Education, how exactly can it be fair

This period of time you may have seen, the state heavy-handed rectification of out-of-school training. Many people do not understand this matter, in fact, it is very simple, if you understand the set of this, also understand the outside training of such things actually on the fairness of the college entrance examination itself put a big question mark.

Education, how exactly can it be fair

Today’s article will not talk about the more obvious reasons, such as education capital collusion with schools, so that schools introduce students to institutions, but also to give loans to children who can not afford training courses, more mysterious is that they continue to amplify the education panic, parents give their best to send their children to training, these things the government can not tolerate.

Let’s talk about something that people don’t necessarily notice today.

We all have a feeling it, sometimes on the Internet to see a “other teacher”, the same knowledge, people speak up in depth and moving, the next students are like “chicken blood stretched neck” to listen, class with The class is like a “talk show live”.

We often say that interest is the best teacher, and the greatest advantage of such teachers is to stimulate interest, so that children sincerely like knowledge, the top teachers are working in this way.

It used to be that when you ran into such top teachers, it was often random, much less likely that all the teachers in a class were like that. You wanted special training, and there probably weren’t many teachers in your school who had it.

Now the situation has changed, some people quickly found this is a shortcut to get rich, because many parents are willing to spend a lot of money for their children, so is it possible to bring these top teachers together through big capital, and then the parents who are willing to spend money to pay for it?

Of course, there are training institutions to find the top teachers, directly out of more than one million annual salary, teachers are also people, there are also elderly children at home, a look at their ability to realize, in training institutions a year’s income tops a lifetime in school, that still entangled what? Decided to go over.

So many places there is a phenomenon, super training institutions to that area of the top teachers a net, students want to be one step ahead, you have to come up with dozens of times more expensive than the school tuition, naturally all run that place to go.

As you can see, public education in China is much more equitable than the private model in many countries, but now there is slowly a private model of “capital-based” education outside of public schools.

And the price gap is huge, there are a few thousand a year, all the way to a year of tens of millions of teachers, training institutions, the gap between the sky and the ground, some are just graduated children, parents to participate in this rookie training is purely to seek psychological comfort. Some would have been famous teachers, hired out at a high price, that is naturally effective, but the price is also very effective significant.

And we know that the college entrance examination actually evolved to now, the test content has been highly “predictable”, where the “prediction”, not betting on the question, but that you can follow a certain set, special practice, continuous refinement, or called “Orientation training”, spend a hundred hours of orientation training, equivalent to two hundred hours of blind tossing, may be more than.

Everyone should have drawn or seen a model before: comfort zone (not much difficulty), the challenge zone (a little difficulty, but also can do it), the collapse zone (completely outside the ability to see the collapse).

Another role of the teacher is to design a training plan for the student’s level, so that he is always in the challenge zone, where learning is both challenging and not simply repetitive, and the effect of an exponential curve will come out over time. This is where the top teachers and top coaches come into play.

This gap is also present in public schools, but it is not large. If it’s a $300,000 a year institution compared to a normal school, it’s a difference between heaven and earth. The question is what kind of family can afford to pay such a fee? Definitely urban middle class families and wealthy people who earn over half a million dollars a year. You may think that there are not many of these people, but the problem is that there are not many places in prestigious schools either.

Having said that, you might say that those really smart kids don’t need remedial classes at all. Indeed they don’t, but what about the rest of the average ones?

In the end, a small group of geniuses and urban middle-class children will have a monopoly on prestigious schools. After all, the average middle-class child and the average county child receive a different education.

And because of the high tuition fees for extracurricular training, institutions make money, there are more resources to dig teachers, so much so that good teachers nearby are completely uprooted. Public schools have become training centers for institutions, the best educational resources step by step into the resources of the rich, no money? No money to slowly consume.

If in the United States, this is no problem, capitalist society is so organized, rich people in all aspects of the best configuration, naturally can be on the first-class aristocratic schools, the school teachers and teaching materials are different from ordinary schools. The public is responsible for herding sheep, the private is responsible for exams, and its a joy.

But in our country, this problem is more complicated, if social resources to a few people, will certainly provoke everyone’s discontent, the government can not accept this “do nothing but rule”.

Not only that, this model has further given rise to a more complex competition model, I will give you an example, in their physics training circle is very famous.

A training instructor used to be a doctor of physics, after graduating from the doctorate went to the university teaching, as we all know, university teaching is not much money, privately he gave others to do high school physics tutor, at first taught a mess, after all, his own physics is good not because he has any unique skills, but because his brain is good, brain good this and can not be taught out.

He soon began to look for information everywhere, research how to improve the ability to educate, has gone through the foreign Khan Academy, education journals, national physics textbooks, to learn from the best, after all, his advantage is that English is particularly good, the brain is also fast, soon summed up a set of high school physics routine, and how to deal with the test routine, the effect is amazing, more and more famous in the circle. Later go to a small training institution, a year of several million income, students want to take classes more than 100,000 yuan of tuition, fall in love with not on, anyway, never can be reported full.

This high incentive, more and more masters to join the industry. You say this is not quite good? Let more people have access to better exam techniques.

Actually, no, because the exam is not a scientific research, not an expansion into the unknown, the college entrance exam itself is a zero-sum game, if some people are the first to equip Gatling, it is a one-sided siege on the others. And these gatlings are mainly for the relatively wealthy people.

You see the logic, if allowed to develop, out-of-school institutions are real schools, while public schools have instead become ornamental, or rather, our country maintains two sets of educational institutions, rich on training institutions, no money on the public, which is a bit like the United States.

The other day in the shake to brush a video, the person who sent the video said they 985 University, a class of thirty people, the county of only three, the rest are medium-sized cities or more. You know, we went to college when the class is basically a small place to come, the big city is very little, the overall distribution is in accordance with the proportion of the population.

Now the level of education in the city would have been much higher, and superimposed so sick training institutions, we are taking the same test papers, but receiving a different dimension of education, the effect of what we can think of. We say all day long to leave a road to the grassroots, and slowly it will be an empty word.

And I have said before: for example, the Ming and Qing dynasties, the South in the imperial examinations than the North is much more powerful, for many reasons, such as the South by the scourge of war less, many knowledge of the family base sufficient, these knowledge of the family often collect books on tens of thousands of books, and even have a library, generations of people in the court as officials, familiar with the imperial examination set, tutoring under the family children naturally have a bonus.

More importantly, since the Song Dynasty, the southern economy began to exceed the north, the south can put more resources into the cause of training children, the south read the children both the proportion and number are far more than the north, the number of teachers is overwhelming advantage. The two provinces of Fujian and Zhejiang combined had more academies than the rest of the country, and the advantage of economic power feeds through to all levels, including education.

In other words, throughout ancient history, the imperial examinations were never really fair, and those who won were basically landowning families, or furthermore, those who could win, their fathers often won, and there were very, very few truly poor people like Fan Jin. Reference to foreign countries, is also the case, we can watch American dramas to know, the United States side of the rich family often three generations of ancestors to Harvard or something.

Our college entrance examination has always been one of the few really very fair systems in the world, running for decades, slowly began to appear a clear stratification.

Of course, this wave of governance of off-campus training institutions there are many other reasons, such as you are the parents of students, your class ran off-campus training, you can not be anxious? Naturally, they also want to go to training, which in effect raises the cost of education.

Some time ago, I also heard colleagues discussing that they did not make up a day of class, as usual, on the 985, when the child was determined not to make up the class, but watching the class went to make up the class, they supported a period of complete collapse, and finally chose to compromise, also sent the child to training. What is called inside volume, this is inside volume.

The problem is that the country is not to encourage the population, one of the reasons why people are not willing to have children now is that education expenses are too high. And here the education expenses, compulsory education can not spend a few money, remedial classes and school houses account for the bulk, and the top is not capped, remedial fees a year to spend hundreds of thousands of hundreds of thousands of people. The high cost of education discourages young people from having children.

In this sense, the state will sooner or later, the beginning of the year, I look at the U.S. side of the stock review program, analysts said the Chinese government will probably intervene, because there are many educational institutions listed in the U.S. stock well, their side is naturally very worried about this matter. This is not the way to go.

The company’s main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. It’s not a problem, or “not a problem by definition”, but in the future it may not be as casual as it is now.

In fact, even if all the training institutions are shut down, the last people still spend a lot of money to hire tutors, I said above the physics doctor, he used to do one-on-one tutoring, and only later began to engage in training courses, if their training institutions shut down, he has now no university establishment, these years have been engaged in training, can not return to the university, it is not possible to go home to sit and froze, only possible to continue to engage in this line, the state It is impossible to ban all tutors, right, but the concentration is declining, which will naturally lead to a lack of profits, and probably those teachers who left the public system before and went back.

And as you can see, freedom and fairness are sometimes impossible to balance.

If you want to benefit the majority of people, you may have to drop some of the options, so that people simply do not have to choose, and naturally to a starting line.

If in the United States, this is not a problem, you have no money who you blame? Even the United States does not have the Chinese sense of “compulsory education”, you are willing to go to public schools, the state will train you, if you do not want to go, no one cares, so the United States has two characteristics, the poorest people may not even go to school, the richest of those who may not go to school, such as the Musk, home to a private, looking for a bunch of The teachers teach their own children.

Thinking about it, I can only say that the world has always had a spontaneous trend: quality resources and wealth will spontaneously continue to focus on the top. The nature of the pursuit of equity is to counter this trend, the process will be very painful and full of twists and turns, our country happens to be very concerned about the goal of equity.

So is there a way forward?

Many people say that they want to expand university enrollment, but in fact, if you think about it, you know that it is just a matter of throwing the problem backward, before the era of few college students to recruit “college or above”, and then the expansion of recruitment, corporate recruitment to “university undergraduate”, and now has been extended to “more than 211”, and even graduate students to interview, the first question is “undergraduate which?” This is not a joke, in order to reduce the cost of the interview, the line to reduce the number of people this is normal.

But in the future to slowly change the state of technical schools and vocational schools to herd sheep, CCTV had a documentary before, a vocational school to train cooks really have a set, cooks are skilled, along with the school brand also followed hard, although not university, but after graduation than college students are in demand. There is also a technical school in animation research is very deep, the students have a solid foundation, graduates are also very good to find jobs, and there are even graduates of 50,000 to 60,000 a month.

From the current situation, the subsequent legislation may prohibit weekend and holiday tuition, and even extend the time students stay in school, so that everyone wants to make up no tuition, forcing everyone to a track to press. The parents slowly formed a consensus not to make up for it, home education expenses can slowly come down, maybe not so volume.

The state has also recently reformed the school district house, the essence of that thing and out-of-school tuition is actually the same thing, but also according to the allocation of educational resources. This time the real estate circle on the future of the school district house debate is also very fierce, I carefully look at the next, a group of people think that the state will certainly slowly abolish this thing, but another group of people think who’s children on which school, there must be a standard it, you do not use the school district house with what?

The specific development to which, in fact, no one can say.

The government is also often a step after the discovery of the problem, and then corrected, corrected after the exposure of new problems, and then solve. Just like when children complained about the pressure, no time to eat and sleep, in order to solve this problem, the state said to reduce the burden, a reduction out of an out-of-school training institutions, and now in the governance, it is not good to change back. The next problem, no one knows.

And we have found that most things are well resolved in the early stages of social development, after all, the beneficiary class is less. Development to a certain point, the pattern of interests began to set, do any operation to move part of the cake, what action will provoke part of the people’s resentment, no policy can make everyone satisfied. For example, some institutions are still advertising in the Spring Festival when the New Year’s Eve, now look to be fully abandoned by the capital.

You can see that the impact of this is very big, in addition to the issue of fairness in the eyes of different people is not the same thing at all, very often is the buttocks determine the head, you have a lot of money is certainly think that since money can buy good resources is too reasonable; if you are ordinary people, you may tend to think that education resources is a “public tool”, how can be How can they be monopolized by rich people? The key is how to choose at the social level.

It is obvious that the state wants to take care of the majority of people and try to ensure fairness, and the starting point of the current policy is to ensure the interests of the majority of people.

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