Experience the digital collection of Anta Winter Olympics in Taobao

Following Li Ning’s NFT, the domestic sports brand Anta NFT also came.

According to official website news, Anta teamed up with Tmall Super Brand Day to create an interactive digital space “Anta Ice and Snow Spirit Realm”, while paying tribute to Mr. Qian Xuesen’s Chinese interpretation of the term virtual reality. The digital space is divided into three major sections, namely “Super Hot Space”, Anta Digital Museum, and “Spiritual Ice and Snow Palace”. The “2022 Special Commemorative High Energy Ice and Snow Digital Collection” with Anta will be released in January.

Digital collection

Anta Digital Collection will open a total of 12 pieces in the first phase. They are digital ice and snow sculptures based on 12 ice and snow events. Each piece will be issued 500 copies, totaling 6000 copies. Participants can collect the hot refueling value through understanding and answering the knowledge of the Winter Olympics within a specified time. Every time 2022 points are reached, one digital collection can be unlocked.

Participants can log in to the relevant pages of Anta Ice and Snow Spirit Space on Taobao/Tmall Online from 0:00 on January 6th to 24:00 on January 24th, 2022 , authorize them to become valid ID users, complete the characters set by the system rules, and collect With hot refueling points, you can unlock 1 digital collection for every 2022 points .


Each valid ID user has the opportunity to obtain 12 different digital collections corresponding to the Chinese National Ice and Snow Team while continuing to perform tasks, but each digital collection corresponding to the Chinese National Ice and Snow Team can only get 1 copy. . It should be noted that Anta has the right to take back digital collections that are not acquired within the time limit.



From 0:00 on January 25, users can go to Alipay’s whale detection applet or APP to check the digital collections they have obtained. Users need to agree to and abide by the “Ant Chain Digital Collection Platform User Service Agreement”, including restrictions on transfers. Users who have not authenticated their real-name accounts may fail to distribute digital collections.

Mysterious Digital Collection Blind Box

The “Spirit Realm Ice and Snow Palace” section will be launched on January 25. During the event from 00:00 on January 25th to February 4th , Anta will also release two 2022 special commemorative editions of high-energy ice and snow digital collections .

The user is still logging in to the relevant page of Anta Ice and Snow Spiritual Space on Taobao/Tmall. Each user has a chance to unlock and obtain 1 digital collection blind box for every 10,000+ hot refueling points (the specific points need to be paid to the Anta Ice and Snow Spiritual Space). .

From 0:00 on February 10 , users can go to Alipay’s whale detection applet or APP to check the acquired digital collections.

Collect hot fuel value

Collecting the hot refueling value can be entered from the task center of the Anta Ice and Snow Spiritual Space page.Corresponding points can be obtained by signing in, visiting the Anta Digital Museum in the cloud, etc.


Since the summer of 2021, the crypto market has set off a wave of NFT/Metaverse craze. Well-known sports brands at home and abroad such as Nike and adidas have not been idle, and have entered this field one after another. More and more people believe that NFT has become an opportunity for fashion sports brands to show themselves in the digital space and open up new commodity markets.

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