Emeralds worth $112.5 million to be auctioned at NFT

A $112.5 million, 250-pound emerald will be the subject of an NFT auction at an auction on June 2, where collectors can trade Ether tokens to represent their partial ownership.

Emeralds worth 2.5 million to be auctioned at NFT

June 2 (Bloomberg) — The cryptocurrency market as a whole is down slightly today. As of writing, BTC is at $36,233.87, down 1.24% intraday, ETH is at $2578.039, down 2.13% intraday, LTC is at $179.851, down 1.69% intraday; OKB is at $13.250, down 0.90% intraday; DeFi section is down in general, the top three intraday gainers on the OEI OKEx platform are. ZRX (+10.14%), MEME (+5.94%), and PERP (+4.40%).

OKEx trading big data shows that the total position of BTC contract today is 1.373 billion USD, the number of long and short positions is 1.47, the active selling volume exceeds the active buying volume by about 46.18 million USD; in terms of elite positions, long accounts are 44%, short accounts are 49%, and the average elite long and short positions are 21.02% and 13.24% respectively.

OKEx News

[Announcement on the completion of the THETA main network upgrade open to charging and withdrawals]

OKEx official news, OKEx has completed the THETA main network upgrade, OKEx opened the THETA filling and withdrawal at 17:00 (HKT) on June 1, 2021.

Industry News

Data] Chia’s network-wide effective computing power of 15.39 EiB yielded 741,740 pieces of mining

According to chiaexplorer data, on June 2, 2021, Chia’s current network-wide effective arithmetic power is 15.39EiB, with a total of 21,741,740 XCHs and 741,740 mined. The current daily output is 0.0006 XCH per TiB, and it takes about 4 years and 265 days to dig out 1 XCH with 1 TiB. The current price of XCH is $774, up 7.56% during the day, according to the market.

[Industry] Capital Management Giant Guggenheim Files New Fund with SEC

Capital management giant Guggenheim on Tuesday filed a filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for a new fund called GuggenheimActiveAllocationFund. The fund’s investment objective is to maximize total return through a combination of current income and capital appreciation, the filing said. The fund will employ a tactical asset allocation strategy (dynamic allocation across asset classes) as well as a relative value-based investment strategy that uses quantitative and qualitative analysis to find securities with attractive relative value and risk/return characteristics. “The fund may seek exposure to cryptocurrencies (particularly bitcoin) through cash-settled derivatives, such as cash-settled exchange-traded futures, or through investment vehicles that provide exposure,” the document reads on page 7.

[Industry] $112.5 million worth of emeralds to be auctioned at NFT

At an auction to be held on June 2, a $112.5 million, 250-pound emerald will be the subject of an NFT auction in which collectors can trade Ether tokens to represent a portion of its ownership. Collectors will be able to purchase NFTs representing ownership of emerald-set stones with Ether (ETH) through the platforms Rarible and OpenSea.

[Data] Data: DEX Trading Volume Doubles in May from a Record

According to data aggregated by TheBlock, decentralized exchange trading volume hit an all-time high in May, reaching $319.1 billion, up 97.85% sequentially. Among them, PancakeSwap accounted for 49% of the total volume, amounting to $156.48 billion; Uniswap accounted for 26% of the total volume, amounting to $83.14 billion, with V3 accounting for 7.5% of the May volume, amounting to $24.03 billion; SushiSwap accounted for 8.1%, amounting to $25.93 billion; and 0x accounted for 5%, amounting to $16.18 billion. In addition, decentralized exchange trading volume to centralized exchange trading volume ratio is also on an upward trend, accounting for 15.08% in May.

【Opinion】Yao Qian: The main purpose of the central bank’s digital currency development is to improve the status of legal tender

Yao Qian, director of the Technology Supervision Bureau of the China Securities Regulatory Commission, said at the recent International Finance Forum (IFF) 2021 Spring Conference that the birth of the digital yuan was the result of the need for central banks to take the initiative to innovate the issuance and circulation of legal tender against the backdrop of a digital wave and explore central bank digital currencies to optimize the legal tender payment function, mitigate the impact of private digital payment instruments and improve the status of legal tender and effectiveness of monetary policy. In the long run, the emergence of digital currency or digital payment instruments certainly has the potential to change the existing pattern, but that is the result of the natural evolution of the digitalization process and market selection. Yao stressed that in the digital world, the authenticity of digital identity, privacy and security issues may involve larger social governance propositions that require in-depth research. Yao Qian further pointed out that the research and development of the central bank’s digital currency is a complex systemic project, not only in the technical field, but also in the broader fields of laws and regulations, financial stability, monetary policy, financial supervision, international finance and so on. At present, the digital dollar, digital euro and digital yen seem to be ready to be launched, compared with which the competitiveness of the digital yuan needs further consideration.

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