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I had a whisper with a girl next table when I was in the first grade of primary school, as the conversion moves to pee-pee she comes up with a adventurous suggestion: “show me yours”. Instead of saying yes, I proposed that I could offer a drawing of my pee-pee and as a return you should draw your cookie as an exchange. Then we changed the very first “artwork” of genitals in our life.

I try my best to recreate the immature drawing of that tine.

Later after class, we played a “doctor exams a patient” role-play game and exchanged roles, then we had an real look of the real thing.

Today I rather use the combination of those 2 characters to express my reactions for viewing the real thing at that time.

Looking back at that time, the reason I didn’t agree with her suggestion is perhaps due to the obeying of some principles deeply rooted in my heart: whisper or even Italian style whisper in class maybe fine, but take off pants definitely corssed the line. However the role-play game is different — such things are acceptable in games.

Things happened back at that time was nothing more but an innocent and purely curiosity about opposite sex. We can’t review this with the mentality of adults, maybe we getting more dirty as we grow up, just maybe.

I had the first taste of sex in my puberty, and my first reaction when seeing female genitals is — such complicated? The structure has no regular pattern, the color also seems strange……this new discovery eased my anxiety and excitement, I even focused on it for a while before move onto “real business”.

I grow up as time flies, and my study about sex and sex life become more advanced than ordinary people. Thanks to the booming of SNS I’m able to share my experience with my followers. Those followers are mostly females, they occasionally share some of their intimate photos with me when I solve their puzzle about sex. I know it clearly that their action of sharing is a matter of self appreciation, not to seduce me.

Since I’m unoccupied at present, with the up-coming of Web3 and rising popularity of NFT, I’m lunching a new project by illustrating the intimate photos I received for the last 15 years, my photo works which is “unfit to publish” will be used as a reference too, also I’ll Mint them as NFT to publish on WEB3 EROTIC.

EROTIC #0012

^_^ You could share your intimate photos with me when you wish, it will be Mint as NFT if it fits, allow your beauty and my work together on the blockchain.

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