EPNS Ethereum Notification Protocol has been launched

in the early morning of January 12, Beijing time, the EPNS Ethereum notification service has been launched on the Ethereum mainnet.

Log in to EPNS through the decentralized wallet, and then through the browser plug-ins on mobile ios, Android and web, you can receive corresponding project channel messages.

So the protocol can be used by two broad audiences: channels and subscribers.

Channels are dapps, users and businesses that want to send notifications to others. These notifications can be sent manually or structured as on-chain or off-chain messages for automatic responses. For example, media companies can issue breaking news alerts when stories are published. Alternatively, DeFi projects could allow users to automatically receive notifications when their loans are about to be liquidated.

Channel users can select “Create Channel” after logging into app.epns.io. Follow the guided steps to set up your channel, create notifications and publish your channel to mainnet. Then, wait for subscribers to join.

Subscribers are those who wish to receive notifications from others. Subscribers can browse live channels on EPNS through the app and choose to receive notifications from any of them. Notifications are then sent to the subscriber’s “inbox”. Channels are now live on the EPNS app (iOS/Andriod), with more to come in the future.

EPNS is essentially a notification protocol that sees notifications as a means of conveying different types of information, carrying different utilities, and performing different tasks depending on their use cases. Therefore, EPNS assigns each notification payload a payload type that defines the data they carry and certain characteristics of the storage medium.

The EPNS protocol has been in development for more than 1 year and completed the ChainSafe audit in October 2021.

EPNS uses the following process to ensure that notifications are stored, broadcast and sent in a platform-agnostic and decentralized manner.


Notifications are stored and processed like JSON payloads, and when notifications arrive on them, it is transformed according to the rules of different operators. JSON Payloads can vary based on payload type, which ensures flexibility in content, data, storage interpretation and delivery.

The protocol allows users to directly control which services they get notifications from; it imposes rules on services, including spam protection for users, limiting their ability to add wallets as subscribers, and more.

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