Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

The “fruity” iOS 15 is here

1. “Is it up or not?” Every time the iOS system is updated, there are always some fruit fans that get into entanglement.

2. Now, iOS 15 is here. Before the WWDC2021 conference, various news revealed that iOS 15 will be the most changed system in history. However, some fans said after the update, “This update is even more lonely. According to a survey conducted by foreign media, only 19.3% of users can’t wait to upgrade this time, which is also the lowest ratio in history.

3. Regardless of whether there are major updates, changes in details are indispensable. If these details can make Guofen scream for it, it can be considered a success.

Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

More lonely source: macrumors

01  SharePlay: a must for long-distance dating

To say that the biggest change in this update, it should be regarded as the SharePlay simulcast sharing function. What is “SharePlay”, simply, is that users can FaceTime and the other in the middle with brush drama, music or share the screen is definitely ready for the long distance relationship couples function.

Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

Source: Apple

If you have used conference tools such as Zoom and Enterprise WeChat , you will feel very cordial about the SharePlay sharing experience function.

The prerequisite for using the SharePlay function is that everyone talking on FaceTime has been upgraded to the iOS 15 operating system.

After updating the system, in “Settings”, enter FaceTime, add “SharePlay” to the options, and turn on this function. Then, call a friend through FaceTime, select the video or music you want to share with the other party in Apple TV+ or Apple Music, the interface will pop up “Do you want to share with the same broadcast”, just select “Share with the same broadcast”. At this point, the other party will receive the invitation, just accept the invitation. In this way, all parties to the call can enjoy the same video or listen to the same music together through SharePlay.

To share Apple TV+ or Apple Music content with friends on FaceTime, all parties to the call also need to subscribe to the services of these two apps. In addition to Apple TV+ and Apple Music, SharePlay also supports content sharing on platforms such as hulu and TikTok.

Video and audio sharing are perfect for couples in different places.

It’s worth mentioning that SharePlay also supports the function of sharing the screen. During a call on FaceTime, click the button on the far right above and select “Share my screen”. After the other party is invited, click “Open” to browse to the initiator’s mobile phone. What’s displayed on the screen is gone. One of the pain points that this function can solve is that, for example, juniors need to instruct their elders to operate their mobile phones. With this function, the screen of the elders is presented in front of the juniors, and the elders can be intuitively taught how to operate through voice.

02  Live text: text from the camera

When you point the camera at the text, you can select and copy the text in the viewfinder, and paste the text to other places; when the camera is pointed at the photo, you can also extract the text from the photo… Previously, this function was only available It can be implemented in major OCR and Scanner software, but now, iOS 15’s Live Text application (Live Text) also implements this kind of function. It can be said that this is the most practical new function of iOS 15.

Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

Source: Apple

The live text function is to automatically perform OCR in the camera application. The principle is to use a “deep neural network” to scan photos. It supports seven languages, including English, Chinese (traditional and simplified), French, Italian, German, Spanish, Portuguese, can be operated across iPhone, iPad, Mac. If the extracted text contains a phone number, you can also dial directly, and you can jump to the map directly when the address is recognized, which is very convenient.

From the experience point of view, this function has good recognition ability, but in the face of some crazy cursive fonts, the recognition success rate is not high. It is worth mentioning that, even if not connected network network can also use live text feature, members do not subscribe to unlock advanced features, is no limit.

03  Focus mode: shield unnecessary interference

Are you worried about too many mobile phone notifications, and most of the notifications are invalid. If you don’t look at the phone for a few hours, the App’s various message reminders can fill the screen.

The previous iOS system has a Do Not Disturb mode, which allows various notifications to “shut up”. In iOS 15, the Do Not Disturb mode has been upgraded to a focus mode, which allows users to focus on what they want to do. on. Like live text, focus mode is the two most popular changes in iOS 15.

Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

Source: Apple

After the focus mode is turned on, users can customize the status of games, work, driving, etc. Within a certain period of time, the apps that need to be used can push messages, and the push messages of other apps are all blocked. For example, when you turn on work mode, you can only allow colleagues messages and work-related applications to send notifications. In personal mode, you can customize to block other work-related notifications, and only accept personal messages and entertainment messages.

More intelligently, it can also automatically turn on the corresponding status mode at the right time according to the location, the App used, and so on.

In general, the focus mode is not to blindly let users put down their phones, but to put down unnecessary interference.

Similar to the “focus mode”, there is also the “notification summary” function, this function is very “personalized”, open the settings-notifications-timing push summary, follow the prompts to select the App, set the time and frequency, it can be specified Send a group of notifications in batches and arrange them intelligently in order. But don’t worry about missing friends’ messages because of this feature, because most of the content summarized by the “notification summary” is non-urgent notifications with relatively low priority. WeChat messages, SMS and other highly time-sensitive information will be Served immediately.

04  Memo: Become a “Cloud Document”

For some fruit fans, the memo is a fringe application, which cannot be used several times a year. But for some fans, the memo is very important.

With this iOS 15 update, the memo also occupies a “place”. If you use the memo frequently, you will find that there are many changes in this memo.

Even more lonely iOS 15: develop exclusive features for long-distance couples

Source: Apple

For example, with the newly added tag function, you only need to create a topic tag to filter memos based on single or multiple tags. Memos can also automatically create smart folders based on tags.

“@somebody” is generally only available in WeChat. What’s interesting is that you can now use “@” in memos, and you can @ share memo members with a cloud document flavor.

Would you @others in the memo?

Tips: Have these “small changes” been discovered?

The four functions mentioned above can be regarded as obvious changes in iOS 15. In addition, Apple has also made some changes in details. If you do not compare, it is really difficult to find changes.

1. Icon changes

iOS 15 has changed the icons of the two built-in apps. The “Shutter” button in the Camera App icon has been cancelled, and the lens circle has also become thicker; the sun in the Weather App icon has moved from the left to the right of the cloud.

2. Weather changes

A new weather setting is added to the iPhone settings, which can set Celsius and Fahrenheit. Although most Chinese do not read Fahrenheit, it is a small update after all.

In the weather application, there is a new design that adds a high-resolution in-app map and a new background animation, which will change according to the weather, and is no longer as “monotonous and boring” as before. And when it starts to rain, snow, and when it ends, the iPhone can also receive notifications.

3. Desktop organization changes

The iOS desktop can finally be moved around the entire page. Compared with iOS 14, it greatly shortens the time for those with difficulty in App layout. Even if several apps are misplaced, they can be switched back and forth across the entire page.

4. Health changes

The “Health” App has added health trends to iOS 15, including resting heart rate, sleep, and aerobic fitness. Users can understand the progress of specific indicators and continuously observe changes in health.

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