Everyone is the number one player: the mini world rushes to the “Music Meta-Universe”

A new era is coming

Rampantly negative courage, a battle to net the demon atmosphere. The “Music Metaverse” vanguard officially blew the clarion call for offensive.

On December 10th, the virtual concert of Hua Xiaolou X Xu Mengyuan came as scheduled. This is the first “Music Metaverse” project launched by Mini Creators “Mini World” and QQ Music. It aims to actively explore “virtual interactive scenes” and create an immersive audio-visual experience for users.

In recent years, the concept of Metaverse has been sought after by the market, and domestic Internet companies such as Tencent, Bytedance, and NetEase have entered the game one after another. In overseas markets, technology giants such as Microsoft, META (Facebook), NVIDIA, Google, etc. have already gotten into position in advance.

In the early days of the Metaverse wave, most of the companies that entered the game pointed their bulls-eye towards the game field. The market generally believes that games can connect the real world and the virtual world in terms of ease of landing and presentation, which fits well with the Metaverse.

At present, the industry has reached a consensus and is generally optimistic about: XR, games, AI, virtual social, UGC and other tracks. In other words, everything can be Metaverse, and the key point is how to do a good job in “meta-ification”.

As a company with the mission of “stimulating imagination and creating happiness”, Mini Creators does not stop at a single game form, but radiates imagination to new dimensions.

“Mini World” X QQ Music’s first “Music Metaverse” project is more or less exploratory. It is the first experience of the Metaverse after minicreating integrates elements such as games, music, and social interaction.

Walk into the virtual concert in Huaxiaolou

“This song should only be in the sky, and it can be heard several times in the world.” I’m afraid Du Fu didn’t expect that one day, music can still be played like this.

On November 29th, “Mini World” updated the annual music version, creating a “Play Music Together” special. The “Music Carnival” series of “Mini World” and “Music Carnival” which lasted for nearly a month (December 1st-26th) started smoothly.

From the content point of view, this update mainly presents two highlights: rich elements; sublimation of the scene dimension.

Specifically, the game adventure mode is newly launched: Guzheng, Pipa, Suona, Dizi, Drum, and Erhu together to form six folk music props. Not only can players play these instruments, they can also make tamed savage partners dance, or collaborate on the same song with people nearby.

Weibo netizen @雨小�?said that the annual music version of “Mini World” is just like the movie “Flash Girl”, quietly blooming with a 2.5-dimensional national style.

In recent years, with the self-confidence and self-improvement of Chinese culture, traditional folk music has once again prospered, and the form that does not stick to the past is also deeply loved by the public. For example, Mini World-Hua Xiaolou’s original antique single “Helo Painted” was nominated for the 2021 Weibo Game Awards #年最游戏音乐# in one fell swoop.

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to a wealth of musical instruments, there are also diversified forms of activities and product functions in the music version of “Mini World”.

On the whole, the product launched the Mini Music Festival, Electronic Music Party, Music Map Awards, Huaxiaolou Ensemble, Huaxiaolou X Xu Mengyuan Concert and other exciting activities; at the same time, it also launched the Music Note Store, QQ Music Player, MiniClub Dancing hall, chat bubble, piano instrument, room party mode, Mini audio resource management and other functions to play.

With rich elements and convenient tools, it has always been the concept of Mini Creators to build a creative platform for the public. Whether it’s promoting folk music, enriching gameplay, and upgrading functions, there will eventually be qualitative changes from quantitative changes, especially in the sublimation of product scene dimensions.

At 8 pm on December 10th, the Huaxiaolou X Xu Mengyuan Electronic Music Party was officially launched (other time: December 10th-12th, 8-9pm every night).

Everyone is the number one player: the mini world rushes to the "Music Meta-Universe"

This show is a show that restores the real world with multiple elements such as games and music, national style and electronic music, virtual idols and real music producers. Just like the slogan “Sandbox has no borders” advocated by “Mini World”, it once again broadens the boundaries of the sandbox, allowing users to experience an immersive and shocking audiovisual experience.

The “Music Metaverse” track opens, and the mini world takes the lead

After more than 4 months, the scorching heat has alternated to severe winter. The virtual concert of “Mini World” is coming as scheduled, and Guofeng Electric Music jointly ignited the final winter of 2021.

But then again, the format of game + music/concert is nothing new.

Even with the blessing of Metaverse and virtual interactive scenes, when it comes to virtual concerts that have been quite topical in recent years, many game manufacturers have taken the lead in exploring the market, and related concept products have long existed in the world.

“What’s so special about the “Mini World” Huaxiaolou X Xu Mengyuan Electronic Music School.” Many people must have this question at first glance.

From a formal point of view, the above things can be simply classified as “game + music/concert”, which is a virtual interactive scene that many people often call.

If the concept of definition is replaced by “music Metaverse”, there really are some differences between them. The most important thing is “immersion”, which is also the characteristic emphasized by the Metaverse.

It is reported that Mini Creators created a QQ music player and integrated it into the game. This is the industry’s first in-game music player, which can search for songs randomly, pause or cut songs, etc. In the future, “Mini World” will also support video, live broadcast and other functions, and continue to drive global innovation and development with product strength.

In the final analysis, these creative functions are all solving a problem-restoring the physical world. To put it simply, it allows users to get an experience close to reality in the virtual world and enhance the immersion of the product.

The author believes that “Mini World” X QQ Music explores the field of “Music Metaverse” and seems to be at the forefront of the industry.

What needs to be considered is whether this path is worth long-term investment. According to the judgment at this stage, the answer should be yes.

First of all, the overall market environment has strengthened the industry’s confidence in the development of Metaverse. Since the outbreak of the Metaverse concept in 2020, domestic and foreign markets, from giants to small startups, have begun to explore the layout of Metaverse based on their own businesses.

These include Internet giants such as Tencent, ByteDance, META (Facebook), Microsoft, and Google, representatives of technology manufacturers such as Apple, Sony, and NVIDIA, as well as the backbone of games such as Roblox, Epic, NetEase, Mihayou, and Lilith.

Manufacturers enter the Metaverse from different perspectives, but they are all focusing on core business formats such as XR, games, AI, virtual social networking, and UGC. This is enough to prove that the leading forces in the market are very optimistic about “Metaverse” and even regard it as the company’s future development strategy.

Secondly, most manufacturers mainly cut into the Metaverse from the perspective of the game, and “music Metaverse” took a different approach. In the first echelon, Roblox, Epic, Tencent, etc. have long been exploring in the field of virtual interactive scenes, and NetEase Cloud Music is also ringing the bell recently. But at present, the first project that is close to the concept of “Music Metaverse” is “Mini World” under Minimagination.

To a certain extent, this also provides an enterprising template for the market and provides analytical materials for capital entry.

Technical content dual-driven, the future is here

The creation of the “Mini World” music Metaverse by Mini Creators is not a whim.

As early as this July at the annual press conference of “Guang ?, the official announced in-depth cooperation with QQ Music to actively explore virtual interactive scenes. At that time, there may be a small number of people who felt that the two sides were rubbing the heat of the universe.

Until December 10, the core strategy of exploring the “virtual interactive scene” was further implemented-the first virtual concert of Hua Xiaolou was officially opened.

Judging from its performance and feedback from social media and short video platforms, the minimags that can land on the “Music Metaverse” in a short time not only proves the feasibility of this conceptual format, but also reflects the technical reserves of minimags from the side. In this regard, there is a deep accumulation.

The key question is how can Mini Creators ensure that it is a pioneer in the development of the music Metaverse. This may be an in-depth discussion on innovations in technology and content ecology.

Regardless of the industry, mastering the core technology is like mastering the initiative, especially the field that requires many cutting-edge and hard-core technologies.

As early as where it was founded, Minimag has been devoted to self-developed engines, which also laid a solid foundation for the company’s initial game business. It is understood that “Mini World” uses a self-developed 3D voxel engine. It is the first sandbox game engine technology with independent intellectual property rights and global competitiveness in China, which has high technical barriers and other characteristics.

Gathering in the field of Metaverse technology, in addition to the new scene display board function and QQ music player mentioned in the previous article, Mini Creators is even more closely linked to the engine chain of creation tools, motion capture, virtual idols, and servers.

1. Open music capabilities are packaged into triggers, and dance hall tools are added to help developers create content. Enhance creation convenience and improve development efficiency, enabling developers to achieve more music playing methods and enrich creation scenarios.

2. Relying on server and client processing capabilities and engine capabilities, it can support 300,000 simultaneous online.

3. In the future, the realization of virtual idols + motion capture capabilities will strengthen the live broadcast real-time interaction and more refined content output capabilities. For example, a more realistic virtual idol with six heads and flowers in a small building; a virtual concert; in the future, it can be combined with mobile phones, VR, AR, etc. for further immersive development.

In short, mastering the core technical capabilities of the engine is the foundation of Mini Creators in the game field in the past, and this will also drive the company’s Metaverse forward in the future.

In addition, the development of “Music Meta-Universe” requires massive amounts of content, and Mini Creators also has the ability to supply massive amounts in real time.

On the one hand, “Mini World” itself has a mature content creation mechanism. The in-game ecological 70 million creators have created nearly 200 million content scenes, and the out-of-game ecological content exposure has exceeded 150 billion.

On the other hand, the in-depth cooperation with Tencent QQ Music can provide more good music and good musician resources. It is reported that at present, Mini Creators directly opens up all the free music libraries of QQ Music based on the underlying technology of the engine. In the future, the experience of digital albums will be greatly changed. 

Everyone is the number one player: the mini world rushes to the "Music Meta-Universe"

It is worth mentioning that, in addition to the engine technology advantages, platform advantages, and scenario building capabilities behind them, they have never lacked innovation. Over the past 6 years, more than 120 versions of “Mini World” have been updated to instantly adapt to user needs at different stages. In 2021, the company has successively launched the 519 world view version and the 1129 music version.

Just imagine, coupled with the support of the super-high user base of “Mini World” (MAU exceeded 100 million in a single month in 2020), it is only a matter of time to promote the continuous development of the mini-magic music Metaverse.


Theoretically speaking, the Metaverse contains a variety of tasks.

But the current Metaverse concept products on the market mainly cover games, XR, UGC, virtual social networking, etc. Before the Metaverse is truly realized, every participating manufacturer has a chance, but too much focus will cause the vision to become narrower.

Mini Creators itself has a deep accumulation in the fields of games, UGC, and virtual social networking. Although products of the same type have long been labeled as Metaverse, Mini World has always been a good reference to related concepts.

Based on existing business and technology, the company has developed in-depth cooperation with industry leaders such as Tencent, starting with virtual interactive scenes that can be implemented. The company is currently on the “music + game” track with strong operability and quickly landed. The music Metaverse.

This is more a pragmatic consideration.

The virtual interactive scene of “Music + Game” has market demand and feasibility, and “Roblox” and “Fortress Night” have all been explored and verified. On this basis, “Mini World” opens up the scene and provides users with an immersive virtual concert experience that can be co-created.

In traditional Chinese culture, there is a saying: “Dao produces one, one life two, two produces three, three produces all things.” In all stages of growth, mini-creations are carefully cultivated, from the initial “seed” to ” “Saplings”, and then multiply from “trees” to “forests.” In other words, virtual concerts are only the beginning of ecological prosperity. In the next step, they may work towards a “virtual scene provider”.

Everyone is the number one player: the mini world rushes to the "Music Meta-Universe"

In this virtual concert, we can also find some ideas. For example, with a high degree of free editing ability, you can build scenes of cyberpunk, ancient architectural style, space and universe style, and even translate real landmark buildings such as the Guangzhou Tower into the virtual world. And according to the amplitude, frequency and other parameters of the music, special effects of different shapes, colors and light can be created to enhance the visual sensory experience and allow participants to be on the scene.

In addition to virtual concerts, Mini Creators is also further exploring the integration of the virtual world and the physical world. In this parallel and diverse world, friends can watch movies and go outing with their family members, spend time with friends, have parties, and the company can customize conferences and so on.

In short, the virtual interactive scene provides more choices for everyone. The experience that it brings is both real, familiar and new and unfamiliar. It has become a new exploration outlet for people in the city of life to learn about nature, the universe and all other novel things.

Nanshan Capital once stated that “Mini World” and “Roblox” have both similarities and uniqueness. The former is mainly due to the fact that the user scale, user attribute composition, and user habits of the two are relatively close, and the platform itself can form a virtuous circle on the content side by “adapting measures to local conditions”.

The difference is that the UGC content creation method of “Mini World” is mainly done on the mobile phone, which is different from Roblox’s PC-based editor mode, which is more in line with the markets of China and developing countries. In addition, “Mini World” has established a sufficiently high industry barrier and a user base with absolute advantages in China, and has formed a very clear layout idea in the field of IP derivative and programming education.

It can be said that the virtual concert created by Mini Creators “Mini World” X QQ Music successfully landed in the “Music Metaverse”. This is undoubtedly like a heart-strength shot for colleagues who explore the Metaverse, which will double the confidence of the entire industry.

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