Ergo and Graviton will collaborate across chains to promote multi-chain expansion


Ergo and Graviton collaborate to promote the multi-chain expansion of the two ecosystems

The two projects are working together to enhance the cross-chain experience, provide a wider range of liquidity mining opportunities, and expand the global influence and practicality of Ergo and Graviton.

We are happy to announce that we have joined hands with Graviton. The cooperation between these two projects includes the establishment of a cross-chain bridge between ERG tokens and other ecosystems through SuSy to allow Graviton liquidity mining on all related destination chains to increase liquidity. The listing of ERG on Catalyst will provide our community with a wider range of liquidity mining opportunities and create additional incentives for users to participate in transactions and liquidity mining. This cooperation will also expand Graviton’s Catalyst program, increasing LP rewards from SushiSwap, PancakeSwap, SpiritSwap and other DEX, as well as ERG and GTON paired mining pools, thereby increasing the demand for ERG in the Graviton community.

Ergo is one of the most solid projects in the blockchain field, with a strong theoretical and technical foundation. Ergo builds its protocol based on the UTXO model and ErgoScript. The language provides smart contract functions with advanced encryption functions. The complex and ingenious technical foundation makes interoperability development a challenging task, but we believe that the joint efforts of the SuSy and Graviton teams will initiate and sustain the multi-chain expansion of ERG.

SuSy implements a simple but unique solution that allows the migration of tokens from Ergo to EVM and non-EVM chains. SuSy dApp underlying code combines IB and LU port, allowing high-load management target strand ( ether Square ) and having a fast cell block chain block (Fantom). Due to this method, the transfer confirmation time varies from 1 to 5 minutes. Each minting/transfer transaction will only happen when a BFT consensus is reached between the oracles. Once the funds are locked on the LU port (direct exchange), the cross-chain transfer will start. Users can also initiate a reverse exchange at any time by destroying funds on the IB port of the destination chain.

“Ergo is a blockchain with a strong expressive scripting language (ErgoScript). SuSy will demonstrate its compatibility by building a bridge on the Ergo blockchain. Issue-Burn (IB) and Lock-Unlock (LU) ports require Some logic on smart contracts, and ErgoScript can meet all requirements.”-Shamil Khalilov, Ven.Lab core developer, SuSy developer.

“Graviton will establish GTON pools on various popular DEXs and allocate GTONs to liquidity providers to ensure liquidity flows into the packaged ERG tokens. Since GTON is used as a relay, overall cross-chain operations will become Easier and more accessible for ERG holders. Therefore, ERG will gain more liquidity on all Graviton-related chains.” -Alex Pupyshev, founder of Graviton.

“Cross-chain is the hottest topic today. Every blockchain with rich contract capabilities should now have cross-chain applications. Gravity brings cross-chain functions to Ergo, which makes blockchains interconnected.”-Ergo Platform core developer Alex Chepurnoy.

Introduction to rgo platform

Ergo is a UTXO-based blockchain with proof-of-work consensus. In this respect, it is similar to Bitcoin . Unlike Bitcoin, and similar to Cardano , Ergo uses the so-called “extended UTXO model”, which means UTXO has the ability to contain arbitrary data and complex scripts. Therefore, Ergo supports advanced financial contracts based on the account model similar to Ethereum.

Ergo has built advanced encryption functions and subversive new DeFi functions on a solid foundation laid by ten years of blockchain theory and development. Ergo is designed and implemented by a team of experienced developers and researchers who have academic works and PhDs in cryptography, compiler theory, blockchain technology and encrypted electronic cash. The team also has a solid background in core development, including cryptocurrency and blockchain frameworks such as Nxt, ScoreX, and Waves.

raviton Profile

Graviton is a general-purpose packaged token liquidity incentive solution that provides a technical foundation for seamless multi-chain communication and creates a reward-based economy around packaged assets.

Graviton solves the problem of complex multi-step user experience and insufficient liquidity of packaged tokens in chains outside of Ethereum. Its diverse infrastructure includes bridge aggregators, cross-chain wallets, and LP reward liquid mining products.

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