Ether becomes the best looking guy on the street!

The funds are moving towards a few coins, and in these two days of the market, we can feel the obvious divergence of the market, indicating that the funds are no longer able to support a sustained overall rise, which is the signal sent to us by the market. The more the market rises, the less you should consider adding to your position. When one day the money ebbs from the strong coins, I’m afraid it’s the day of a full retracement. Protecting your profits and principal is the most important thing in investment.

The Ghana Securities Regulatory Commission has started to suggest risks, reiterating that cryptocurrencies are illegal and unregulated in the country. Also the Financial Supervisory Authority of Canada has mentioned that cryptocurrencies are not regulated. Since Nigeria and Turkey, more countries have started regulatory measures, and this situation will continue for some time in the future, after all, something like Bitcoin does not attract any country’s attention.

Ether becomes the best looking guy on the street!

S&P has launched crypto indices for bitcoin and ethereum, and S&P is making preparations for bitcoin and ethereum ETFs. With indices, ETFs are the logical thing to do, and they are also more likely to be regulated by regulators. Let’s wait together for the biggest boon of the year to fall into place.

eBay CEO considers cryptocurrency as a payment option, while starting to explore NFT business. The pie of the future digital world is just too big, imagine the jump in value if anyone can make the digital Taobao of the future? Cryptocurrency is fully recognized by these American giants as a core foundation to be able to continue to grow, and perhaps in the near future, Amazon will also accept cryptocurrency payments.

MasterCard showed in a recent survey that 40% of consumers plan to pay with cryptocurrencies in the next year, and 77% of 00-year-olds have a desire to learn more about the crypto market. The good thing is that the popularity of cryptocurrencies in the U.S. is so obvious that the trend cannot be reversed, the bad thing is who will continue to push the rise?

Chicagoland has launched bitcoin micro futures, with a contract size of a tenth of bitcoin. These micro futures are more friendly to small and medium sized investors, lowering the barrier to participation and will allow more investors to get involved. In addition ChiNext also said it is studying the launch of ethereum micro futures, which not only shows that the price of ethereum is now high enough, but also shows that ethereum has been recognized by the traditional market, the market value of ethereum has approached Walmart, currently ranking 18th in the world, and the value of ethereum held by V God has exceeded $1 billion.

For the first time, the trading volume of Ether options on Deribit, the world’s largest options exchange, exceeded the trading volume of Bitcoin options. This data suggests that Ether has become the prettiest boy in recent times and has a higher probability of continuing.

Tether issued an additional 1 billion USDT and the stablecoin supply continues to increase, giving a good foundation for future rallies.

Grayscale parent company DCG plans to buy $750 million of GBTC to be able to shrink some of the discount. This strength of protection should have some effect, but once the discount shrinks, GBTC holders will still smash first and will not have much impact on bitcoin prices.

US-listed Mogo bought 146 ETH at an average price of 2,780. this is a small number, but represents the will of many institutions, mainly because this cost is not low.

The top Defi protocol generated a record high of $252 million in April, with UNI accounting for more than half, followed by COMP,SUSHI,AAVE.

Coin World – [Analysts Look at the Market] Ether becomes the best looking kid on the street!

The Swiss crypto bank SEBA added three Defi tokens, SNX, UNI, and YFI. these three coins belong to the coins where the consensus is still good.

Market Analysis


Bitcoin market capitalization ratio fell again to 44.6%. The lower this figure is, the bigger the bubble of all kinds of assets in the market. At the moment the big level trends are still all upward, so there is no point in trying to guess the top, we can just continue to participate according to the bullish mindset. Bitcoin will still maintain a large box shock market, with short-term expectations of a downward retracement. The market is now the weakest of the big pie, so the short term can not be involved.


Today the volume rose, deviated from the 5-day line farther, there is a certain repair is expected, retracement and then consider participation.


Weak, there is a linkage back down is expected.


Sure enough the co-founder a dumping of goods, short-term to be under pressure, do not participate in the first.


Oscillating higher, buy or hold mainly.


Bottoming out and rising, with upward expectations.


Suddenly up and going quite strong, with a chance of continuation.


Small fragmentation upward, hold mainly, when to accelerate and then consider throwing.


Weak oscillation.


High level did not continue upward, 370 is strong support, box oscillation is dominant.


The 5-day line can be held, the trend is still okay.


This is a new high, it is recommended to reduce positions, this new high is likely to be directly topped, scurrying dog afraid to scurry.


High shock is the main.

Find strong play, today’s fierce are the funds concerned, if the latter retraced, the weak will adjust more.

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