Experience Louis Vuitton’s NFT-based game app Louis The Game

As the 200th anniversary approaches, luxury brand Louis Vuitton (Louis Vuitton) launched the NFT-based game application “Louis: TheGame” to celebrate the birthday of the founder.

The game is to follow the journey of LV classic doll Vivienne (Vivienne is designed and named by Louis Vuitton’s iconic flower monogram), they travel to Paris, London, Beijing, Tokyo and New York and other vibrant places, looking for a representative of Louis 200 postcards of Vuitton’s historical milestones, which contain the history and anecdotes of the founder’s life.

In addition, players will collect 30 non-fungible tokens (NFT) during the game, 10 of which are designed by digital artist Beeple. NFTs are collectible but not for sale.

Louis Vuitton officially pointed out that every non-functional product in this series is a pure digital asset from the Louis Vuitton Ethereum wallet. Its origin and authenticity are guaranteed on the Ethereum blockchain.

1. Understand how to play Louis The Game

Join Vivienne on an adventurous journey to collect 200 candles in six vibrant places around the world to celebrate the 200th birthday of our founder, Mr. Louis Vuitton. Each candle reveals the wonderful story of Louis, his family and the brand family.

Explore a world inspired by the spirit of travel, master all the unique abilities of Vivienne, and unlock iconic moments from the history of Louis Vuitton.

Compete against friends from all over the world on the time trial leaderboard and collect all 200 stories to celebrate this important moment.


At present, the download of the game has reached 1w+.

Two, enter the game experience

Louis Vuitton left his hometown at the age of 14, and walked to Paris, where he founded his world-renowned company. In the game, his journey is a growth story, highlighting the hardships and adventures of Vuitton launching the brand.

Start itinerary


Postcards-LV classic doll Vivienne unlocks different postcards, accessories and access to the next map by collecting candles.


Vivienne—The different shapes of Vivienne reflect the classic elements of LV, and players can freely match them.


Three, game skills

To continue the game exploration, please press to adjust the settings.


Swipe to help you find the candle


Candle collection


Collect enough candles to find Louis’s route. Find the key to continuing the journey.


Take a hot air balloon to the second map


 Jump to the edge and climb up


Find accessories near the store


You can click to view the accessories that have been obtained


At the same time, unlock different postcards and scenes during the adventure.


Continue to collect candles.


Fourth, enter the time trial

After the experience, compete with friends from all over the world on the time trial leaderboard and collect all 200 stories to celebrate this important moment. Participants can win in three Louis Vuitton instants. Enter here to win one of three Louis Vuitton Moments. https://we.new/louisvuitton/postcard-1


This game is the first time that Louis Vuitton has directly participated in NFTs. The target customers of the LV brand are usually wealthy women and fashionable young adult women between the ages of 35 and 54. The layout of the game seems to be designed to attract and entertain young users, and the addition of NFT may attract young and tech-savvy individuals.

It is worth mentioning that this is not Louis Vuitton’s first attempt in the game world. The company has been seeking to profit from the industry. In 2019, Louis Vuitton collaborated with the “League of Legends” series to design some costumes for the game’s characters.

In addition, LVMH has also reached a cooperation with Supre NFT, a multi-convergence NTF platform, to promote a seamless resale market by jointly creating a “luxury NFT digital passport” and open a new paradigm of “giving a digital mark to each item” to open up luxury goods A new world of NFTization. At the same time, Mehdi Barbara, a senior LVMH group, international fashion creative director, and artist Mehdi Barbara will serve as a consultant in Supre NFT to provide support for the project in terms of luxury NTFization and NFT creativity, and work together to create the AR meta universe of luxury NFT.

However, in the field of blockchain, the brand’s parent company LVMH has already cooperated with Prada and Cartier, a subsidiary of Richemon, to jointly develop the world’s first global luxury blockchain Aura blockchain alliance. , Using blockchain to combat fakes in the luxury goods industry.

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