Ergo marketing and rebranding latest progress report

On December 3 (last Friday), the highlight of the Ergo team’s weekly AMA (Interactive Q&A) is the conversation between Dan Friedman (Ergo strategic consultant and business development leader) and Joseph Armeanio (Ergo business development leader) . They talked a lot about the latest developments in the launch of top exchanges, marketing and rebranding, as well as some important information about the upcoming soft fork discussions and the ERG release schedule.

While interacting with the community, Dan discussed the recent cooperation with the leading market maker Kairon Labs and Kairon Labs’ good track record in handling top blockchain projects. As Ergo strives to achieve a major online exchange, he reiterated the importance of having healthy and stable liquidity and trading volume. Otherwise, when individuals try to sell large amounts of ERG, serious problems will arise. They will work to protect weak orders and increase transaction volume (“algorithmically”), while ensuring balanced liquidity. He told the community that the team has purchased the services of a well-known company and they will provide Ergo with legal opinions in the US market. This work is an indispensable part of going online on the head exchange in the future, and he gave the community confidence: The company hired by Ergo is a company that the head exchange will also hire when obtaining legal opinions.

Dan provided the community with some exciting updates about Emurgo’s development of the Ergo Yoroi wallet. He mentioned that people have some concerns about Yoroi’s user experience, and Emurgo has recently worked to solve these problems. Ergonaut can get more information in the coming weeks.

Regarding the ongoing marketing expansion, Dan mentioned that the team is very active online and in the media, and that the next step in the process will involve some rebranding of Ergo. The website is undergoing renovation, and the goal is to make it easier for people who are not familiar with Ergo to understand Ergo. This rebranding will organize network data and archive materials to ensure increased network traffic.

Dan revealed to the audience that he is working with other members of the Ergo Foundation to establish an ecological fund to encourage future development projects and adoption. He stated that the fund needs to “be consistent with Ergo’s basic principles and mission-it needs to be community-driven, decentralized, democratic, and equal.” Discussions with eco-funders and companies have begun, and as the discussion unfolds, We will provide more updates.

Last but not least, Dan announced an exciting business expansion. The team is working hard to establish an autonomous business organization for Ergo to increase wider adoption. Dan emphasized that this investment is necessary to develop real-world use cases and bring blockchain services to the general public. Ergoanut can look forward to getting more news about this plan in the near future.

Armeanio shared Ergo’s new tutorials and updates of educational courses. In addition to new tutorials from LAD0PIXEL, there are more and more Ergoanut multilingual tutorials. The ErgoLend platform is launching a “Pseudo-academy” on Ergo, offering a series of educational courses. Participants can start learning from the overview of UTXO (unspent transaction output), and then gradually learn smart contracts. Armeanio emphasized the importance and necessity of such applications on Ergo-he compared it with Cardano’s Plutus Pioneer course and hoped to achieve similar success. The goal of such courses is to attract new developers to use ErgoScript and create more development on top of the Ergo ecosystem.

Ergo’s release schedule was also discussed, and Armeanio reintroduced Alex Chepurnoy’s soft fork proposal to rebalance Ergo’s release. The proposal originated from the previous hard fork, which closed the non-outsourcing puzzle in the mining agreement. He invited the community to participate in discussions on the official forum.

Regarding the recent client upgrade, Armeanio told the audience that Morphic will release test data for the upgrade to version 5.0. He stated that the cost of computing will change and they should get additional data and an overview of the potential of TPS (transactions per second).

AMA questions and conclusions

The following is a summary of the questions raised by the audience during this AMA. Dan and Armeanio answered questions about oracle pool data, blockchain enterprise solutions, and cross-chain bridges that bridge other chains. The future of NFT and its applications were also discussed in depth. Dan even expressed his strong love for Mel Blanc-do you believe he has seen Mel in Los Angeles?

Can you talk more about the realization of the Ergo-Waves Enterprise oracle and how this will expand the influence and practicality of Ergo compared to Chainlink ?

Armeanio’s answer

“The interesting thing about oracle data is that as a blockchain, you have a lot of energy, or in the case of proof of equity, money is essentially used as a mechanism to ensure consensus. This consensus is built on huge value. . Then in these systems, there are smart contracts that require oracle data to run.”

The consensus of a certain oracle data is just a data point.

You can support hundreds of millions of dollars with one data feed.

“If a company is to transition to a smart contract model, we need to have oracle data that provides a series of guarantees.”

“Once you start involving smart contracts with more value, greater security guarantees make a lot of sense.”

“You may need multiple sources, you may need multiple participants, and your data needs to be strengthened.”

So as to have a better guarantee

Need for a flexible solution

Hope to develop a security model suitable for specific business needs

“I tried to use Waves to create a sandbox in which we can observe: what are the low priority guarantees; when the medium guarantees are reasonable, what are their characteristics, and what are the costs; when the higher-level enhanced data is reasonable, it What is the meaning in the market, and what is the price.”

“With a framework, I can say to the community, hey guys, who wants to participate? Because my ultimate goal for the oracle is not to be an intermediary. I just want to promote the community to act and support the oracle so that Ergo can run on the foundation The people of the facility can create a source of income.”

Do you have a business unit that focuses on adoption (ie retail, supply chain, etc.)?

Dan Friedman answered

“Yes. I think the great thing about Ergo is that it is fast, compact, and scalable to meet the needs of small and medium enterprises.”

Governments are getting involved in the blockchain industry

Large enterprise groups are getting involved in the blockchain industry

Believe that we should focus on SMEs

“We should start from the supply chain to create and start. It is basically traceability and identity verification, as I said, it must be accessible to small and medium businesses.”

Believe that Ergo can be adopted

How many developers work at Ergo (full-time, part-time or anonymous contributors)? How do they get paid?

Armeanio’s answer

Various developers have

Don’t know the exact number, because many teams are anonymous

Proof of work encourages this kind of thing

Some developers have a very in-depth understanding of Ergo and the tools on Ergo

ErgoMixer has an anonymous developer, and its subordinates have a developer team

Core developers developed on the reference client/node-there are 12-15

We have bounty hunters coming to GitHub to track bugs

They sometimes join Ergo to work

There are advertisements for job openings on GitHub

The most needed skill pack may be Rust development

They get paid from the Ergo wealth pool

We have ushered in Anastasia,

She is playing three roles

Financial Officer

Kushti’s personal assistant

Acting as a liaison between the Ergo Foundation and developers or dApp developers

Integrate information pipelines to have a clearer understanding of who is developing on Ergo

The biggest problem now is the low transaction volume. The best solution is to leave our island with a cross-chain bridge . Can you talk about wormholes?

Dan Friedman’s answer

It’s all about cross-chain bridges now

Have had many discussions on joint cooperation with famous projects

The community will be notified after the document is signed and officially confirmed

This is a great way to increase traffic

Armeanio’s answer

This is a priority we are actively building

MHS is actively working on transplanting wormholes to Ergo

Connect to Solana first-USDT may be the first non-native asset on Ergo

Developed in cooperation with Graviton

Introduce their native token on ErgoDEX

Looking to the future, the question will be “what is reasonable”

Provide a way to inject liquidity into our ecosystem

After that, you can use the cross-chain bridge to play a role outside the ecology

Author: Ergo Foundation

Original release date: December 6, 2021

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