ENS airdrop will be available at 8 am on November 9th

November 8 Ethernet Square Domain Name System ENS ( Ethereum the Name Service) official issued a document that, ENS EDT November 8, at 7 pm (Beijing time at 8:00 on November 9) open governance ENS airdrop tokens, users can Claim in claim.ens.domains.


The address ens-airdrop.vercel.app can check how many ENS airdrops you can get.

According to official information, ENS is a distributed, open and extensible naming system based on the Ethereum blockchain. In layman’s terms, ENS is the domain name system in the blockchain. If the wallet integrates the ENS domain name service, people no longer need to copy or enter a lengthy blockchain address, and can directly use the human-readable ENS domain name for transactions and transfers.

On November 2nd, ENS announced the creation of a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) and governance token ENS. It is preparing to transfer the governance power of ENS to the community (ENS DAO). The governance scope includes control of the treasury, control of future funds, and. ETH domain name registration contract (responsible for domain name registration mechanism and pricing) control.

At the same time, ENS also announced the airdrop rules and token distribution plan. ENS will open the ENS airdrop claim for governance tokens on November 8, and users must claim the tokens before May 4, 2022, otherwise they will be transferred to the DAO vault; regarding the token distribution plan, the total amount of ENS is 100 million. 25% of the total supply will be airdropped to users, more than 137,000 eligible addresses, 25% will be given to ENS contributors (over 100 individuals and teams, and hundreds of Discord users), and the other 50% will be given to DAO Community Treasury.

The airdrop will be allocated to the registered address of the .eth second-level domain name that has been registered or is currently valid. The weight of the airdrop is mainly calculated based on the account rather than the domain name. The formula is 0.27 times the number of days to hold at least 1 ENS domain name, plus 0.067 times The number of days until the domain name expires. If the account is additionally set to reverse resolution, the above result will be multiplied by 2.

According to Dune Analytics data, as of now, 403,873 ENS domain names have been created, held by 152,000 unique addresses. This includes approximately 280,000 domain names and 121,000 subdomains, as well as 2,427 non-.eth domain names. In all domain names, about 109,000 domain names have been set up for reverse resolution. There are 8 addresses holding more than 500 domain names, and the address with the largest number of domain names has 1065 domain names.

Can an address get an ENS airdrop on average? According to the calculation of the block rhythm, without considering the factors of future renewal, only the registration time is calculated, and an address can receive up to 789 ENS on average. Regardless of the time of registration, only the future renewal period is calculated. On average, an address can receive a maximum of 389 ENS after the 8-year limit is renewed. Meeting various conditions, an address can receive up to 1179 ENS on average.

Golden Finance reporters check the number of ENS airdrops on ens-airdrop.vercel.app. ENS registered a year ago, expired, not renewed, and not set up for reverse analysis, can receive about 98 ENS airdrops.


Although the ENS core team stated that it will not provide liquidity for tokens and actively contact exchanges for listing, but as the domain name service of Ethereum’s root Zhengmiaohong, it is expected that many exchanges will actively list ENS transactions, at least Coinbase will definitely superior.

Because, according to ENS DAO rules, users can apply to become ENS governance representatives. Soon after the release of the ENS DAO rules, Coinbase has applied to become the governance representative of ENS DAO. Regarding the specific clauses in the ENS Constitution 644, Coinbase agreed that name ownership is an absolute right, that the registration fee exists as an incentive mechanism, that the ENS income fund is used for other public goods, and that ENS is integrated with a global naming system. At the same time, Coinbase Said that its world-class identification team focuses on defining and building leading identification standards, which can help the development of ENS and the encryption ecosystem to benefit the broader encryption ecosystem.

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