Ethereum testnet Kiln will undergo PoS upgrade on March 17

On March 15th, the official blog of the Ethereum Foundation announced that the Ethereum merged public test network Kiln has been launched, and the current network is in the PoW stage. It is expected that the PoS will be merged and upgraded on March 17th.

Like the Ethereum mainnet, Kiln’s execution layer is launched under proof-of-work in parallel with the beacon chain running proof-of-stake. Kiln will fully transition to proof-of-stake early this week.


At the same time, the community’s progress log mentioned that this merger of testnet Kiln will be the last merged test before the upgrade of the existing public testnet . The previously merged testnet Kintsugi will be deprecated in the coming weeks.

Earlier on March 10th, parithosh, a member of the Ethereum Foundation, announced on his social networking site that the Ethereum merged public test network Kiln has been launched, of which the PoW phase will last for a week, and the beacon chain will be launched at 22:00 on Friday, Beijing time .

It also means that the highly anticipated “The Merge” (merge) on the Ethereum network is one step closer to becoming a reality after the launch of the final public testnet Kiln.

The transition of the Ethereum mainnet from PoW to PoS will be an important milestone in the development of the network. The next phase of Ethereum will make the security of the blockchain depend on staked tokens rather than expensive, power-hungry mining hardware. 

However, no date has been set for the transition of the Ethereum mainnet to proof-of-stake. Assuming Kiln finds no issues and clients finalize their implementation details, existing Ethereum testnets (Goerli, Ropsten, etc.) will run through The Merge. Once these transition successfully and stabilize, again assuming no issues are found, a difficulty value will be set for the mainnet transition. Only then is it possible to estimate the exact date of The Merge.

The official roadmap shows The Merge is expected to take place in the second quarter of 2022 . This would then mark the end of Ethereum’s proof-of-work and usher in a more sustainable, greener era of Ethereum.


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