ETH continues to reach record highs as Uni is empowered by V-God’s name

The current animal coins are finally starting to cool down, and there are already individual low-priced coins that are starting to run away.

As we said before, the front early participation can still make money, but the new coins coming out later are basically rushing to hit the fall, on the exchange is perhaps the peak of the project , so still eager to chase animal coins should be careful, the current risk has been getting bigger and bigger. The actual marketplace again, last night the animal coin began to heat down, also to the mainstream coin outbreak credit, said a little directly from the animal coin hands to snatch back a lot of money.

EOS, in particular, blew up by more than 50% yesterday, directly hitting a new high in nearly 36 months. The main reason for the outbreak was the announcement of’s new subsidiary Bullish Global and the launch of Bullish, a new cryptocurrency exchange, this year. Bullish Global now has access to over $10 billion in cash and digital assets following a funding round investment. Older users may know that is the proprietor of EOS, and it is known that Bullish may also be operating on the EOS network, so it is no wonder that the market has reacted so strongly. However, it should be noted that although EOS is performing relatively strongly on the coin price, many older users do not have particular trust in, which was previously operating on the EOS network The EOS network has been used for many applications, but they were not ideal and caused EOS believers to lose a lot of money, so it’s right to be cautious when EOS starts messing around again.

The animal coin is not completely “dead” yet, but for now, even if the animal coin eventually comes to an end, it may still be good for the cryptocurrency circle, after all, this wave has brought a lot of new players to the cryptocurrency circle, and also introduced a lot of funds. I just hope to say that there is no misunderstanding about the current EOS burst pull, otherwise it may be another three years later. Another news is about Uni, Ether founder Vitalik Buterin launched a proposal discussion in Uniswap governance forum, suggesting that Uniswap can provide prophecy price data for ETH/USD, as well as proposing that UNI become a prophecy machine token, instead of using ETH/USDC feed price like other prophecy machines.

This is V God’s handpicked empowerment for UNI , Uniswap is after all one of the highest market cap coins on the current ETH public chain, the other one is Link, but Chinalink is a complex system with many functions and needs a simple alternative to complement Chainlink, and this choice is naturally Uni is more suitable, which is naturally good for Uni is good, no coin will be stressed by the additional empowerment, especially a great public chain empowerment like ETH. Back to the market, bitcoin also called the bottom rebound yesterday, today after the opening is to continue to rush higher, once close to $58000, but then began to fall, the current price of the coin is running near $57000. The two days of bitcoin is also the usual “little brother” role, most of the time just follow the rise, and the rise is not much, if you look at the daily, this wave of sideways to start from April 27, and is a rebound after the sideways, really is not very interesting.

ETH continues to reach record highs as Uni is empowered by V-God's name

At the moment it is recommended to continue to wait, at present many sectors have been rotated, if the big pie does not indicate, the upside of other coins is also limited, including investors will also be worried about the current state of the market, of course, ETH seems to be an exception.

ETH: Recently ETH are going independent market, today is once again refreshing the highs, in fact, the recent rise of ETH is fast and big, only one week, from $3000 breakthrough to $4000, this wave of rise is completely in their own way, and the ratio of BTC is rising, there is already a view in the market that ETH later perhaps out of the influence of BTC, or at least mutual influence, enough to prove how bullish everyone is on ETH. However, it should also be noted that the recent ETH gas fee is getting higher and higher, which will inevitably affect people’s enthusiasm to enter ETH in the later stages. Remember that the previous rise was due to the overall market situation weakening before the gas fee was lowered, I don’t know if it will be staged again this time, from the general direction, ETH is still worth looking at.

Platform coins: The last two days platform coins performed quite well, especially HT, following yesterday broke a new high a few days after breaking a new high, it is also interesting to say that previously HT had a good after OKB desperately pull, but at present is OK OKCHAIN ecological construction, HT instead pull more powerful, may be related to the outbreak of several low-priced coins on HECO, but the platform coins we have said, it is easy to appear a wave flow. It is easy to have a wave of flow, it is best to wait for the low level before intervening.

DeFi: today several DEX pass go quite good, by the good stimulus, Uni today pulled up 10%, once break through $44, very close to the new high position, and Sushi pulled up more than 15%, also considered a small outbreak, the recent performance of many coins are quite good, the rate of increase is also amazing, we let everyone layout of such coins on the one hand need to wait The other side of the coin is perhaps not as strong as those coins, but the value coin is after all a value coin, if you want to gain some stability, layout some more of these coins may be a good choice.

DOT: There is nothing to analyze, as we said early on, take DOT ready to take the long term, waiting for the next cycle of the outbreak.

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time, and you can find a lot of people who have been in the market for a long time.

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