Epci and Steam’s market battle: blockchain games will be an important part

Yesterday, Steam, the largest video game market, officially updated the terms of its game publishers, adding a new rule, that is, any games based on blockchain technology that are concurrently issued/allowed to exchange cryptocurrencies and NFTs will not be affected. Accept, the existing game will be taken off the shelf.

This was first discovered by the video game developer Spacepirate, who shared the news in a tweet. SpacePirate is the developer of the NFT-based game “Age of Rust”.

In the tweet, Spacepirate claimed that he and his colleagues had received official notifications from Steam, in which Steam announced that it would remove “all blockchain games” from the market, including Age of Rust. Spacepirate’s tweets are also accompanied by additional images of the official rules and guidelines for publishing the game on Steam.

Check the official Steam documentation page. In the document titled “Steamworks”, you can see that SpacePirate’s statement is correct. The new rule (#13) stipulates that “games built on blockchain technology cannot be published, and those that allow encryption Currency exchange or NFT-supported games”.

This change may accelerate the loss of NFT and blockchain-based games from the Steam market.


Epic Games Store will welcome blockchain games

Epic Games Store was launched in 2018. Although it entered the PC video game store market late, it has quickly become one of the main competitors in the game market industry that was previously almost entirely occupied by Steam.

Shortly after the introduction of new rules for blockchain, cryptocurrency, and NFT-based games in the Steam Guide, Epic’s CEO Tim Sweeney revealed that the Epic Games Store “has a strong The game of blockchain assets is open.”

But this statement contradicted some of Sweeney’s previous remarks. He once said that Epic is not interested in working with NFTs, which has also attracted widespread controversy in the encryption community.

“We did not involve NFT, because the entire field is currently entangled with difficult scams, interesting, decentralized technology bases and scams.”

In a tweet published by Sweeney on October 16, 2021, it was announced that the Epic Games Store would “welcome games using blockchain technology, provided that they comply with relevant laws, disclose their terms, and are evaluated by the group. Although We do not use encryption technology in our games, but we welcome innovations in such technologies and financial fields.”

In addition, Epic clearly stated that it is not possible to use any payment service method in the Epic market to trade and exchange cryptocurrencies, and third parties need to use their own solutions.

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