Ergo plans to launch educational products to train developers to build an ecosystem


Dan Friedman (Strategic Advisor and Head of Business Development at Ergo) first gave the community an update on the behind-the-scenes work in the first Interactive Questions and Answers (AMA) of 2022. He again talked about the topic of listing DEX (decentralized exchange), and the first task is to get Ergo listed on several major DEXs – such as SushiSwap, Uniswap, etc. Listing such exchanges will go a long way towards increasing ERG’s trading volume and accessibility and creating a way for more people to join the Ergo community. Once this work is complete, we will provide relevant details to the community.

Regarding educational programs and products, Dan told the audience that he was in the final stages of negotiating a partnership with a very well-known university. This collaboration will focus on creating educational programs with the Ergo Foundation that can be offered both offline and online. Dan reiterated the importance of these products in attracting more people to understand the Ergo brand and join the Ergo ecosystem. Details about the partnership have not been disclosed to the public as negotiations are still ongoing.

Finally, Dan mentioned his focus on creating financial products for Ergo. He reminded viewers to watch the latest edition of Ergo Pulse, this time with ErgoLend’s Chris Ray as a guest. He also revealed to the community that he is in discussions with several entities to create various financial products as a way to create more utility for Ergo holders (especially devising ways for them to earn passive income).

Joseph Armeanio (Ergo Business Manager) opened with a reminder to sign up for the upcoming ErgoHack (Ergo Hackathon). He mentioned that there have been some interesting proposals involving mixers and hoped that a lot of interesting dApps would emerge. The previous ErgoHack turnover rate has been really impressive, and he’s excited to see new developers taking this opportunity to join the Ergo community.

Mark Glasgow (Ergo Community Manager) also participated in the AMA this week and talked about his work on the Sigmanaut project and his goal of expanding more community marketing for Ergo. These efforts are aimed at attracting more talents to Ergo as the ecosystem develops.

AMA Questions and Summary

Below is a summary of the questions asked by the audience during this AMA. Last week, Dan, Armeanio, and Mark answered questions about decentralization of mining, marketing, the necessity of educational products, the naming of projects in the Ergo ecosystem, cross-chain bridges, venture capitalists, scaling solutions, and more. The community jokingly suggested Dan put Ergo ornaments on his car, and Dan embraced the idea. He says he even lets the community pick out cars before taking pictures at scenic spots across Japan! Head over to the YouTube channel Ergo Platform to see the full AMA.

How do you solve the mining centralization problem? How will Bitcoin survive when releases are done, transaction fees get high, or when it has huge blocks?

Joe Armeanio’s answer

Prevent mining centralization

Ergo needs to provide value

When looking at chains under 51% attack, there is rentable hashrate in most cases

chain dead or dormant

need to maintain value

It protects the chain from 51% attacks

Make it do this by building on Ergo

If you have a chain that shares an algorithm with another larger blockchain, like ETH and ETC did before, one chain will provide a lot of value and the other will stagnate

Security differences need to reflect that value

Once profitable, could rent hash power and point it to another chain, then siphon value double spend attack


When the release is over, the answer is given by the others who remain

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Solve the problem of mining centralization

Smart Solutions in the First Hackathon

GetBlok testing smart contracts

Decentralization of mining can be achieved through these technologies


think no one is really thinking about this right now

Think transaction fees aren’t enough, but until then, who knows

Ergo has been in decline for months, do you think marketing should be introduced slowly?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Ergo’s marketing director has been communicating with some PR agencies and a communications agency

Build an incubator program to help communication between the Ergo Foundation and community developers – making it more cohesive

Website rebranding

Sigmanaut programming will help with community marketing

Dan Friedman’s answer

Ergo’s Twitter account now has 50,000 followers!

Marketing team has achieved a lot

try to make it more attractive

We are communicating with a PR and media company

Dan’s longtime business acquaintance

Has a proven track record

Find the best strategy

Taking our PR and media to the next level

We will introduce ecological speakers

Our media strategy for choosing and promoting content

this is happening

stay tuned

Joe Armeanio’s answer

What does cryptocurrency do?

Ergo contains a lot

DEX coming soon

NFT marketplace available

Build tools on Ergo

Looking forward to seeing more growth in the new year

More Ergo-based marketing can be foreseen

As the system grows and more systems are built on it, there will be more features, more functions

Practical tools for people to use easily

Need to deliver the right experience that engages people

Why should we focus on education? This obviously comes from Cardano. We are not Cardano, we don’t need to get into a school like Cardano by ourselves.

Mark Glasgow’s answer

We don’t value education because of Cardano

Ergo is a research-based blockchain

This is new technology

Need to teach developers how to use so people can build on it

Joe Armeanio’s answer

eUTXO (Extended UTXO) is new

This is a new smart contract framework

Multiple chains are working with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine)

ETH does this well

Create open source tools and libraries

It attracts a lot of development talent

it didn’t happen overnight

eUTXO is younger

We are in the initial stages of finishing the manufacturing process

Because we build and create an open source community

we get tools and libraries

Barriers to entry are getting lower and lower

Dan Friedman’s answer

Many companies use education to promote and develop their products

When you start with education, you can get a lot of new people to use your product

Education creates a portal

More people want to learn about blockchain and what it does

There is a larger audience that wants to join without being bombarded with information

Don’t want to intimidate others; education lowers the bar

Talk about his initial experience and his entry into the blockchain field. Need to understand why blockchain is being hailed as the next great innovation

Not only does education help bring people into the ecosystem, but education in general is what the blockchain movement needs to do.

make lawmakers understand it

so that people can learn

Are there plans to put someone in a developer relations role? Want to create content for developers.

Mark Glasgow’s answer

More bounties have been created recently for tutorials

Launch the ErgoDocs website:

Find more technical writers

Joe Armeanio’s answer

Already talked to Alex about this and need to find the right fit

Alex may have an education director in mind

Also considered possibly recruiting a developer to help with the new project

They can create open source tutorials etc.

trying to find the right person

Any thoughts on naming conventions for Ergo projects? It doesn’t seem like a good idea to name all projects “Ergo so-and-so”.

Mark Glasgow’s answer

The ErgoPad team has pledged to push people away from using Ergo to name new projects

Definitely recommend people not to use it

Dan Friedman’s answer

Thought it would be interesting to generate good Ergo-free names with an app

Can you talk about your views on VC (venture capital)? Do you intend to attract VCs into the ecosystem?

Joe Armeanio’s answer

This is a core protocol – Ergo decided to do a fair distribution

Because it’s fair, it means any VC can accumulate ERG on the open market at any time

You have tokens already used on the open market

If VC wants to come, it’s not a problem

In terms of project issuance, VC can speed up the road to promotion

Can see its appeal as you gain market access

Fair distribution is hard

This slowly builds a community and attracts developers

You can view the use cases of VC

Often someone can control the price

They are potential adversaries for anyone who builds on them

Power within VCs is often highly concentrated

Most users don’t seem to care

I think it’s kind of sad

Think Token Economics Matter

Not that VCs are bad players or don’t want to create value

Dan Friedman’s answer

This has come up a lot

In blockchain, some people are discrediting VCs

Yes, price control is not what VCs need

We also need to be realistic

They’re not all evil

The problem isn’t VC – it’s predatory business practices

Learn about some very good and fair VCs who are adding value to the ecosystem

There are some VC black sheep who have ruined their reputation

VC should not be totally boycotted

How is the development of scaling solutions on Ergo? If we see a sudden uptick in popularity and traffic – is there a need for ongoing development work like Cardano Hydra? 

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Scala Hub is working on Plasma

Other discussions – know we are mentioned in the Hydra white paper

Also updated ErgoDocs to show how far

Check out the tutorial from the Scala Hub

Joe Armeanio’s answer

We have a lot of flexibility in this

A lot of really cutting edge stuff is being developed and Kushti has been sharing some of them

The ultimate, one-size-fits-all scaling solution has yet to be seen in blockchain

Lots of interesting stuff in papers and experiments

Which cross-chain bridges are being built? Interoperability is critical in the cryptocurrency space.

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Susy.One using wormholes is developing a SOL cross-chain bridge

Will bring SOL, USDT, GTON, etc. – a total of 7 assets

A cross-chain bridge with Conceal Network is also under development

Joe Armeanio’s answer

Wormhole framework is used by many people in the industry

Potentially enables a lot of interoperability

Will there be an updated roadmap?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

yes there will be

Has been working with brand promoters and will have time to develop a new roadmap once completed

An interactive roadmap will be available on the new website

What do you think of the Bitcoin hashrate drop yesterday when Kazakhstan shut down the internet? As a PoW chain, will Ergo encounter the same problem?

Joe Armeanio’s answer

We see this from time to time, with world events having ramifications elsewhere

This clearly has an impact on the market

Unseen events always cause chain reactions

Viawallet is much better than Yoroi for iOS Ergo holders. 

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Android wallet has been ported to iOS

ready to use

Currently on the iOS Test Flight (beta) app store, but is waiting for some management process before it can be listed on the main app store

It will be better than Viawallet because it supports native Ergo assets: NFTs and other tokens

There needs to be a YouTube video explaining to the masses what Ergo is and why it’s growing, using Coin Bureau style.

Mark Glasgow’s answer

YouTube admins are actually planning to do something like this, so keep an eye out

How is the collaboration with Kairon Labs going? 

Joe Armeanio’s answer

good so far

We are still working on getting them on Sesame Open

Had to figure out a way to give Kairon Labs a power of attorney due to opening an account in the US and tried to find a notary on Christmas Eve during the holiday season

The power of attorney has been signed and submitted, and will go live soon

When will we see an update to the Ledger integration?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Just waiting for the Tesseract team to review the code

Yoroi devs have started work, so it’s ready to be docked once it’s done

most of it is done

only the last bits and pieces

Do you think that the current currency circle is addicted to VC-backed projects, creating unrealistic expectations for fair issuance projects like Ergo that do not have the same spending power?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

I personally think it is

Looking at other projects, there are not many projects like Ergo

Some people forget that cryptocurrencies can do it

Joe Armeanio’s answer

The thing to focus on with this question is to create unrealistic expectations

Things take time to build

Especially if you want to do it in a high quality way

requires some skill

There is always a trend and people get addicted to the trend

How long does it take to develop something with a lot of depth and quality

True value and utility don’t happen overnight

Dan Friedman’s answer

Think that one of the nuances of the cryptosphere is expectations and unrealistic time expectations

People don’t always realize how long it takes to build quality

Otherwise, you will get a lower quality product

Industry spoiled by fast-moving and first-to-market mentality

You might be lucky and build something that won’t break

But that doesn’t mean it’s sustainable

Short-term price movements are irrelevant

There is a crazy expectation in the currency circle that everything will be done tomorrow

Once ETH moves to PoS, do you think large companies (such as manufacturers or miners ) that invest heavily in graphics cards will invest heavily in PoW coins to help with the migration of computing power?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

think it will

Otherwise we might see some pretty cheap graphics cards on the market

What stage is the soft fork proposal at? Which release rescheduling has been the favorite so far?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Proposed to miners

Voting starts in 2-3 weeks

lasts 46 days

If successful, it will be realized in March

Proposal discussed

Besides ERG and ADA, what is your favorite cryptocurrency?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

anyone who can make something attractive

Focus on Fairly Issued Coins

Joe Armeanio’s answer

Like coins that focus on interoperability

Tends to like privacy-oriented projects and communities

Dan Friedman’s answer

projects he is interested in

Explore projects with utility beyond our achievements over the past 5 years

Use NFTs for projects other than art

Music projects, they need to scale up

Ergo has the technology and we can be at the forefront of this

Think music NFTs will become more prominent

NFTs can create identity and financial products

music utility

Will there be an Ergo summit?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

yes there will be

Probably end of January

Currently preparing for a hackathon

Do you think Ergo’s oracles are a big advantage for Ergo in terms of mainstream adoption?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Yes, but Ergo has a lot of powerful advantages

In the future, oracles may be more important

Joe Armeanio’s answer

It’s a tool in the toolkit

With these tools, you can trust data sources

There are good and bad among the participants

As we move into an interoperable DeFi ecosystem, a single point of failure may have cascading effects on multiple chains

Having trustless oracles is very valuable in the long run

We are in the same position via smart contracts

We have adopted and more mature solutions

Hopefully the negative cascading effects never happen

If it’s a single point where you trust the participant, it can be risky

5 years later, what is Ergo’s killer feature?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

hard to predict

Think Sigma Protocol will be involved

Hope is a local exchange trading system

Joe Armeanio’s answer

hard questions

Currently, a lot of interesting research is happening

Bull market spurs research

New potential framework for existing tools

If built properly, you can really get trustless operations

At some point some more mature features will have to be rebuilt

In 5 years, hopefully more trustless solutions and greater security

Dan Friedman’s answer

Look at it from a business point of view

Versatility and Evolvability

This is a long term feature

Love the versatility and ability to evolve

Ergo sticks to PoW

Ergo can evolve with blockchain

There will be new ways to leverage PoW

This is why he feels there is no competition between Ergo and Cardano

think they are both great projects

Create your own market positioning and coexist

Interested in new ways of doing business

As Kushti put it, which blockchains will Ergo “eat”?

Mark Glasgow’s answer

Think Ergo doesn’t have many competitors doing the same

Doing things on Ergo can be done at a lower cost and better quality

Using eUTXO

There will be discussions on this in the coming years

Think a lot will be developed in the next 10 years

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