Ergo inherits Bitcoin’s first principle but is more scalable


Dan (Ergo Strategic Advisor and Head of Business Development) gave the opening remarks for the Ergo AMA interactive Q&A this week (December 24) and updated his views on the matter. As he mentioned many times in previous AMAs, there is a lot of work being done in seeking online exchanges and cooperation. Since this type of work takes time, it is not possible to publicly discuss the details of the future listing of the exchange and/or cooperation before the parties have reached an agreement and signed the document. Dan encourages the community to be patient as the team negotiates the details of these exchanges and collaborations. Having said that, Dan still revealed that the team is currently negotiating with four exchanges (including first-line and second-line) to integrate Ergo and launch their platform. He also talked about the trustless cross-chain bridge needed to launch Ergo on the main DEX is under development, but reminded the audience that this work is methodical and will take time to proceed normally. As these cross-chain bridges are about to be completed and the agreement is finalized, more news will be announced in the coming months.

Regarding cooperation, Dan told the community that there are currently several major cooperations under discussion, some of which are about to be finalized. These announcements will prove that he is ecologically effective and give full play to the power of Ergo, and he is particularly excited about it.

Dan hinted that at least one collaboration involved an educational program. As the team continues to build educational products, Dan is pleased to announce that they are cooperating with well-known and accredited educational institutions to develop courses. The goal of this collaboration is to develop a curriculum for people to improve their skills and at the same time attract new people to join the Ergo ecosystem. As this collaboration progresses, Dan believes that these educational programs are very important to promote and market Ergo to a wider audience.

As Dan continued to talk about marketing, he informed the community that the team is actively working on Ergo’s rebranding. This was mentioned in a previous AMA, but Dan repeated the importance of this work for the future or Ergo. The website is undergoing some adjustments, and they are collating materials with the goal of making the website more accessible and efficient. This work will take several months, but an announcement will be made when the new website is ready to go live.

At the end of the opening remarks, Dan stated that he will personally work hard to design a variety of commercial products for the ecology to attract new businesses and users. Together with these products, Dan will work to help establish the Ergo Ecological Fund to encourage more Ergo development. Dan revealed that he has several contacts in funding agencies. Obtaining such sponsorship is the team’s priority to encourage more business activities and ecological development.

In the opening remarks of this AMA, Armeanio (Ergo business development leader) and Alex (Ergo co-founder and core developer) also communicated with the community. Armeanio reminded everyone of the upcoming ErgoHack and stated that his Christmas wish list included potential invisible pools and “mixicles” on Ergo. Alex introduced the ongoing discussions on the proposal to release the soft fork to the audience, and hopes to talk to the mining pool in the next round of consultations. He also introduced the new wallet and new efficient solutions that will be applied to ErgoTeam development. Regarding Ledger support, he assured the audience that he is pushing developers to provide more Ledger support for the Yoroi Ergo wallet. For more news about Yoroi, he expects the dApp connector to be released soon, but most of the current work is about improving the Yoroi user experience. At the end of the speech, Alex also informed the community that a new version of the node is about to go online, including updates to improve the use of mobile devices.

AMA question summary

The following is a summary of the questions raised by the audience during this AMA. Last week, Dan, Armeanio, and Alex answered questions about Ergo’s soft fork proposal, Sigma Protocol, tokens on ErgoDEX, YouTube opinion leaders, and comparisons between Ergo and Bitcoin. The community expressed gratitude to Armeanio and Dan and questioned who might actually be the “muffin man”. Please go to Ergo’s YouTube channel to view the full AMA.

When is the final vote on the soft fork proposal?

Joe Armeanio’s answer

I just discussed with the community recently

Since this information has existed in the community for a while, we look forward to more feedback: advantages, disadvantages, objections, etc.

He thinks the discussion is easier than expected

Some worries are expected

Before any possible changes, everything needs to be run on the testnet

Hope to get a lot of clarification from the community and miners

· This is a very important choice-for or against, please provide your feedback

Alex Chepurnoy’s answer

Developers need to know that someone supports them

There are different opinions, which is very important-these voices are very important

EIP-27 has been released and communicated with the community

The next step is to negotiate with the mining pool

Talking about other soft fork proposals

Can you elaborate on the Sigma protocol in 30 seconds ?

Alex Chepurnoy’s answer

They are efficient zero-knowledge proofs

This is a niche language, you can express something in this language without revealing your secrets

Joe Armeanio’s answer

They are lightweight zero-knowledge proofs

Allow construction of “and/or” conjectures

Build a series of logic that allows you to meet specific conditions in order to promote multi-phase contracts in ErgoScript

Allow sharing of information without revealing the secrets involved

And/or conjecture, when built on top of each other-you have the ability to establish conditions that need to be met

In ErgoScript, smart contracts are a conditional approach

When can we put the token on ErgoDEX?

Alex Chepurnoy’s answer

Some are already online

SigRSV, SigUSD, Kushti, Erdoge, etc.

Can’t customize the pool yet-it will be implemented soon

Contact ErgoDEX developers

They hope to add tokens from now on

Joe Armeanio’s answer

May be scammed by community tokens

Need to be careful

It’s a good thing to seek ways to protect users

Some people say that Ergo is like Bitcoin 2.0. Do you agree? Can you elaborate?

Joe Armeanio’s answer

Hard to say

“Bitcoin is a bit like religion nowadays”

Wondering if this question refers to the early open community of Bitcoin

It is open and attractive

People are excited

How can we change the world?

Love the Ergo community

Alex Chepurnoy’s answer

Ergo inherits the first principle of Bitcoin (First Principle)

Talking about first principles is a bit tricky, but this is how he explained it

Technically, you can think of Ergo as a type of Bitcoin 2.0-a real P2P network, UTXO (unexpended transaction expenditure) model, etc.

But there are many differences-Ergo is more scalable, has NIPoPoW (Non-Interactive Proof of Work), and supports the possibility of light clients

Maybe you can contact some of the larger YouTube channels to promote Ergo?

Dan Friedman’s answer

One of our main goals is to promote Ergo

Develop an extensive marketing plan

More mainstream cryptocurrency media PR is coming

Regarding other YouTube channels-yes, we should contact opinion leaders on YouTube.

Need to understand the people we will contact

Some opinion leaders are great

Other opinion leaders usually focus on increasing the profit of speculation, regardless of the technical strength of the token

Not interested in bringing goods to buy things, because it will make those who bring goods fortune

Quality is more important than quantity

Hope that high-level people join the Ergo ecosystem

If the price rises unnaturally without products and services to support the valuation, it may fall as fast as it rises

Need continuous movement to build continuous value in the ecology

Cooperate with several high-quality opinion leaders to try to promote Ergo

Good opinion leaders hope that “good projects” can use their strength to convince themselves

Want to attract those who ask “why choose Ergo”

I have been discussing the changes to release calculations with Chris Ray , the developer of ErgoLend Can you explain the difference in detail? 

Alex Chepurnoy’s answer

There is a chart on the Ergo Watch website showing the current release

Also includes an EIP chart

Impressed by the speed of completion of this matter

You can check the details in the Reddit discussion on the 23rd

The next step is to discuss with the mining pool

Joe Armeanio’s answer

This is an interesting proposal

He tried to remain neutral

On one side is the non-outsourcing puzzle, which can be solved through smart contracts

This changes the type of miners participating in the Ergo ecosystem

Non-outsourcing puzzles cater more to those who support the infrastructure

About mining pools-different mindsets

There is no incentive to support different ways of generating income

Glad to have a debate on this topic

How is the performance of the marketing agency?

Dan Friedman’s answer

Good performance

Developed an action plan with them

After the plan is formally formulated in the next few days, it will be implemented next year.

Once implemented, the community will see a lot of publicity information and media reports about Ergo

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