Epic Games: Why should Metaverse be opened up?

The concept of meta universe has exploded recently, attracting billions of dollars in investment.

Zuckerberg even announced plans to turn his trillion-dollar social network, Facebook, into a “metacosmic company” last month.

The concept of meta universe comes from the dystopian science fiction classic “Avalanche” by writer Neil Stephenson. The book envisions a huge holographic playground for people to escape the hustle and bustle of reality.

For fans of the meta universe, the meta universe is the result of the natural evolution of the Internet.

The meta universe is a huge network of interconnected virtual worlds. You can do anything in this network, but how to implement it is an open question.

But the key elements of the Internet today are its openness, connectivity, and interoperability. These characteristics are not possible for the meta-universe, which is still in its infancy, and this is the key to the prosperity of the meta-universe.

This article interviewed Marc Petit of Epic Games, who is responsible for the Unreal Engine part.

1. What is the meta universe?

Marc Petit: This question is difficult to answer. For me, this is the evolution of the Internet. Now with the Internet, users can browse videos at will.

We believe that Metaverse will bring an era of interactive content. In this era, users have ownership of the content, and users can control the content, interact with it, and be immersed in the content.

The basis of the meta-universe is the real-time 3D medium. Whether these elements are integrated into the existing environment through AR or experience with VR, all of these are the result of 3D and interactive content.

2. Why will openness become an important feature of the future meta-universe? In this case, what does it mean to be open?

Marc Petit: I think there are two reasons for openness.

The first is for technical reasons.

Because the Internet is built based on the ability to interact between things. If we have many virtual worlds, and you cannot transition from one to another, or if they are not compatible with each other, it will not be a good experience.

So I think the nature of the connection system requires openness.

The second is the social significance of the meta universe.

I think this is an opportunity to build business models and rules that are fairer to people, protect people’s privacy, and ensure that creators get fair benefits from the content they create.

If all goes well, we will gradually enter the creative economy-the people who make money are the people who create the content, not the people who own the platform.

We want everyone to be a consumer and a creator, so we need platforms and economies that allow everyone to participate.

3. Many companies have created their own virtual worlds. How is the progress in connectivity?

Marc Petit: Those virtual worlds cannot be called meta-universes. We need to solve technical challenges from an industry perspective.

We are in the infancy stage, and now we must solve the problem of inter-network interoperability of items-we currently have glTF and USD (two leading 3D graphics file formats), but no substantial progress has been made.

Sporadic breakthroughs are not enough. Some proprietary technologies are still important and have not really been transferred to the open space.

The next thing we need to focus on is “behavior”.

Procedural behavior (we call it manipulation) is how the character moves and how the vehicle drives. We hope that the physical rules in each meta-universe are consistent, but we all have different ways to express logic and behavior.

4. Is there a feasible way to coordinate behavior and attributes at present?

Marc Petit: No, the technical paradigm of a stable and feasible meta-universe will be very different.

You must maintain a real world and adjust it at any time. This is not like a game. You can pause or restart. The stable meta-universe is always online.

There is a lot of room for innovation in how to deal with interactivity and scripting in the meta-universe with millions of resident aborigines.

5. How do you think the industry will achieve this goal together?

Marc Petit: All companies recognize the value and requirements of open source systems and infrastructure.

I think standards will play an important role, but standards will not promote innovation and often promote commoditization. So we are properly handling this duality between standards and innovation.

We support these standards, but with Unreal Engine 5, we are pushing our engine and data to become the benchmark and the most advanced solution for creating a highly realistic, fully realistic world.

This process requires the participation of talents, just like our employees, inventing these technologies and proving their value. Once the value is recognized, these technologies will become shared and open.

I know some people say that open source can bring innovation, but I think that innovation is often not brought about by individuals but by companies.

6. If we solve these problems and create an open virtual world, what changes are most likely to bring?

Marc Petit: Seamless integration.

Seamless integration can aggregate, use information from anywhere, and allow data from multiple platforms to coexist in the same unit.

We have used microservice architecture and connectivity technologies in the Web, so this type of technology is always evolving.

Once we solve the challenge of how to share, I think we can freely define services and things can interoperate. Being able to freely use digital assets may be the best example.

If I buy a Ferrari in Fortnite , I can also use it in Roblox .

We make sure that anyone can create content that others want to see, because no one likes boring content, the same is true in the meta universe, and no one wants crappy content.

Epic Games: Why should Metaverse be opened up?

7. A common theme during the SIGGRAPH conference is that to make the metaverse truly open, users need to be able to make their own 3D content more easily. How far is it from achieving this?

Marc Petit: We are actively doing work in this area to ensure that the goals are achieved.

For example, our Twinmotion product is the easiest way to create 3D content now.

In Twinmotion, if you want to show snow in the scene, just press a button and the snow will fall.

For content, we have Megascans (3D scanning library of real world objects), and our task is to perform a lot of scanning work so that we can use machine learning techniques to reconstruct the entire world. Then it will work around artificial intelligence-assisted creation and artificial intelligence-assisted art related technologies.

So all of Epic’s efforts and investments are to ensure that anyone can create content that others want to see because it meets quality standards.

8. The 3D version of the Internet contains more data than today’s 2D version. How difficult is it to serve millions of people?

Marc Petit: This is very interesting, because now there is a lot of data that can be realized in the form of video, which can be more effectively expressed in 3D.

But the data will be huge. I think you will see the software architecture adjust with this reality, the server-side system handles the big head, and the 3D glasses do some lighter tasks.

We are beginning to see the evolution of computing infrastructure, GPUs are evolving to edge computing, and the client’s capabilities are stronger. I don’t think the current computing power is enough!

9. You have made it clear that there are still some fundamental challenges to overcome. Which solutions do you think are feasible and which problems will be more difficult to solve?

Marc Petit: I think we are gradually figuring out people’s preferences.

Anyone can spend the least effort to create their own virtual world, and this technology is gradually taking shape.

Integrating real-time 3D as a medium into their workflow, everyone is at this stage.

To get these workflows through and build a platform that reflects the values ​​we discussed before will be the most time-consuming thing, and it is also difficult, because the platform is difficult to build.

Source: Spectrum


Author: Marc Petit

Translation: Henzel


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