Expectation: These giants will launch NFT platforms

How hot is NFT?

According to the latest data, the total transaction volume of OpenSea in the NFT market has broken through US$4 billion (US$1.5 billion in transactions in the past 7 days), setting a record high. Ranked in second place is Axie Infinity , with a current transaction volume of US$1.715 billion; in third place is CryptoPunks with a transaction volume of US$1.166 billion.

The explosion of NFT attracted a wave of celebrities to participate in the craze. Recently, NBA star Stephen Curry used 55 ETH (approximately US$180,000) to buy BAYC apes, and 5.7 ETH (approximately US$18,000) to buy Bored Ape Kennel Club. Meitu founder Cai Wensheng, Dragonfly Capital partner Feng Bo, and Hong Kong movie star Shawn Yue have all reportedly bought CryptoPunk NFT.


: On August 30, two organizations announced their entry into the NFT market in a high-profile manner.

The ninth city

On August 30, the Ninth City (Nasdaq: NCTY, referred to as “Ninetowns”), a NASDAQ-listed company, announced that it has officially entered the “NFT” field, with its wholly-owned subsidiary NFTSTAR Singapore Pte. Ltd. established in Singapore. Launched the NFT trading and community platform NFTSTAR (www.nftstar.com), which is expected to be officially launched in the fourth quarter of this year. The user pre-registration reward program has been launched.


Ninetowns announced that it has hired former Dapper Labs vice president of operations Gagan Palrecha to join Ninetowns “NFT” business as the chief operating officer of NFTSTAR. Dapper Labs once led the development and operation of the NFT project “NBA Top Shot”, which was previously one of the most popular projects in the NFT market.

It is reported that Gagan Palrecha will establish an operation team in North America, responsible for NFTSTAR business development, star and institutional strategic partner alliances, product strategy and platform operations.

Public information shows that NFTSTAR is an NFT community platform that provides users with purchases, transactions, and interactive activities. The platform will use NFT collectibles developed and minted by IP authorized by global stars as the main transaction content. Users can purchase blind boxes of different levels on the platform and obtain limited NFT collections of stars. Each NFT collection has a unique mark on the blockchain, and the user obtains the sole ownership of the collection. Users can also trade NFT collectibles with each other in the trading market of the platform. NFTSTAR will accept universal payment methods such as credit cards to facilitate global users to participate in transactions.

The NFTSTAR community will cover stars in various fields, including but not limited to sports, entertainment, art, industry celebrities, etc. In the initial stage of the platform, global sports stars will be the main partners. Ninetowns will announce NFTSTAR’s sports star lineup in the near future. The NFTSTAR community will create a super portal for the future meta-universe through the collection, trading and interaction of NFT.

According to another interface message, NFTSTAR access the Ethernet Square side chain Polygon .


On August 30 , Japan’s largest e-commerce platform Rakuten announced its entry into the NFT field. Rakuten NFT plans to start in the spring of 2022, covering sports, music, animation and other entertainment fields.


Users can purchase NFTs issued by IP holders through “Rakuten NFT” and trade with each other. You can use Rakuten ID to pay and accumulate Rakuten points. In addition, IP holders will be able to issue and distribute NFTs without having to develop their own technology, even if they do not have expertise in blockchain. In addition, in other services operated by Rakuten, it can be used as a platform associated with various services. For example, when a user purchases a product and meets the conditions of use, he will receive an NFT as a prize.

According to reports, in August 2016, Rakuten opened the R&D institution “Rakuten Blockchain Lab” specializing in blockchain technology, and began to provide encrypted wallet services in August 2019. Rakuten’s goal is to “democratize the NFT market”, by changing the NFT market environment, so that the majority of users feel the value of having NFT.

Visual China

On August 26, China’s largest visual creativity platform, Vision China, released the “2021 Semi-annual Report” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”). The report uses a large amount of space to describe the platform’s exploration and achievements in the NFT field, and reveals that the platform may Launched its own NFT digital art trading platform.

The report pointed out that, on the basis of continuing to improve 500px’s community communication and copyright realization functions, and relying on its existing community advantages, the company is preparing to start the blockchain transformation of the 500px community, and enhance middleware such as blockchain confirmation and asset release. At the same time, according to the attributes and characteristics of visual digital art assets, NFT technology is used to upgrade the community, and continue to empower creators, expand global markets and fields, enhance asset liquidity, enhance community vitality, and create a world-leading blockchain-based Visual digital art creative community.

The report also writes that NFT works of art will use smart contracts to form a flexible and effective cooperative relationship with creators. After creating and even selling NFT works, creators can still use blockchain encryption technology to confirm and trace their ownership rights. , Which will greatly stimulate the creative motivation of creators.

The 500px community will empower creators to create NFT artworks in all aspects of technology, operation, etc., assist them in simultaneously packaging images and video works into NFT assets on the chain, and provide creators with a stop for storing, promoting and selling their works Style service.

In addition, video game giant EA Sports is currently hiring a senior brand director who is proficient in cryptocurrency for its competitive gaming department. It is reported that the company is exploring opportunities for blockchain and NFT.

Facebook also smells business opportunities and intends to enter the NFT field. On August 24, David Marcus, director of Facebook’s financial services and cryptocurrency wallet Novi, said that Facebook is considering building and developing NFT-related functions so that its cryptocurrency wallet Novi can store NFTs.

As for the gameplay of these giants’ upcoming NFT platforms, Golden Finance will continue to pay attention to it and release it as soon as possible, so stay tuned.


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