Entry-level iPad 9 revealed: will be lighter and thinner Apple is also preparing a new iPad mini

As the sales leader of the entire iPad family, Apple has been keeping the entry-level iPad updated, and many users of the product are now students.

Entry-level iPad 9 revealed: will be lighter and thinner Apple is also preparing a new iPad mini

According to the latest reports from foreign media, Apple is developing a thinner entry-level iPad 9 that will be geared toward students, with the most obvious changes compared to its predecessor being that it’s lighter and thinner.

The report says Apple is also preparing a new iPad mini 6 (which will be a surprise presence) with minimal bezels and no Home button, as well as an iPad 9. While the report doesn’t mention whether the new entry-level iPad will be called iPad 9, the company will update the student-oriented iPad 8 given Apple’s product lineup.

The iPad 9 will feature a thinner form factor. At this point in time, it’s unclear how thin Apple plans to make the iPad and if it will make any compromises on battery life. Also, the specifications for the entry-level iPad were not detailed, but we assume Apple will upgrade the processor.

Based on the information in the report, this is also when Apple releases the iPad mini 6. The iPad 9 will cater to students and will be priced accordingly.

The current generation iPad 8 32GB version is priced at $329. In addition, it is possible that the iPad 9 will have the same display size.

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