Ethereum 2.0 testnet Pyrmont completes Altair hard fork

This week technical magazine contains an Ethernet Square , Kusama -technical news, Filecoin, BSN four networks.

Ethereum network

Ethereum development environment tool Hardhat released v2.6.1 to solve three problems

The Ethereum development environment tool Hardhat has released v2.6.1, which solves three problems:

1. When a user connects to a Hardhat node through websocket, the node has a problem. Now the websocket connection should work normally.

2. debug_traceTransaction can be used for transactions sent from a demo account.

3. evm_setNextBlockTimestamp, evm_increaseTime and evm_mine will now accept hexadecimal strings as parameters.

Ethereum JavaScript library Ethers.js is funded by Chainlink community grant

The Ethereum JavaScript library Ethers.js is funded by the Chainlink Community Grant and will be extended to other EVM-based blockchains through auxiliary packages. Chainlink said that adding support for other EVM-based blockchain networks will enable Ethers.js to further simplify the development and deployment of Web3 applications. As part of the funding, Ethers.js will create an auxiliary package dedicated to OKExChain and additionally support Chainlink oracles. In addition, Ethers.js will also create clear guidance documents that allow external blockchains to create their own auxiliary packages, so that Ethers.js can support its EVM chain to facilitate Web3 developers to develop hybrid smart contract applications.

Pyrmont, the Ethereum 2.0 testnet, successfully upgraded the Altair hard fork

On August 19th, the Ethereum 2.0 testnet Pyrmont successfully upgraded the Altair hard fork.

Ethereum client Geth will release a patch for security issues on August 24

According to official news, on August 24, the Ethereum client Geth will release a patch for high-severity security issues. The official reminds users to make any necessary preparations to upgrade to the upcoming version (v.1.10.8).

Ethereum 2.0 client Lodestar releases Eth2 light client prototype

The Ethereum 2.0 client Lodestar released the prototype of the Eth2 light client. The prototype is connected to the backend and uses blocks that have not been reached by the verifier to advance the state, so that the consumer layer can be tested at a lower resource cost. At the same time, it also discloses the function of requesting proof, which can be based on the current synchronization state. Root (state root) for verification.

ChainSafe releases Ethereum JavaScript library Web3.js v1.5.2

ChainSafe, a blockchain protocol and infrastructure development company, stated on Twitter that the Ethereum JavaScript library Web3.js v1.5.2 has now been released. The main updates include:-Remove the default value of the transaction type of eth.sendTransaction and eth.sendRawTransaction ;-Type: When using eth.signTransaction, 0x0 is being added to the historical transaction.

Erigon, the third largest client of Ethereum, has 100% completed the “London” upgrade deployment

According to news on August 15th, according to the latest data, at the time of writing, Erigon, the third largest client of Ethereum, has 100% completed the “London” upgrade deployment. Up to now, 100% of the Ethereum clients that have completed the “London” upgrade deployment include: Openethereum, Erigon, and Besu. The current completion rate of Geth, the largest Ethereum client, is 97%. Overall, the current completion rate of the upgrade and deployment of the “London” client on the entire Ethereum network is 97.3%.

Kusama network

Polkadot advance network Kusama will launch the second round of five parachain slot auctions

The Polkadot Advance Network Kusama Committee will conduct another five parachain slot auctions in the next few weeks, scheduled on September 1, 8, 15, 22, and 29 at 12:00 GMT (Beijing time) 20:00).

Polkadot releases Kusama and parachain stability report: there is a network deterministic stall problem, but the overall operation is stable

On August 17th, in the Kusama and Parachain Stability Report released by Polkadot, the four key factors including the stability of parachain production, approval voting (Approval Voting), network connection and load (CPU and network) were obtained. In conclusion, the current network is running smoothly. The only major problem is the finality stall that the network occasionally encounters. However, since these stalls are captured by the fail-safe device, they have not caused much damage. The root cause is currently under investigation. Parachain will give a solution before launching on Polkadot.

Filecoin network

Filecoin will perform a second production cut on October 15, 2021

According to Filecoin’s official release rules, Filecoin will usher in the second production reduction on October 15, 2021. SAFT will be released linearly for one year. After FIL12 expires on October 15, the number of FIL circulating in the market will be reduced by 87,183 pieces every day. , The daily circulation of FIL is expected to decrease by 29057 pieces, and the daily release of FIL will decrease by 23.8%.

BSN network

BSN will update the next quarterly version on October 31, 2021

According to the BSN Development Alliance plan, the Blockchain Service Network (BSN) will undergo the next quarterly version update on October 31, 2021. While optimizing the existing BSN functions, performance and service experience, it will release new technologies. Service. It will be iterated according to the three parts of the domestic portal, the international portal and the BSN basic network. The update notice is as follows:

1. The function, interface and developer manual of BSN China official website ( are iteratively optimized to improve user experience;

2. The standard alliance chain integrates Hyperledger Fabric V2.3.2;

3. Release the open consortium chain network based on the library chain;

4. Open alliance chain function optimization: add multi-chain chain account registration API interface, Wenchang chain gateway supports gRPC protocol;

5. The cross-chain solution based on Poly Enterprise in the cross-chain communication hub integrates the cross-chain interoperability of Wuhan chain and Tai’an chain, Hyperledger Fabric and FISCO BCOS alliance chain network;

6. The IRITA-based cross-chain solution in the cross-chain communication hub supports TIBC, and the upgraded test network IRITA cross-chain framework supports Ethereum Ropsten and Chainlink oracle services;

7. Optimization of the exclusive node service function of the alliance chain: Quorum adds cross-chain service opening, changes to the chain node configuration, and optimizes the function of the exclusive node gateway.

International portal:

1. BSN International official website ( functions, interfaces and developer manuals are iteratively optimized to improve user experience;

2. The standard alliance chain integrates Hyperledger Fabric V2.3.2;

3. The IRITA-based cross-chain solution in the cross-chain communication hub supports TIBC, and the IRITA-based cross-chain framework of the upgraded test network supports Ethereum Ropsten and Chainlink oracle services;

4. Continuously integrate more public chains, and provide external services on the international official website and international nodes;

Consortium chain proprietary node service function optimization: Quorum adds cross-chain service activation, increases chain node configuration changes, optimizes proprietary node gateways and other functions.

BSN basic network:

1. Add Tencent Cloud City nodes to provide developers with more choices of cloud platform services;

2. Launched the BSN DID distributed digital identity, supporting the issuance, authentication and authorized access management of the certificate under the unified identity management system;

3. The BSN empowerment platform has been upgraded to provide a third-party BSN portal with a cross-chain, proprietary node application service management interface.


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