Exploded positions totaled $127 million ETH short-seller was exploded $1.36 million

BTC failed to effectively break through the upper edge of the triangle, 37000 support into the intra-day trend of strength and weakness dividing line.

Important news:

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  3. Troy Gayeski, co-chief investment officer and senior portfolio manager at SkyBridge Capital, said bitcoin prices could still rise even if the Federal Reserve scales back asset purchases.
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  5. ETH exchange inflows (7-day average) fell to a 16-month low.
  6. U.S. Treasury Secretary Yellen says rate hikes are good for society and the Fed.

Market overview.

According to Golden Fruit, the total amount of bursts across the network in the past 24 hours was $127 million. The largest blowout order was an ETH perpetual short position blowout worth $1.36 million, which occurred on the OKEx exchange. The contract exchange with the highest blowout amount was the Bybit exchange, with a blowout of $47.38 million.


BTC failed to effectively break through the upper edge of the triangle, and 37000 support became the dividing line between the strength and weakness of the intra-day trend.

According to OKEx’s investment research analysis, BTC failed to break through the 38000 resistance barrier at the end of this week and fell below the lower edge of the triangle consolidation zone. As of now, it can be considered to some extent that the weekend dip below the triangle is effective. In the short term, if the rebound is slow to break through the lower edge of resistance again, then investors need to focus on the support near 35000 and 33500, once the day trend again opens the bottoming out market, these two points are with strong support strength. Resistance, still can continue to focus on the lower edge of the triangle, the price is in the vicinity of 37400. Failure to break through the volume should not be bullish.

ETH compared to BTC is obviously strong, after falling below the lower edge again stand back and again break through the upper edge of resistance. The ETH is a very good choice for the BTC. Focus on the 95-98 price range.

According to CoinGecko, an international third-party statistical agency, the 24-hour contract trading volume on the OKEx platform was $11.6 billion.

BTC rallies after weekend downshocks, focus on 37500 and 35500 breakout signals after lunch

According to the data from Firecoin Global Station, BTC first rose slightly to a maximum of 37900USDT over the weekend, then fell to 34810.12USDT between midday and overnight on Saturday, with a small increase in volume, and then oscillated sideways around 35800USDT, and rebounded quickly this morning with relatively shrinking volume. From the daily level K-line chart, the weekend BTC rise and fall is not large, the volume is at a relatively low level, today’s rise reached half of the weekend decline.

From the 4H level K-line chart, yesterday night MA5 and MA10 formed a golden cross, this morning K-line through MA5, MA10 and MA20; from the market trading volume, the current trading volume is not significantly higher; whether the upward momentum is strong enough remains to be seen. If the volume breaks through, it may continue to challenge the resistance of 39000USDT and open an uptrend; pay attention to the support of 35500USDT, if it breaks down, the price will be under pressure and the support of 34500USDT needs to be observed.

According to the data from the Firecoin Global Station, the ETH has shocked upward after the weekend retreat, falling to a low of 2553.92 USDT on June 6, then shocked upward and quickly rose slightly this morning to close to 2800 USDT. From the daily level, the ETH has received 2 small positive lines in a row and reached the recent resistance level of 2800 USDT. From the 4H level K-line chart, last night and this morning MA5 formed a golden cross with MA10 and MA20 consecutively, the volume enlarged slightly, and the K-line stood above the 3 SMAs, which may enter the uptrend in the short term. The K-line stands above the 3 SMAs and may enter an uptrend in the short term. Keep watching the continuation of the rising market and the breakthrough of 2860USDT above and 2660USDT below for support during the day.

On the contract side, the big data of the fire currency contract shows that the BTC contract position rose slightly, the contract volume dropped slightly, and the contract market was relatively inactive. The basis difference of the delivery contract decreased slightly.

ETH contract positions increased slightly, contract volume decreased slightly, and the contract market was relatively inactive. The delivery contract spread declined slightly.

Gate.io Exchange

Gate.io perpetual contract trading data: BTC continues to rebound after the weekend retreat, focus on the continuation of the post-market recovery

According to Gate.io contract trading data, as of June 07, 10:35, the BTC/USDT perpetual contract was quoted at $36,634.10, while the spot was quoted at $36,628.52.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract funding rate (only listed in the 8-hourly settlement) is 08:00.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract funding rate (8-hourly settlement only) was (0.0001) at 08:00 and (0.0001) at 00:00 of the previous session.

The BTC/USDT perpetual contract has a long/short ratio of 32.72%:67.28% in 30 minutes, with total positions and transactions reaching 22,364,928 USDT,

From the 30-minute line, the BTC contract price continued to rebound after retreating during the weekend.

But the rise has not been able to effectively pull up sharply, a short trial decline in the morning touched near $35,200 after a rapid rebound, and has now rebounded to $36,600 near the plate.

The market has risen to $36,600 near the consolidation. At present, the plate is blocked by the BOLL indicator upper and lower rail line channel is more obvious, each breakthrough safety zone will be shaped

MACD indicator morning cash fork prompt signal, double line

MACD indicator morning cash fork hint signal, double line through the zero axis line after the line continues to run upward dispersion, or indicate that there is still further upside during the day, this round of small retracement after the end of the opportunity to break through the upper

After the end of this round of minor retracement, there is a chance to break through the resistance level of $37,000, pay attention to the continuation of the market after the complementary rise, please pay attention to the operation of risk control.

Gate.io perpetual contract offer (up or down to 24H system display) BTC: $36,634.10 (+1.42%); rate (0.0001)

ETH: $2788.95 (+4.13%); rate (0.0001)

EOS: $5.955 (+1.69%); rate (0.0001) XRP: $0.9683 (+3.19%); rate (0.0001) DOGE: $0.3742 (-0.11%); rate (0.0001)

Contract market data.

  1. Volume, positions on each exchange.

The market has shown a slight rebound in BTC over the past 24 hours, with positions on each exchange picking up slightly while volume has not changed much.

Source: Skew

  1. Long/short ratio of positions on major exchanges

OKEx long/short ratio: The long/short ratio started to rebound within 24 hours, with the value oscillating back from 1.28 to around 1.35.

Binance long/short ratio: the number of long/short positions in the 24-hour period rose and fell, from 1.4 to 1.35.

Among the elite accounts of the three exchanges, Binance Exchange and OKEx Exchange are long dominant, while Huo Exchange is long-short flat.

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