Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (1)

Is Metaverse the same as VR? Which companies are building meta universe? What is the connection between meta-universe and hybrid work? You can get answers to these questions and more information in this introductory book on Metaverse.

Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (1)

Is Metaverse the latest buzzword that is easily overlooked, or is it a new platform you might have to know about? This is currently the most important question about the meta universe. The simplest answer is “vaporware”, but this ignores the commercial reality of 2021. The largest technology companies are investing a lot of money for the next iteration of the Internet, and there are already building blocks for the meta-universe on the market.

Let’s take a look at what the meta universe is, why it is related to your work, and what components you can experience now.

What is the meta universe?

Meta universe is the vision of a new place to interact with other humans and robots to play games, conduct business, socialize, and shop. This is the future meta universe. Now, the meta universe is a big bag made up of hardware, software, and irrelevant experiences. You may have seen an independent form of the meta-universe, as a game or maybe a training course. There is currently no connection organization that connects all these components together.

If you have played Pokemon Go and caught a creature that can only be seen on your phone, this is augmented reality.

Facebook’s Horizon workspace is an example of mixed reality. You use Oculus Quest 2 to join a virtual office space, but you can also see your hands and your keyboard. In addition, colleagues who have not joined the meeting through a VR headset can join through video materials, which are displayed in the virtual world, just like in an on-site meeting room.

Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (1)

A Horizon workspace can accommodate 16 people in the virtual space, and 34 people can join through video conferences.

Through the virtual office platform Virbela, you can navigate in the cloud office in the form of a full-body avatar through the keyboard. The platform uses directional sound, which means that a person’s voice changes as he or she moves closer or away from your avatar. This experience is not like a video game, but it definitely feels like a new space for interacting with colleagues.

If you have played “Animal Crossing” or “Fortress Night”, these online worlds give hints that the meta universe may appear. You will be able to build your own world, or visit the world of others in your real form or in a completely new form.

Companies and military trainers are also using virtual reality and augmented reality for training. Penske Truck Rental Company uses the XR Mentor training platform to train technicians and provide them with on-site support. The instructor broadcasts the course to the students, and the students can use assisted reality equipment to refer to the training documents when working in the vehicle.

It is possible to buy real estate in virtual worlds such as Decentraland and Cryptovoxels , although these are definitely the worlds of early adopters. If you have been able to purchase encrypted digital certificates or NFTs, then you have also tasted the taste of the meta universe.

Everything you need to know about the Metaverse (1)

The difference between these experiences and the full meta-universe is the physical feeling of being in another place and sharing with others. For most of these experiences, you interact with the online world through a controller or other hardware. Although the VR world is immersive, the helmet is still clumsy, which currently defines the entire experience as abnormal.

Adam Compton, the strategic director of Schneider Electric, believes that Metaverse is a completely immersive one, part real life, part digital experience, parallel to the physical world. He said: “When we enter and exit these two spaces, this is something we didn’t realize.”

When Mark Zuckerberg and other technology leaders talked about it, they imagined a very different meta-universe. The meta-universe currently under development will be next to reality and will continue to operate. It will have its own currency, and objects in the meta-universe can interoperate. For example, you can wear a hoodie bought elsewhere in a corner of the meta universe.

Leaders and individuals from all over the world are beginning to realize the shortcomings of a company that conducts huge social experiments, such as Facebook. It is easy to imagine that the bias in the algorithm will also appear in the meta-universe. Understanding the ethics of artificial intelligence will be a good training ground to ensure that Metaverse is equal to everyone and will not automatically be punished due to insufficient bank account assets or slow network connections.

Facebook announced a $50 million investment in September 2021, aimed at avoiding the mistakes made in the past when building the metaverse. The company will cooperate with Howard University, Seoul National University and the University of Hong Kong to study the safety, ethics, fairness and design concepts of Metaverse.

In the next issue, what are the key technical terms that you need to know to understand the metaverse?

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