EtherRock continues to hit a record high and staged “Crazy Stone”

The early NFT project EtherRock was once again sold at a high price, staged a “crazy stone”.

On August 23, EtherRock#27 was sold for 250 ETH , worth about 830,000 U.S. dollars, breaking the record of the highest price of 187 ETH (worth about 600,000 U.S. dollars) created yesterday and continuing to set a new record high.

EtherRock in 2017 in an Ethernet Square created on the block chain, it is a group of stone-themed NFT collectibles, limited edition 100. Except for the different colors, each EtherRock stone image has the same design pattern, inspired by the classic Pet Rock toy popular at the end of 1975.

EtherRock (@EtherRock) | Twitter

This neglected early NFT project was recently rediscovered, and as Ethereum users minted the remaining stones, these NFTs have gained a lot of attention since last week. Currently, 100 stones have been sold, and the prices of these NFTs in the secondary market are now soaring.


If the NFT market continues to grow wildly, the price floor of Ether Rocks is expected to reach 100 ETH soon, but it remains to be seen whether they can maintain their value after the NFT boom subsides.

According to the EtherRock website, the NFTs are designed to be scarce and collectible. “These virtual stones have no purpose, except that they can be sold and give you a strong sense of pride. After all, only 100 people can own EtherRock.”

At present, buying and selling of EtherRock can only be done on the official website. The rare blue stone currently on sale is #73 with a price of 1000ETH, #92 with a price of 777ETH, #94 with a price of 399ETH, etc.


The prosperity of NFT also makes the NFT trading market increasingly prosperous. According to the latest data, the total transaction volume of OpenSea in the NFT market has broken through 2.5 billion U.S. dollars, setting a record high.


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