“Electronic License Blockchain” Application Case Released

On October 8, the “China Blockchain Development Strategy Research” project of the Chinese Academy of Engineering released the “Electronic Certificate Blockchain” application case in the “Discover 100 Innovative Applications of China’s Blockchain” column.

In order to further strengthen the integration of government information resources and promote mutual recognition and sharing, China Unicom Digital Technology and Hebei Provincial Government Service Office applied the Unicom Chain, based on the existing province-wide electronic certificate library and the province’s integrated government service platform, and explored the use of blockchain to build a multi-party The collaborative sharing model solves the problems of cross-regional and cross-departmental credible sharing of government affairs data and flexible authorization management of electronic certificates.

Relying on the characteristics of blockchain technology, such as decentralized synchronous accounting, identity authentication, and non-tampering of data, it is connected to various government functional departments on a chain to form an electronic certificate blockchain network, creating a “three on two inspections and one Open system and trust environment of “check” electronic license. On the one hand, it will gradually realize the on-chain management of key information such as the province’s electronic license catalog, license information, and license storage, and provide the province’s license database, provincial big data center license information database and related business systems based on the electronic license chain. On-chain authorized access control, application process storage, license verification services, and traceability of license use behavior. On the other hand, the pilot project explores the docking of the electronic certificate chain between the three counties around Beijing and Beijing, and explores cross-chain sharing and mutual recognition, laying the foundation for the comprehensive realization of the Beijing-Hebei electronic certificate sharing and mutual recognition.

So far, the platform has covered more than 700 electronic certificates and licenses from 50 administrative departments including Hebei Provincial Department of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, Provincial Public Security Department, Provincial Health Commission, and Provincial Department of Human Resources and Social Security. The “Jushi Office” App is opened, and I don’t need to bring my physical certificate, “one-click to show the certificate” to handle the business. By promoting information sharing between government functions and promoting the interconnection of government services between departments, collaboration and linkage are achieved, breaking information islands, and while improving the efficiency and security of business collaboration, it truly realizes the “multiple data running” government services Reform goals.

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