apecoin” signs anywhere in the restaurant.

The “Bored & Hungry” restaurant partners with Trill Burger and Beleaf Burgers, offering a total of two menus to choose from. Partnering with Trill Burgers is the Boring Ape Menu, which features traditional burgers and fries, while Beleaf Burgers is partnering with the Mutant Ape Menu, which serves mostly vegans.

Explore the "Boring Ape" BAYC themed restaurant: How is it here?

In terms of price, to be honest, a little pricey.

The Boring Ape Menu includes the Boring Ape OG Burger for $13 and the Boring Ape Onion Burger for $14. The vegetarian-focused “mutant ape menu” includes the $15.50 “Beleaf Mutant OG Burger” and the $16.50 “Beleaf Mutant Onion Burger.” If you add a few dollars more, you can upgrade to a package.

In terms of payment, Bored & Hungry accepts ApeCoin (APE), ETH and debit cards, credit cards and other payment methods. After arriving at the store, customers can use the MetaMask wallet. If they have APE, BAYC, MAYC or BAKC NFT, they can use it in the store. Restaurants get some special perks, such as free meals.

Customer Quality: 5 stars

Actually, not everyone knows about this NFT specialty restaurant. We observed that there are many passers-by who just happened to be attracted to come in for consumption. We tried to ask a silver-haired man in a T-shirt and shorts if he held NFTs, but he was puzzled and said he didn’t know.

Explore the "Boring Ape" BAYC themed restaurant: How is it here?

Another customer who finished his meal couldn’t help but look back at the restaurant after returning to the car, and said in surprise: “I can’t believe I can eat a free burger by having a picture!” He Refers to a welfare campaign launched by the restaurant for “Boring Ape” or “Mutant Ape” NFT holders, and those verified holders can get a free burger set.

We looked at the other customers around, and most of them were fans of BAYC “The Boring Ape” and MAYC “The Mutant Ape”.

Food taste: 5 stars

After the order was placed, we paid in U.S. dollars, and Bored & Hungry said it was possible to buy tax-free food with cryptocurrency, but we ended up paying in U.S. dollars. To my surprise, just ten minutes later, the burgers were delivered to us.

Explore the "Boring Ape" BAYC themed restaurant: How is it here?

Our “Meat Eater” reporter Jason Nelson bought the “Bored OG Burger and Fries” combo, and after tasting it, he gave it a high rating:

“The OG burger tastes great, it reminds me of Smashburger, you know I was born and raised in Southern California, so I’m very picky about fries, and Bored & Hunger’s fries taste great, and another fast food restaurant In & Out Bad fries are totally different. But then again, Bored & Hunger certainly doesn’t want to be the next In & Out.”

Our Herbivore reporter Kate Irwin, who bought a vegan meal “Mutant OG Burger and Fries,” commented:

“I’m a vegetarian, but like to sprinkle some pepper and salt on the fries to make them crispy and soft. The thing that surprised me the most was that the Mutant Ape Burger was a generous portion, despite its size. It’s small, but there’s a lot of pie in it.”

Overall rating: 4.5 stars

As a “boring ape” BAYC burger-themed restaurant, Bored & Hungry is definitely a must-see.

Frankly speaking, when the concepts of Web 3 and NFT are mentioned in the encryption industry today, people always think of physical scenes such as artworks and galleries first, and the concept of theme restaurants undoubtedly adds a lot of freshness to this field.

I have to say that the food in the BAYC theme restaurant is great and the taste is beyond expectations, although a little expensive. But if you’re a die-hard BAYC fan, imagine sitting on a bench outside the restaurant with a Bored & Hungry mug with Bored Ape #6184 on it, and it’s sure to attract curious glances from passersby.

As Kevin Seo, co-founder of Bored & Hungry:

“This restaurant is a unique way of experience that we have created using the NFT concept, and the Web3 community has a great place to meet and hang out.”

Finally, a suggestion to Bored & Hungry, maybe they can consider building a “BAYC food truck”, so that they can take the “bored ape” wherever it wants to go.

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