Enterprises are hot, users are cold, and the first stop of Metaverse will be the “marketing field”?

While the dream of living in a virtual world is still far away, there’s no denying that the Metaverse would be a great place to market.

Enterprises are hot, users are cold, and the first stop of Metaverse will be the "marketing field"?

If the end of 2021 is the hottest thing, the Metaverse deserves it. “Everything is possible Metaverse” seems to be the new buzzword, and “social Metaverse”, “shopping Metaverse” and so on are often heard in advertisements.

Just recently, news came out that Tencent will buy the game maker Black Shark from Xiaomi to do VR to pave the way for the future Metaverse. Although the two parties declined to comment on this, the deal appears to be very likely to the outside world. Although Tencent is not holding high, it does not mean that Tencent will miss out on the Metaverse.

Tencent is running with small steps, and some companies are shooting stars with big strides, which proves that companies have great enthusiasm for the Metaverse. Does behind the enthusiasm mean that the first stop of the Metaverse will be the “marketing field”? On the other hand, the user side is in stark contrast to the enterprise, and the user side is relatively indifferent to the Metaverse. So why does the Metaverse form a contrast of ice and fire at both ends?

hot enterprise

The Metaverse has been around for a long time, but its popularity started at the end of last year. And the wind of the Metaverse is also quickly sweeping through large and small companies, making companies its loyal fans.

Internet giants will naturally not miss the trend. Facebook changed its name to “Meta”, and “Meta” is the prefix of “Metaverse (Metaverse)”, and its intentions are clear. In addition, Internet companies such as Microsoft, Google, Nvidia, ByteDance, Tencent, Baidu, NetEase, etc. have all started to deploy the Metaverse. Among them, on December 27, 2021, Baidu officially released China’s first Metaverse product, Xiyong, and Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Hebei Xiong’an Branch “settled” in Xiyong as the first batch of financial institutions. On January 4, Google spent US$40 million (about 258.5 million yuan) to acquire a 4.6% stake in Huahan Technology, a subsidiary of Hon Hai Group. The two parties will join hands to enter the Metaverse market.

To a certain extent, giant companies are the vane of small and medium-sized enterprises. If the giants still have such enthusiasm, other companies are even more “closed eyes”. According to CNBC, the highly established brand Nike has pioneered the system of charging at the end of the Metaverse sequence and has patented virtual goods and the opportunity to create a virtual retail environment to sell those goods. Nike recently acquired RTFKT, a company that designs virtual sneakers and collectibles for the Metaverse. Adidas is also actively exploring the Metaverse. Not only has its brand adidas Originals entered the Metaverse and issued POAP NFTs, but also recently cooperated with the cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and the Metaverse game platform The Sandbox to establish the Metaverse brand.

In addition to active layout, companies have also made great efforts to register trademarks. According to the company’s data, as of the end of 2021, a total of 11,376 “Metaverse” trademarks have been applied for in China, involving 1,692 companies. Among them, 11,374 applications will be filed in 2021, involving 1,691 companies. In other words, 99.9% of the “Metaverse” trademarks will be registered in 2021, and 2021 will be called the first year of the Metaverse trademark application registration.

Just on January 11, it was reported that Huawei is applying for registration of the META-FI trademark, and the current trademark status is pending. It is understood that this is not the first time Huawei has applied for related trademarks. On December 27, 2021, Huawei applied for the “METAMEDIA” trademark (metamedia English trademark). Huawei has previously applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Hongmeng Yuan Service”, “Hongmeng Yuan Program”, and “HARMONYOS Yuan Service”, of which the “Hongmeng Yuan Service” trademark has been registered.

In addition to giant companies, many companies in other industries are also “pre-emptive”. According to the company’s data, among the top 100 companies with trademark applications in Metaverse, cultural and entertainment companies account for half of them, with as many as 50 companies, including games, film and television media, live broadcast, digital publishing, and MCN companies. For example, “Kaiying Games” has applied for a large number of Metaverse trademarks related to legendary page games; “Chinese Online” has applied for trademarks such as April Tianyuan Universe, 17K Metaverse, and IP Metaverse. It is worth noting that retail, education, automotive, Internet of Things, and psychological consulting companies also sporadically appear on the TOP100 list.

Enterprises are hot, users are cold, and the first stop of Metaverse will be the "marketing field"?

Among them, in terms of car companies, Beijing Chehejia Information Technology Co., Ltd., an affiliated company of Ideal Auto, applied for the registration of trademarks such as “Ideal Metaverse”. Xiaopeng Motors, Weilai Motors, and FAW Group have all applied for registration of Metaverse-related trademark categories. In terms of the Internet of Things, home appliance companies are also very active. Hisense Group Co., Ltd. has applied for trademarks such as “Hisense Metaverse”, “Hisense Family Metaverse” and “Hisense Love Home Metaverse”. Regarding the upsurge of trademark registration in Metaverse, many companies bluntly stated that applying for relevant trademarks is actually a protective registration, in order to avoid possible counterfeiting in the future.

At the same time, the Metaverse concept stocks are also rising. In 2021, the first share of Roblox in the Metaverse was successfully listed. After the listing of Roblox, the share price soared to $134 per share, nearly three times the issue price.The largest increase in the domestic stock price is undoubtedly Zhongqingbao, which will increase by 249% in 2021, and the largest increase during the period will be 475%. The crazy rise in stock prices has also created a highly imaginative market size for the Metaverse. According to reports, by 2024, the market size of the Metaverse will reach $800 billion. And PricewaterhouseCoopers predicts that the market size of the Metaverse will reach $1.5 trillion by 2030.

As time comes to 2022, the Metaverse trend is still in full swing. According to the “Top Ten Predictions of China’s Metaverse Market in 2022” released by IDC, Internet companies are expected to continue to increase the layout of the Metaverse platform in their respective fields in 2022. Interactions and associations will remain weak. It is estimated that by 2025, more than 3% of Chinese netizens will have virtual identities on such platforms.

Although it is not known whether more than 3% of netizens will have virtual identities on such platforms by 2025, according to the current situation, the user side is not very keen on the Metaverse.

cool client

The popularity of the “Metaverse” remains high, but there are few actual results. Is it a new technology that is about to change the world, or is it a concept hype that attracts people’s attention? Will the Metaverse Era really come as planned?These questions have become a cloud of doubt lingering in the minds of users. Indeed, users’ concerns are not without reason. The following aspects confirm that users’ concerns are traceable.

1. The related concept stocks are suspected of deliberate speculation; On the evening of January and October, Zhongqingbao disclosed the acquisition plan, and Zhongqingbao Hong Kong, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the company, planned to acquire the Baode Asset Management held by Li Ruijie, the actual controller of the company. 51% equity of Hong Kong Co., Ltd., the transaction price is HKD 0. The target company plans to change its name to “Paul Lid Metaverse Digital Platform Co., Ltd.”.

High-profile announcement of the acquisition of the actual controller company for 0 yuan, and soon received a letter of concern from the exchange. In the letter of concern, the regulatory authorities first required Zhongqingbao to disclose the basic information of the target company Paul Leader, the pricing basis and rationality of the transfer price of 0 yuan, and the business relevance of Paul Leader and Metaverse. Explain the rationality and necessity of the transaction and the real purpose of the transaction. Especially when Zhongqingbao said it planned to change the name of the target company to a related name of Metaverse, the regulatory authorities questioned whether the company deliberately created hot spots and gimmicks.

Enterprises are hot, users are cold, and the first stop of Metaverse will be the "marketing field"?

It is worth mentioning that from the second half of last year to the present, Zhongqingbao has attracted at least four “concerns” from the regulatory authorities. In addition, as far as the current skyrocketing stock price is concerned, there is a bit of unreality behind the rapid growth rate, and it is difficult to guarantee that its stock price can remain high all the time.

2. There are few landing products, and the experience is not good; although the Metaverse is highly sought after, there are actually not many related landing products. Many outsiders speculate that the fastest foothold of the Metaverse is the game field, because the Metaverse is the first derived from the game field. Despite speculation, it has yet to see actual results.

In addition, some companies have also launched related products under the banner of the Metaverse, such as Facebook’s Oculus Quest 2 headset. Some users have used the headset to experience Facebook’s Metaverse. For the experience, she described the experience: “Considering that this technology is still very Young, I found it impractical to use for extended periods of time, especially outside of entertainment or gaming abilities. After a few hours in this Metaverse, I found more cons of this new world emerged, on the one hand , I started to sweat and feel sick; on the other hand, when I want to play games in the field of Meta, I have to create a new avatar from scratch, which is very inconvenient.” It can be seen that there is still a lot of Metaverse related products. Room for improvement.

3. The calmness of the official media cools the Metaverse; for the Metaverse that is on the cusp of the storm, the attitude of the official media may provide some directions for users who are confused. The website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and State Supervision Commission recently issued a document stating that a rational view of the new round of technological revolution brought about by the Metaverse and its impact on society should not underestimate the opportunity in 5-10 years, nor overestimate the evolutionary changes in 1-2 years. At present, some companies hype the concept of the Metaverse and the real Metaverse is quite different, and it is necessary to avoid the false and save the true and make careful judgments. The “People’s Daily Commentary” WeChat public account has also previously issued an article saying that everyone still needs to look at the current Metaverse craze rationally and be wary of any flickering in the name of technology and the future; whether it is a mirror image or a touchable future, capital hype or new On the track, whether it is old wine in a new bottle or a new technological breakthrough, you might as well “let the bullets fly for a while” before drawing conclusions.

In addition, relevant authorities and analysts also expressed the need to look at the Metaverse rationally. Ma Tianyi, chief analyst of the Metaverse industry of the Minsheng Research Institute, believes that there are still many uncertainties in the Metaverse in its embryonic stage, and the industry and the market urgently need to return to rationality . Haitong International Research Report pointed out that the current development of the Metaverse is still in the initial embryonic stage, there is still a certain distance from the complete landing, and there is still a lot of room for development of various underlying technologies.

It is not surprising that the Metaverse is cold on the user side. As mentioned above, the Metaverse is still in an exploratory stage. Whether it is a company or an individual, it is impossible to see the whole picture of the Metaverse. In addition to cognition, it is really not rational to follow it impatiently.

The enterprise side is in full swing, and the user side is treated coldly, which makes the Metaverse fall into a situation of fusion of ice and fire, so where is the landing point of the Metaverse in a different situation?

The Metaverse where ice and fire are blended may settle in the “marketing field”

Looking back, the reason why companies were so enthusiastic about the Metaverse was that they discovered the marketing value of the Metaverse. For example, Liang Jianzhang, chairman of Ctrip’s board of directors, said, “As a tourist, we should fully demonstrate the advanced taste of a more advanced, interesting, complex, and logical universe, and we should make travel more interactive and immersive. It is more interesting, and the experience must be made far better than the Metaverse. We are not completely abandoning the Metaverse, but we can use the virtual reality technology of the Metaverse to simulate the real universe, preview the real universe, market the real universe, and inspire The desire and inspiration for the exploration of the true universe, which in turn promotes the true universe, is what we need to do.”

From their words, it can be seen that many companies are the first to see many values ​​behind the Metaverse before individuals. Marketing value is one of them, and it is also the first to appear before other values ​​appear. Because of its own particularity, marketing often walks ahead of products. Because if we wait for the technology to actually land, and then publicize it to the outside world, I am afraid it will only be too late, and the product will be outdated before users accept the concept. Therefore, publicity is always one step ahead of the product. Before the product is born, it constantly introduces relevant concepts to users. This is an educational process.

From the current point of view, the value of establishing a “marketing field” in the Metaverse is gradually being released, and it has attracted many users who are at the forefront. In September last year, American hip-hop singer Snoop Dogg announced to join TheSandbox Metaverse, and acquired a piece of land to build a virtual mansion. It also launched interactive experience projects in Sandbox, including concerts and NFTs. On November 23 last year, singer Lin Junjie posted a message on social platforms, saying that he spent $123,000 to buy three pieces of virtual land on the virtual reality platform Decentraland.

More than just buying land, NFTs have also managed to attract the attention of entertainment and sports stars in recent years. NBA star Curry once spent about $180,000 in September 2021 to buy a JPG avatar of a blue “Boring Ape”, and completely popularized the series of NFT works of “Boring Ape”. Even in the circle of friends of the editor, there are friends who are paying attention to this series of products.

Enterprises are hot, users are cold, and the first stop of Metaverse will be the "marketing field"?

At the same time, on January 1, the Metaverse platform Ezek and Jay Chou’s brand PHANTACi jointly released the NFT project Phanta Bear (phantom bear) in limited quantities for the first time, with a maximum issuance limit of 10,000 pieces and a unit price of 0.26 ETH (about RMB 6,200). The total price Over 62 million yuan. Jay Chou entered the Metaverse NFT Phanta Bear not long after, Edison Chen also joined the camp to promote NFT. On January 8, Edison Chen posted the same series of NFT avatars of Phantom Bear on his personal social media account, and interacted with Jay Chou.

On the surface, the NFT avatar used by these stars is just a JPG picture, but in fact each JPG corresponds to a unique address on the blockchain network, which can verify the authenticity of the NFT. These virtual collections have the same collection value as the real world in the Metaverse world, but also have a certain social value.

Celebrities, as a group of people with their own traffic, are actively trying the Metaverse. On the one hand, it verifies that the Metaverse marketing field that enterprises are betting on is functioning, and on the other hand, it also indicates that the Metaverse has a very broad realization space. Moreover, enterprises also have sufficient financial capacity, abundant scientific research strength, and long-term strategic vision, which are all indispensable basic elements for the development of the Metaverse.

Although the dream of living in a virtual world is still far away, it is undeniable that the Metaverse will be an excellent marketing venue, where freshness, immersion, fun, and the possibility of explosion are all there. Although enterprises and users have not yet formed a cognitive unity, it is believed that with the tireless pursuit of enterprises, Metaverse will develop further, and disputes will gradually subside with the development of technology.


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