EverRise has launched Dapp EverOwn on September 8, 2021


EverOwn allows the community to vote for repairs and improvements without contract evolution, thereby extending the project life cycle. It also enables the owner to add a second owner to the contract.

For the sake of simplicity, community contract ownership allows for increased decentralization or control of financial projects. In the past, control was always designed to come from a central financial institution. Now EverOwn has elegantly created a new user experience. The community controls smart contracts and empowers token holders to make decisions.

EverOwn was officially launched and broadcast live on September 8, including the abandonment of the EverRise contract with EverOwn. Watch the press conference and enjoy this highly anticipated event!

EverRise is the first project to introduce a redemption mechanism into cryptocurrency. There are now more than 1,700 tokens, including the repurchase function in the token economy, and it is clear that EverRise’s innovation has completely changed the DeFi field. Unlike the destruction of non-circular supply, repurchase is destroyed by purchasing tokens from the open market, immediately transferring value to token holders and the community.

The repurchase function of EverRise smart contract exchanges liquidity in the reserve liquidity pool for RISE tokens in the main liquidity tool. These tokens will be automatically sent to the destruction wallet. This adds value to the liquidity pool of RISE tokens and permanently restricts the supply.

Dr. Aleksi Ollikainen-Read (aka Guard) commented on the future of EverOwn: “EverOwn is the first part of our application infrastructure and our flagship product. It allows for the safe abandonment and recycling of intelligence without the need for a third party Contracts. According to the parameters of smart contracts, EverOwn is a multifunctional tool that allows a large number of new smart contract functions to be inserted into the real world, from corporate governance to wealth transfer, and simple contract abandonment. We believe that EverOwn may completely change DeFi. “

Pay attention to more Dapp versions in the roadmap, including EverWallet, EverSwap, EverSale, and EverLock. Together, they will create a complete ecosystem for the EverRise community.


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