Empowering the cultural and art industry with hundreds of millions of digital art put on the Alibaba auction


The official store of hundreds of millions of media puts on the Alibaba auction

In recent years, the global digital cultural industry is showing a trend of IP and clustering. As young people around the world become more and more enthusiastic about digital multimedia art, and blockchain technology has solved the scarcity of digital assets, a world completely parallel to the traditional art collection market has emerged, and the digital art industry is gestating a huge Blue ocean market. In terms of market development, as a well-known cultural IP service company in China, Billion Media has been at the forefront of the industry in model exploration and market cooperation. The in-depth cooperation between Shangyi Media and Zhiruyun, the hundreds of millions of digital art auction stores jointly created by Alibaba, has officially launched Ali auctions, allowing traditional IP assets to obtain new digital revenues and providing a new platform for more contracted artists under the group to expand their careers. . In the field of digital art industry exploration, Billion Media is working with more partners to start a new era of industry.


How to follow hundreds of millions of digital art shops

Founded in 2011, Shangyi Media has always adhered to the concept of “content is king, quality is the most important”. In addition to the remarkable results in the film and television business, in recent years, the billion media has begun to vigorously expand the digital art industry based on blockchain technology. In terms of comprehensive digital art services, Billion Media gives full play to the high interactivity and high applicability of digital art, allowing digital art to be applied to the cultural industry, empowering the cultural industry, and ensuring that every digital art work has extremely high artistic value And social value, affirmed and supported by more and more artists and cooperating units. Especially this year, Shangyi Media and Shanghai Pudong Science Fiction Association jointly issued digital science fiction cards. This batch of cards combines science fiction and blockchain technology. Zhao Enzhe and 16 famous science fiction writers autographed the cards, including Liu Xingshi, Liu Cixin, Wang Jinkang, Han Song, He Xi, Hao Jingfang, Chen Chufan, Jiang Bo, Baoshu , Zhang Ran, Qian Lifang, A Que, Cheng Jingbo, Gu Shi, Xia Jia and Xiao Xinghan, the cards are also inscribed with the golden sentences of these science fiction writers, respectively taken from their masterpieces, and cleverly embedded in the card composition. The unique art card has been well received after the release of the AntChain fan chip, and it has further strengthened the confidence in building a cooperation platform for the digital art industry.


On behalf of the artist signed by hundreds of millions of media

With the listing of hundreds of millions of digital art auction stores on Alibaba, the media will also join hands with more artists and third-party cooperative agency resources to make contemporary artists known to the public, and open up online and offline closed loops with new retail, which is the best way for digital art works. Collection and circulation create more opportunities. Among them, the artist cooperates with hundreds of millions of media to make traditional artworks into different forms such as digital artworks based on blockchain technology, digital cards, digital blind boxes (3D), etc., which can be logged in It is auctioned on platforms such as Alibaba Auctions, and publicized in many domestic and foreign media at the same time. At the same time, Shangyi Media also provides NFT virtual product services for many partners. It also includes the NFT meta-universe game and NFT derivative licensing business based on the original IP and the cooperation with Shangyi Media, which can all be operated by Shangyi Media.


Some examples of transactions on billions of media

As a result of its long history in the industry, Billion Media already has the most successful offline auction of encrypted art in the country, complete art publicity channels at home and abroad, and channel resources of major digital NFT auction platforms around the world. It continues to be in the digital art industry. It bears fruit and won the support and cooperation of artists in different fields. At present, the artists signed by hundreds of millions of media include Luo Jingjing, a contemporary artist and founder of the Bufantu art brand IP; Zhou Huihui, a well-known independent tattoo artist; Jiang Yunzhong, a member of the Chinese Artists Association and President of the Shanghai Branch of the International Watercolor Union; selected as one of the “Top Ten Oil Paintings in China in 2020” “Artist” Guan Weijun, member of the Royal Artists Association of Belgium; Huang Mucun, member of the Taipei Golden Horse Awards; Wu Danhong, member of the Shanghai New Art Association; Qiu Jianfang, director of the Zhejiang Provincial Museum of Art, Director of the Xu Zhengguo Museum in Zhoushan; Chinese Academy of Ethnic Painting and Calligraphy/National Brand Wu Feng, Shanghai Deputy Secretary-General of the Cultural Committee; Zhang Fajun, member of the Fine Arts Committee of the Beijing-Hawaiian Writers and Artists Entrepreneurs Association; Cao Gang, vice chairman of the Zhejiang Branch of the Chinese Calligraphy and Painting Research Association; Shi Jinhong, director of the Art Creation Research Association of the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University; Meng Qingnan, the founder of the artistic aesthetics brand “Courageous Time”; Liu Rong, a member of the Chinese Artists Association; Thangka Art Inheritance Painter Jiayang Zhaxi, etc., covering the three generations of outstanding representatives in different art fields and new stars in the industry.

According to industry authority assessments, the global digital art market has reached 64.1 billion U.S. dollars, and the potential demand of the fast-growing Chinese market is as high as 600 billion U.S. dollars. As the entire market still has a lot of room for development, and the types of assets will be more abundant in the future, more new forms and industries such as artworks, cards, NFT games, etc. will continue to grow, which brings new ideas to the majority of artists and institutions. opportunity. On the basis of the continuous release of digital works by contracted artists, Boom Media also looks forward to reaching in-depth cooperation with more artists and institutions, so that more digital art attribute products can find the possibility of realizing, and then disseminate new art presentation and collection concepts. Cultivate IP with typical value, help incubate more digital art authors and works, and create a new platform for communication and transmission of digital art culture.

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