Early users of Metaverse criticized Facebook’s name change: the concept of speculation attracts attention

According to news on November 2nd, many early participants in the meta-universe field criticized Facebook’s renaming behavior, saying that the social media company just wanted to use the concept of meta-universe to attract more attention. The term “meta universe” is not the first of Facebook, but it has become a hot word in the technology industry this year. Many companies and investors are eager to participate in Metaverse, and Facebook is no exception. In fact, many experienced users have spent many years of time and energy in this little-known but rapidly growing virtual world.

“They are essentially trying to build something that many of us have been building for years, but want to remake it into something of their own,” said Ryan Kappel. For more than two years, he has been holding virtual parties in different meta-universe worlds.

Facebook did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Last Thursday, Faceboo announced that it would change its name to Meta and announced how to build its own immersive digital world. At the same time, the company is responding to various criticisms from legislators and regulators on its market influence, algorithmic decision-making, and service supervision.

In the virtual world, users can create virtual characters and walk around, meet up with friends, and play games together. Some blockchain-based platforms also allow users to speculate on virtual real estate.

British cryptocurrency investor Pranksy said: “I think the reason Facebook changed its name early is to legally protect the new trademark as soon as more brands are interested in Metaverse.” Pranksy mentioned that he bought it for the first time in early 2020. Virtual world real estate.

Artur Sychov, who founded the virtual world Somnium Space in 2017, said that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s announcement of the name change made people feel “hurried…it’s a bit like Xiang Zheng A step in the meta-universe process of development.”

Syjoff spends five hours a day interacting with 1,000 to 2,000 users in Somnium Space.

Dave Carr, the director of organizational communications that operates the virtual world Decentraland, said that Facebook’s actions may be resisted by old Metaverse users, who are cautious about how Facebook controls content.

Carl said: “Those who want to determine the future of the virtual world in which they live, who want to retain ownership of their creations, and who want to move freely between different virtual worlds, will choose a decentralized virtual world.” Decentraland’s meta-universe is described as decentralized, while Facebook’s plan may be centralized.

Founded in 2017, Decentraland currently has approximately 7,000 daily active users, and it sees itself as an alternative to traditional social media platforms. Carl believes that, compared to Decentraland, traditional social media platforms sell user data and control what users see.

Many current Metaverse platforms are based on blockchain technology, which makes it impossible for operators to implement the control methods of traditional social media platforms. Since the blockchain is a distributed ledger architecture based on cryptocurrency, users use cryptocurrency in these virtual worlds to purchase virtual land and other digital objects in the form of non-fungible tokens (NFT).

Of course, the early users of Metaverse did not all react negatively to Facebook’s name change. Some people said that the addition of Facebook may increase people’s interest in the concept of a virtual world called Metaverse, attract more users, and support the development of multiple virtual worlds.

Tristan Littlefield (Tristan Littlefield) is the co-founder of NFT company nft42, and a user who has entered the metaverse field since 2018. He said that his first reaction to Facebook’s statement was negative because he did not like Facebook selling user data.

But “a giant like Facebook came in and then invested billions of dollars…”, he said, this may be a positive factor because it will bring new talent to this field.

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