Entering the Metaverse in advance, is “immersive live broadcast” still old wine in a new bottle?

The live broadcast industry has begun to “roll” special effects again

Entering the Metaverse in advance, is "immersive live broadcast" still old wine in a new bottle?

“When the number of people reaches 3w, they take off their sunglasses.”

“The number of people to 8w keep smiling.”

“The number of people does not speak until 10w.”


In March of this year, the “immersive live broadcast” created by Olympic champion Sun Yang caused a lot of controversy.Many netizens complained that it was just a “silent live broadcast” or even a “kidnapping live broadcast”, and the comments were full of doubts.

At the same time, some people in the field of live broadcast directly said that although this live broadcast method has earned enough attention, it completely destroyed the emerging concept and presentation form of “immersive live broadcast”, which will undoubtedly make the “immersive live broadcast” mode. suffered from external misunderstandings.

In fact, the real “immersive live broadcast” in the minds of industry professionals refers to creating an immersive atmosphere for users through sound, pictures and even scenes. As for immersive scenes, they can be real, such as scenic spots and live broadcasts of production areas; or virtual, such as AR and MR live broadcasts.

Especially after the concept of “Metaverse” became popular, the “immersive live broadcast” gameplay of different creative modes has been continuously innovated and widely used in the field of e-commerce live broadcast. It can be said that in today’s highly homogenized form of e-commerce live broadcast, the competition for live broadcast creativity has become more intense.

In fact, behind the exploration of “immersive live broadcast” in the live broadcast circle, it highlights the bottleneck of industry development. In order to get rid of homogenization, insiders started to “roll” at the technical level after pondering the script, lines, and bridges, and whether the e-commerce live broadcast industry with various “special effects” will be further supported by technology. roll” down?

“Immersive live broadcast” attracts attention?

“If there is no change in the live broadcast format, it will definitely lag behind other peers.”

He Li, the operation director of an MCN in Tianhe, Guangzhou, said frankly that the current live broadcast format has been seriously homogenized. She told the understanding of the notes. A while ago, I saw some colleagues playing “immersive live broadcast” one after another, and the company’s executives couldn’t sit still. .

“Now the company requires the operation team to evaluate from several dimensions such as budget and execution difficulty, and make an immersive live broadcast plan as soon as possible, and must launch a new live broadcast model to attract enterprises to cooperate.” He Li said that the current mainstream “immersive live broadcast” in the industry There are three modes, but no matter what mode or solution, there is only one purpose – to create an immersive shopping experience for users and consumers with a sense of substitution, sensory quantification, through scene images.

Among them, the easiest way is to go to the product-related on-site scene and use the real scene to broadcast live. “For example, doing live broadcasts at the origin of goods, production workshops, or even trade shows.” He Li said that in the past year or so, it has become very common to move live broadcast rooms into shopping mall counters, factory workshops and exhibitions, and it has also allowed consumers to live. I found the feeling of “cloud shopping”.

However, although a similar live broadcast mode can create a real sense of substitution for users, the production cost is low, and the implementation is relatively simple, but the creative barriers are not high. “It feels like visiting a store, so the company’s executives prefer the other two, creating a digital immersive live broadcast model with a higher threshold.”

He Li introduced that the relatively high threshold of “immersive live broadcast” requires the construction of scenes.Among them, the background of the live “immersive live broadcast” is almost always built in a large and professional studio according to the theme of the live broadcast content.

A similar plan can be traced back to the live broadcast of the “concert” presented at the Tmall super conference “Sleepless Night” in 2020. At present, the most widely used is the live broadcast of regional special products, which is to build a physical live broadcast background according to the characteristic elements of the product origin.

“As for a more technological solution, it should be a virtual background, or even an XR live broadcast.” He Li told the understanding note that the background of many live broadcast rooms can be changed in real time according to the content and products introduced by the anchor, creating Tech atmosphere.

The way to realize this immersive live broadcast mode is to use the digital method of computer green screen keying to change the live broadcast background in real time . The methods, etc., look really tall.”

However, whether it is physical setting or green screen keying, or creating a virtual live broadcast background, it is a technology for TV news and variety shows to “play the rest”. He Li did not deny this, but at the same time, she also emphasized that compared with the more rigid model of the live broadcast room in the past, the current form of innovation has attracted enough attention and can open the eyes of the cooperative enterprises.

With the increasing popularity of “immersive live broadcast” with a stronger sense of technology, in order to pursue better eye-catching effects, major MCNs have been restless in terms of creativity, technical level and presentation effects. Insiders laughed and said that this is going to be a special effect with a Hollywood blockbuster!

There is one thing worth noting about this sentence: fighting special effects costs money.

“Immersive live broadcast” is too expensive

“Doing this kind of immersive live broadcast is really not something that small and medium-sized teams can play.”

Talking about this topic, Gu Ying let out a long sigh. As the vice president of a live broadcast studio in Hangzhou, she knows that the company lacks the ability to try “immersive live broadcast”. Even if some familiar colleagues are “trying early adopters”, Gu Ying does not dare to act rashly, especially the money-burning game of virtual digital live broadcast room.

She told the understanding of the notes that as early as two years ago, the studio cooperated with a large complex in Hangzhou, and set up a large live broadcast room in the beauty counter of the mall, which was a test of “immersive live broadcast”. In her eyes, similar lower-cost ideas and presentations are acceptable.

“But over the past year, in order to attract customers, some peers have become more and more creative and presentational.” Gu Ying emphasized that many MCNs in Hangzhou are trying live broadcasts with virtual background special effects, claiming that they are full of technology. .

In the past, there were also some ready-made “immersive live broadcast” solutions in the live broadcast circle. For example, MCN and the live broadcast team purchased a set of green screens for special effects, and the relevant investment was not very high . It’s only a few hundred yuan, thousands of yuan.”

With this simple green screen, streamers can live stream with the most basic replaceable virtual backgrounds. However, with the increasing number of institutions doing virtual background live broadcasts, some MCNs have begun to launch live broadcasts that integrate AR, MR and other XR technologies, and the cost has also risen.

“This method completely moves the production of the TV station’s program into the live broadcast room. The effect is bursting, but it is too expensive.”

E-commerce live broadcasts that incorporate XR technology usually need to be completed in a professional studio.Although the studio rent is about a few hundred yuan per hour, I feel that the hardware cost is not too high, but Gu Ying revealed that the real “burning money” is the virtual scene and 3D animation production of XR live broadcast. the higher the cost.

“The design cost of a 2D virtual background image usually ranges from 300 to 600 yuan. Each recommended product corresponds to a picture. In fact, it is already a lot of overhead, but the most terrible thing is the iteration of form creativity. and 3D production.”

Gu Ying told the understanding of the notes: a large number of colleagues are doing static virtual background live broadcasts. In order to improve competitiveness, institutions can only consider 3D animation backgrounds, and the production cost is at least 300 yuan / second, and press a loop animation background for 8 seconds. To calculate, the cost is more than 2400 yuan.

Entering the Metaverse in advance, is "immersive live broadcast" still old wine in a new bottle?

“If everyone makes 3D animation virtual backgrounds in the future, can we only show them in AR?” Gu Ying said helplessly. If 3D animation is used, the production cost of scenes and materials will be based on 2D. , and then turned it over several times, “If you keep rolling like this, there must be some MCNs who can’t play and leave the game.”

In fact, to create a high-end special effects live broadcast mode, MCN also needs to set up a professional special effects technical team, and the salary cost should not be underestimated. As for the XR virtual background live broadcast with better effect, the investment will range from hundreds of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of yuan.

“In this way, large institutions that do e-commerce shopping festivals can still try, but small and medium-sized institutions really don’t want to touch them.” As for the green screen assistants that sell hundreds of yuan online and integrate a large number of virtual backgrounds, she said Completely sneered, “Those backgrounds are all fake, the effect is too bad, let alone immersive live broadcast.”

All want to solve the homogenization dilemma of live broadcast

It is not difficult to see that the “immersive live broadcast” full of technology is actually quite expensive. After a live broadcast, the input and output are not even proportional. However, what is puzzling is why the e-commerce live broadcast industry has to think about such special effects and technical presentations, and what is the meaning of the “roll” in this live broadcast form?

“The reason why we started to fight special effects is because all agencies have ‘run out’.”

“Xuanxuan”, an e-commerce anchor who has just signed a contract with a live broadcast team in Nanshan, Shenzhen, said that since the beginning of March this year, several other anchors she signed with the agency have begun to try “immersive live broadcast” – using AR technology to three-dimensionally present the products on the shelves. form.

In her opinion, the term “organizations are exhausted” can be said to be the best interpretation of the current development status of e-commerce live broadcasting. There are only a few top e-commerce anchors in the industry. As for the anchors in the middle and lower levels of the pyramid, the talents, characters and gameplay that can be superimposed are almost exhausted. MCN has also tried all kinds of gimmicks, but everyone still feels that they cannot stand out. .

Like the early show live broadcasts, today’s e-commerce live broadcasts are highly homogenized. When a product is in hand, all live broadcasts are quick to talk about selling points, put prices, and formulate words. “From a model perspective, it is no longer possible. What’s new.”

In addition, Xuanxuan also revealed that in just a few short years of the rapid development of e-commerce live broadcasts, the industry has experienced frequent chaos, such as traffic fraud, fraudulent returns, etc., and many cooperative enterprises have also learned the “high-level” of the anchors. Low energy”, and the routine of the live broadcast agency behind it.

Enterprises have gradually lost their sense of trust in the e-commerce live broadcast industry, especially MCN institutions. Many companies have begun to build their own live broadcast teams, abandoning the “pit-type” cooperative live broadcast. “MCN wants to rebuild trust and get the cooperation of enterprises. , you have to do a big job.”

As a result, many small and medium-sized MCNs and live broadcast agencies began to take the lead in trying technological innovations in the form of live broadcasts. “Immersive live broadcast” is a product born under this background. Through the combination of special effects and traditional sales models, a “1+1>2” effect is achieved.

Xuanxuan said that when more and more live broadcast teams and MCNs begin to use “special effects”, the competition for form and creativity will become more intense. The creative form is constantly updated, and a large number of special effects technologies are stacked, just to make the user’s eyes shine and stay for a few more seconds .

Under the same budget, whoever has the best live broadcast effect and the most eye-catching form and creativity is likely to win the favor of enterprises.

According to the iiMedia Research Consulting report, the number of MCN institutions in China will exceed 30,000 in 2021, and it is expected that by 2023, the number will exceed 47,000. Online live broadcasting began to be driven by new technologies and innovated the live broadcasting mode.

The China Business Industry Research Institute predicts that in 2022, the number of domestic online live broadcast users will reach 660 million, and the market size will reach 1,507.3 billion yuan. However, regardless of the user scale or the market size, the growth rate has slowed down compared with the previous two years, and the industry development has reached the ceiling.

Therefore, the brutal traffic competition superimposed on the rapid development of innovative technologies has begun to force the e-commerce live broadcast industry to develop from the traditional sales model to the “immersive live broadcast”, from relying on the anchor personnel to relying on innovative technology and special effects. The trend of playing special effects has intensified.

【Concluding remarks】

The “immersive” e-commerce live broadcast that incorporates AR and MR technologies can indeed bring users a better visual experience to a certain extent. However, the way in which the organization exerts its efforts to compete for “special effects” can only be said to be a kind of “drinking poison to quench thirst”.

Because of this technical “roll”, although the problem of the same e-commerce live broadcast has been solved to a certain extent, it has brought MCN and the live broadcast team to the competitive mode of “old wine in a new bottle”, which has led to more money burning. , more intense traffic competition.

Live broadcast agencies are so keen on formal innovation, it seems that it is still difficult to promote the healthy development of the entire industry.

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