Explore the blockchain C-end market. Artwork, cards, and music can all be NFT

The domestic NFT (that is, non-homogeneous tokens) craze continues to escalate, and companies such as Lingyao Universe, Tencent , and Alibaba have entered the NFT market. Since August, the application scenarios of NFT have also been further expanded, extending from the original artwork to card, music, sports and other fields. Industry experts generally believe that the deployment of NFT by domestic companies is an attempt to face the blockchain C-end market. At this stage, the domestic NFT market is in its infancy. NFT helps copyright protection, but at the same time it faces tests of compliance and business models.

Domestic NFT application scenarios are further expanded

After Tencent launched the “Phantom Core” NFT platform, the “Guangjian” NFT digital collection product display platform was officially launched recently. The platform was launched by Zero Universe and Alibaba auction ecosystem partners. It can provide Alibaba auction ecosystem partners with tree-based maps. NFT deposit and display service of blockchain (consortium chain). It is worth noting that the platform will continue to provide cross-link access services for Alibaba auctions other blockchain ecosystem partners “new version of the chain” and other digital assets on the chain.

The initiator of Zeroya Universe is the Treemap Blockchain Research Institute, which is a frontier for the transformation and industrial application of Treemap’s scientific research results. Treemap innovation has developed a consensus algorithm of tree diagram structure with independent intellectual property rights, which breaks through the bottleneck of existing blockchain technology in terms of transaction throughput and confirmation time, so it can better provide a powerful blockchain for the platform Technical Support.

At present, in Alibaba auction gathering fun channel, in addition to the hot digital art NFT, three sections of card collection, digital sports, and digital copyright are also newly launched. Not only artists participate, but also companies such as LEVVV Leying and Yidianhong. NFT digital goods. In fact, in Alibaba auctions, the application scenarios of NFT are further broadened, digital goods are gradually increasing, and well-known IPs in various fields have also begun to enter the NFT market.

In the field of music, Tencent Music is actively exploring the application and practice of NFT in the field of digital music. In mid-August, Tencent Music first released the “TME Digital Collection”. For example, Hu Yanbin’s “Monk” 20th anniversary vinyl NFT was released on the QQ Music platform.

In addition, the “Securities Daily” reporter noticed that on August 12, Alipay once again launched new payment code skin NFT collections “Green Snake Robbery Xiaoqing” and “Green Snake Robbery Xiaobai”. At the same time, it is in the new update In the “AntChain Fanfan User Service Agreement”, new NFT related clauses have been added. According to the terms, after users hold NFT digital works for at least 180 days, they can transfer NFT to Alipay’s real-name certified friends if permitted by relevant rules. According to the previous rules, NFT works can only be displayed on specific pages and cannot be traded or transferred.

In the trial stage NFT faces multiple tests

At this stage, the domestic blockchain industry is generally concentrated on the B-side and G-side, and progress on the C-side is slow, and there are few successful cases. Industry insiders generally believe that domestic companies are exploring the C-end blockchain market by deploying in the NFT market. However, they are still facing multiple tests and there are related risks in subsequent development.

Zheng Lei, chief economist of Baoxin Finance, told reporters that NFT is a special token, and the items bound to it are often valuable in themselves, and NFT can more easily realize the right of knowledge products by using blockchain technology. , Can also be used for the protection and transaction of intellectual property rights. At present, there are not many domestic enterprises involved in this field, and they are in the trial stage.

Professor Pan Helin, Executive Dean and Professor of the Institute of Digital Economy of Zhongnan University of Economics and Law, believes: “Domestic companies’ deployment of NFTs is advancing through trials. On the one hand, they need to test market reactions and pay attention to the preferences of the domestic market; on the other hand, they need to pay attention to compliance. Sexual risks. It is difficult to regulate NFTs. After all, not all digital products can be circulated without barriers. How to establish the necessary supervision mechanism is the current test and problem facing domestic NFTs.”

In an interview with a reporter from the Securities Daily, Long Xiaofeng, a researcher at the Understand Research Institute, said: “ When NFT gradually expands its application fields and does not limit the concept of artwork, its rights attributes and applicable norms will be sorted out in detail. Necessary. How to regulate the legal position of NFT has become a problem that needs to be resolved. “

Long Xiaofeng also said: “The necessity of adopting the NFT mechanism is another issue to pay attention to. From the perspective of blockchain development experience, it is not surprising that NFT has rapidly penetrated into many commercial fields, but as far as the current enterprises are When continuously launching new NFT applications,’whether non-homogenization is an indispensable element in the relevant application field or just to create the rare and uniqueness of the slogan’ is worth thinking about.”


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