Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

The new Douyin Zaizai on Douyin recently has been a hit in the Metaverse.

The product features of Douyin Zaizai include that users can create their own avatars by pinching their faces and changing clothes, and they can also choose different “moods” and save them as dynamic avatars, and even invite friends to take pictures together; Friends who generate avatars chat, and can interact with friends in the provided scenes, such as playing games, camping together and other scenes.

But the author made a special trip to experience it and found that it is actually a combination of ordinary QQ show 3D face pinching + WeChat status.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Douyin Zai Zai – another face pinching game under the banner of Metaverse

Compared to the Yuan -universe products of other large manufacturers, there is no technical breakthrough, and the whole product feels has no sincerity.

In fact, after Facebook changed its name to meta last year and swore to be officially all in the Metaverse , in addition to various research reports from securities companies, various related concept stocks have risen one after another, and the so-called Metaverse/Digital Human products of various big manufacturers , the whole does not have any breakthrough innovation in form or user experience.

Since the concept of the Metaverse was born, game companies have come to the stage one after another, whether it is the first roblox in the Metaverse or the 3D ancient style mobile game “Reverse Water Cold” first launched by NetEase in China, the main feature is the black technology AI. The algorithm performs 3D face reconstruction and the game character pinches the face;

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Against the Water Cold – NetEase’s first ancient game avatar generated based on 3D user images

Then go to the Avatar system account avatars of major mobile phone manufacturers to pinch faces, such as iPhone’s memoji, Xiaomi’s mimoji, and OPPO’s omoji;

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Xmoji – the Shura field where mobile phone manufacturers pinch their faces

From the originator of the Metaverse, Tencent QQ Show, which is said to have borrowed from South Korea’s sayclub; to today’s social software with the concept of the Metaverse (from November 2021 to January 2022, there are more than 70 social media with the concept of the Metaverse), imvu, gel, bud, etc.; although the names are different, the core is basically the same, that is, use this avatar to socialize in the “virtual world/ digital twin /Metaverse” after pinching your face.

Even though patents, papers, and black technology have blessed countless meta companies, there are currently only faces and upper bodies in Metaverse products. Except for pinching faces, everyone has no legs. In particular, I want to ask Xiao Zha, when are you going to give us a leg?

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Meta’s Horizon -the world’s largest Metaverse commercial product, but the characters created only have no legs

Why do you have to follow the trend and pinch your face? Is the face project so important?

Why can’t all kinds of big and small factories get rid of the curse that they have to start pinching their faces as long as they are in the Metaverse, is it because they really only make enough gimmicks? Or is it because from the perspective of technological development, we can only give priority to face making?

1. Philosophical interpretation of “Who am I?”

From a philosophical point of view, allowing users to pinch their faces is actually to confirm their ID, which is a process of identifying their self-identity in the Metaverse world.

For example, when we just started playing a game, we have to give ourselves a name, choose a character for ourselves, and after confirming our identity, we will develop the story line in our game according to this identity and character.

2. Why is self-knowledge so important?

Why is pinching your face so important?

In fact, the biggest difference between humans and animals lies in their self-awareness.

The three core questions of philosophers, the first question is “Who am I?”, ranked before “Where do I come from” and “Where am I going”, we can see the importance and priority of self-knowledge.

3. How to know oneself?

How to define self in digital space?

The self itself is very abstract and intangible.

A scholar once said that the self must hit something and bounce back to recognize it, otherwise it will be difficult for us to see clearly.

For example, in a mirror, in fact, people can recognize their appearance by seeing the light and find their reflection in the mirror, and have a superficial understanding of their appearance. We know whether we have a long face or a round face, a high nose bridge or a short nose bridge, a single eyelid or a double eyelid.

But in fact, many animals do not know that it is themselves when they see the mirror. For example, the silly dog ​​in the short video will be startled when they see the mirror, thinking it is another dog.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

The well-known mirror experiment – used to judge the “self-perception ability” of living things

But in addition to self-appearance cognition, people’s growth process is also a process of gradual inner cognition. You see how you react by encountering some difficulties, meeting different people, dealing with them, trying different things.

Only then did I know what character is introverted or extroverted, what style is conservative or active, what I particularly like and what I hate. These are all things that need to be defined for your “digital avatar” when you enter the “Metaverse” world. thing.

4. Show your heart through your appearance

Therefore, from the point of view of product design, although we cannot simply describe the character’s character or inner activity through external elements, we can increase the richness of face pinching as much as possible. For example, whether the hair is blue-green or normal black, whether it is long, wavy, bob or moxie, whether the character should have a nose ring, lip ring, tongue piercing or some sashimi, whether to wear a hat or not accessories and more.

This can explain why every year Tim Cook and they are constantly updating a lot of accessories, details to various skin tones, various freckles, with or without headphones, etc. Now even the simplest 2Demoji has to distinguish 6 kinds of skin tones This kind of detail – these are all helping the user define a unique self and gain a better identity in the digital world.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

After Apple emoji supports same-sex couples and DINK family emoticons, 6 skin tones are supported

It’s going to be bad to pinch your face, and then what?

Although pinching your face is very important, you can’t stand pinching it every day and every family. Now any product that focuses on the Metaverse is pinching your face as soon as it comes up. Users and the capital market are already tired of these “playing games”.

It has been 20 years since the concept of the Metaverse was proposed in the science fiction novel “Avalanche”, and it has been nearly two years since the capital market has been involved in various ways; the investment before and after including the estimated market size of 800 billion US dollars, everyone’s expectations are full, and they are still pinching their faces for a long time. , I especially want to raise the question of consumers and capitalists asking “That’s it?”

Is this a distortion of human nature, or a moral decline?

I want to analyze why the Metaverse has not made breakthrough progress from the perspective of entering science, or the existing consumer -level technology cannot support the large -scale landing application of the relevant technologies of the Metaverse.

1. The technology development of face is the most mature, and other technologies have not kept up

Looking at the computer vision (CV) and computer graphics (CG) related technologies most related to the Metaverse, the first development is face technology, such as face recognition, human Face key points, live faces, etc.

Every day we are used by men, women, and children for various mobile phones to unlock, pay, access, access, travel, security, including the person’s certificate comparison of the nucleic acid detection of our migrant workers. The technical maturity is far ahead of the technical maturity of the human body.

So, can everyone begin to understand why Xiao Zha has not given everyone a leg-it’s not disturbing, but it is really difficult.

In the short term, the technical accumulation of each company cannot achieve a fully immersive digital twin world like the movie “Ready Player One”. The gaps here include the dynamic and high-precision reconstruction capabilities of the human body based on real-time, the driving algorithm of the human body and hardware products. related upstream components, high refresh rate and high resolution display capabilities, high bandwidth and low latency networks, fusion computing capabilities of various sensors, etc.

2. Every technology needs a development cycle

Coincidentally, meta released the first Metaverse technology white paper. On the one hand, I want to officially give you popular science, and at the same time, I hope that the market and users can give more patience and confidence to the technology development.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Technology Development Hype Cycle

You can see the hype curve of technological development, which verifies what Marx said in Capital many years ago, that the development of everything is “wave-like progress and spiral upward”.

Other technologies have not developed as fast as face pinching related technologies, but they require continuous investment of capital and continuous research and development. Everyone needs to maintain a calm and optimistic attitude in the process.

Although people can’t see any subversive innovations in the period when the technology is the most popular now, or it is difficult to have a particularly big technological breakthrough within a year, people are often too optimistic about what will happen in one year, and they are too optimistic about what will happen in 10 years. What will happen after the year is too conservative.

3. How about the development of other technologies besides the human face?

For example, we can fully realize the real-time dynamic reconstruction of the human body in the laboratory environment. In addition, thanks to the rapid development of large-scale 3D games that rely on mobile phones in recent years, people have continued to optimize rendering engines and tools on mobile phones and PCs. At present, some professionals can make realistic environments and large and small objects very realistic. reconstruction.

Of course, we still need to further improve the interaction between people and objects, and simulate the motion characteristics of the objective physical world. The future goal is to allow users to pinch everything in the digital world just like pinching their faces. These 3D virtual worlds There is also zero threshold for creation, and everyone can participate.

In addition, there are implicit ones: what do we want to do in the Metaverse, and what specific scenario drives must be realized in the Metaverse.

In addition, in addition to the explicit world that needs to be reproduced, the implicit rules and relevant laws and regulations also need to be further clarified.

For example, NFT (transaction method), web3.0 (decentralization of distribution mechanism), etc., whether the Metaverse world should also be consistent with the laws in the real world, such as the laws of gravity, inertia, thermodynamics and so on.

4. “Graduation” came to the Metaverse “re -employment”: just come from the “head” again

The Metaverse is on fire, and many new professions have been created.

In addition to the meta company of allin Metaverse, there are more than 100 Metaverse-related positions listed on the recruitment website, and the salary ranges from 400,000 to 500,000 for fresh students, to 400 to 500,000 for the outstanding, or even not capped.

The category of “reemployment” created by the Metaverse includes core technical positions: such as 3D modelers, scene builders, unity, 3dMAX, technical artists and other professionals. In addition, ordinary people can also look for opportunities in the Metaverse.

Now a concept called metajob has become popular. This concept is divided into two levels. The first level is that people can use the virtual scene of the Metaverse, choose the virtual image in the recruitment market in the Metaverse, chat with corporate recruiters casually and submit resumes .

For example, Yangpu District, Shanghai held a Metaverse job fair not long ago. The form was very “two-dimensional” and “scientific and technological” and was deeply loved by young people. No longer have to worry about “social fear” and “otaku” who dare not take the initiative to find a job .

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Metaverse Job Fair vs Offline Job Fair

The second level is called work in the Metaverse. At present, a Japanese company has formed a platform to provide an opportunity for the Metaverse. Now many young people refuse to find a stable job. Fresh thing.

For example, Noriko, who lives in the United Kingdom, can act as a DM in the script killing hall in Tokyo in the morning (in Japan, it is called GM, and DM only needs an avatar, which is mainly driven by voice and plot. The image that conforms to the game can better allow players to enter the play) , in the afternoon at the Metaverse Job Fair as a venue guide, and in the evening as a shopping guide for the Metaverse Isetan Department Store.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

metajob Metaverse part-time site

Imagine such a scenario. In the future, people can save a lot of commuting time on the road. One person can do 4-5 jobs at the same time. Part-time jobs all over the world, the next generation of slash youth will be redefined in the Metaverse. Dachang graduates no longer have to worry about finding a job. They can create an avatar and set off at any time.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

The script in the Metaverse kills the host

Finally, to summarize

In order to better complete this work, I recently watched “Ready Player One” carefully and seriously – different from the first few times I watched it, I focused on the special effects and storylines inside.

This time, the main focus is on some deeper meanings. For example, the player’s task in the movie is to find 3 keys in the Metaverse (OASIS), and finally get the pass code and huge easter eggs, which are used to solve real life problems. The world in the game is monopolized by a big company, solving the unfair problems in the real and game world, and at the bottom is a story of equality.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Although there are some elements of artistic processing in the movie, or many settings are too ideal, but like the core theme of the movie, the purpose of the protagonist of the movie is to eliminate these inequalities, so that people can enjoy the virtual world while cherishing the real world more of people.

Similarly, when we people create a Metaverse, it must have practical significance and value; if we play King’s Glory, we can solve social problems well, enhance the friendship between everyone, and at the same time enhance the cohesion of the team, Let the team understand how to collaborate and divide labor and apply strategies at different times.

What problem does the Metaverse solve?

For example, because of the epidemic, we can’t overcome physical distance now. People, especially multinational companies, can’t travel at will, communicate face-to-face, work together and collaborate as before the epidemic, and virtual teams in various places need to be better cohesive. For example, because of the epidemic, there is no way to go out to play and understand some of the current customs in foreign countries – this is a good entry point for the Metaverse.

Entering the Metaverse starts with pinching your face

Asian girl group blackpink just completed their “Ready For Love” Metaverse concert debut, watched by more than 30 million people

In the future, people want to solve the long -distance physical obstacles, listen to the same concert at the same time with the same space, participate in the same event, and open the same meeting. The various problems encountered in these scenes are our technical, technical, and we technically, which Experience needs to be solved one by one.

But in general, as is the case in the movie, the Metaverse is more of a complement, not a substitute. No matter how technology develops and iterates, people still need real life, they need to cherish the people and things in front of them, and live in the moment.

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