Earning 140,000 in 2 weeks and 100% monthly income, how does Metaverse make people anxious?

The Metaverse is no longer a vague concept, but a new general knowledge that you will have to know about in the next ten years.

In the past few months, I wonder if you have the same experience as me:

The circle of friends is brushing and brushing, and the word “Metaverse” pops up from time to time.

As soon as I walked into the office, I was stopped by the leader and told you to hurry up and study Metaverse and come up with a follow-up plan.

Sitting on the sofa at home and just swiping my phone for a while, I saw the hot searches on “Metaverse” again.

You even found out that some people of your age have already relied on Metaverse to make money, and you are still working for your boss in silence.


Of course, as the concept of Metaverse continues to explode, scams are also emerging in endlessly.

Not long ago, the “Beijing Youth Daily” exposed a Ponzi scheme under the banner of Metaverse and Blockchain, claiming to invest 5,000 yuan, 12% of the income in 6 days, and even the so-called “Metaverse Investment Mentor” claimed With an investment of 300,000, you can earn 140,000 in two weeks, and the monthly rate of return can reach 100%. As a result, in only 4 months, the project party shut down the network and ran away, and the investors lost their money.

What exactly is “Metaverse”?

Why did the word “Metaverse” suddenly break into your life, your work, and your circle of friends without your knowledge?

There seems to be a lot of information that can be searched on the Internet, but a closer look reveals that most of the information is similar, and even the introduction part is very similar. However, as a technical person of blockchain and cryptography, the perspective of this course of the Blockchain Inspection Institute may be a little different. Click on the link to buy and see what is the Metaverse in the eyes of technical people?

Earning 140,000 in 2 weeks and 100% monthly income, how does Metaverse make people anxious?

Take you to interpret the Metaverse

In fact, a very clear point is that no matter what the Metaverse is, to what extent it will develop in the future, he will eventually need to rely on iterative upgrades of technology to complete it , rather than relying on the imagination of a few mouths and pages of PPT.

As Stanford University professor Brian Arthur said in his book “The Essence of Technology: What is Technology and How Does It Evolve” , any disruptive innovation comes from the combined evolution of a set of technologies. , Not a single technology.

The Metaverse concept may be the existence of this subversive innovation, and it is currently in the early stages of innovation. There is no consensus on how to build together, and the development of related industries is also changing rapidly.

What kind of course is this?

The speaker, Uncle Jian, has been engaged in research on underlying technologies such as blockchain and cryptography for many years. He has unique insights and thoughts on the nature and development trend of technology. It is also based on this background that he found his understanding of the Metaverse It is closer to the essence, deeper, and logically more logical than most people on the market.

So he was thinking, why not sort out his thoughts and share them with more people?

Therefore, Uncle Jian spent a lot of time and meticulously polished this set of Metaverse courses , hoping to take everyone to interpret the Metaverse from a more systematic, deeper, and lower-level perspective, just like the creation of the block. Like the official account of Lianjianchayuan, he has always been very happy to share his understanding and thinking with more people in need, teaching everyone to avoid pits and build new cognitions. You can listen to his thinking with a cup of milk tea. .

Earning 140,000 in 2 weeks and 100% monthly income, how does Metaverse make people anxious?

In-depth interpretation of the Metaverse

How to learn the core content of the Metaverse in depth?

The first lecture of the main class will deeply analyze the typical misunderstandings of the metaverse in the market , and help you build a new understanding of the metaverse from a higher perspective.

The second lecture will take you to deeply analyze what is the prerequisite for the construction of the Metaverse , and to disassemble the two key modules in depth.

In the third lecture, I will take you to deeply analyze the underlying logic behind the explosion of the Metaverse concept , so that you can know more clearly why this concept, which existed in the early years, suddenly exploded this year.

The fourth lecture will take you closer to the essence, more comprehensive, and in-depth analysis of the underlying core logic of the Metaverse from a technical perspective .

The fifth lecture will take you to deeply disassemble the four core systems of the Metaverse , the identity system, the economic system, the rule system and the service upgrade governance system, and tell you what is the cornerstone of the healthy operation of the Metaverse.

In the sixth lecture, we will comprehensively and deeply disassemble the entire industry chain and the corresponding ecological layout of the metaverse through 6 dimensions, and interpret the metaverse from a new perspective.

In the seventh lecture, you will deeply dig into the development status and bottlenecks of the core industry chain of the Metaverse . You will clearly see how far the real Metaverse is from us, and you will see the development trend of the Metaverse.

In the eighth lecture, I will explain in depth why there are more “traps” than “pies” in the Metaverse from the S-shaped life cycle curve .

In the ninth lecture, which is the last lecture of this course, I will deeply analyze the wealth logic behind the Metaverse concept , and the two most important industrial sectors at the bottom and the core , and tell you How should the Metaverse be laid out in a more reasonable way?

If you read the introduction of the previous course carefully, you should have an obvious experience, that is, the word “depth” has been used many times. That’s right, in order to reflect the value of this set of courses, the speaker really spent time on “depth” A lot of energy, this may also be Uncle Jian’s focus on quality as a technical person.

When you insist on learning a complete set of courses, you may suddenly become enlightened. It turns out that the real Metaverse is like this.

Earning 140,000 in 2 weeks and 100% monthly income, how does Metaverse make people anxious?

Enter the next ten years early

You may not be interested in the topic of the Metaverse, but you cannot be not interested in how humans will live in the future.

Similarly, you may not be interested in Metaverse Investment, but you may not be not interested in which areas in the future will subvert our way of life.

In the first decade of the 21st century, some people who realized that “the Internet is the future” started to create websites. Soon after, the first batch of Internet companies went public, and the first batch of Internet upstarts were born.Following this, the use of computers and the Internet has become a necessary skill for a generation, and IT has gradually become a sought-after industry;

Around 2010, the development of smart phones gave birth to content apps such as text and video. Because it grabbed the public’s attention and time, traffic business has become a new wealth code. The first batch of young people who had fun with smartphones published content on these apps and accumulated personal influence. “Internet celebrities” became an emerging high-paying profession;

In the third decade of the 21st century, the invisible and intangible digital concept of “Metaverse” has become a platform for the future in the eyes of some people. In the next future, is there an opportunity worthy of your deployment in advance?

Get exclusive benefits package

If you purchase this course, we have prepared an exclusive limited NFT for you!

After purchasing, scan the QR code on the course details page and enter the VIP community to get the exclusive limited NFT digital collection. 

If you are a professional, we have prepared an out-of-the-box Metaverse report PPT for you in advance , making you the person who understands Metaverse best in the company; if you are a person who is sensitive to the cutting-edge of technology, we will In the VIP exclusive community, continue to update you with the most cutting-edge industry information and in-depth interpretation; if you are a college student about to enter the society, we will continue to provide the latest industry analysis reports in the VIP exclusive community to help you in the Metaverse Find a career opportunity that suits you in this frontier field. 

Whether you are a technology practitioner such as blockchain, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, or a creative practitioner such as film and television, games, social media, media, or a metaverse investor, here will build a platform for everyone to communicate freely, and will From time to time, industry leaders are invited to share special topics. Perhaps your next entrepreneurial inspiration will come from here.

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