Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

The new mall of “Dominant Screen” is coming in the second quarter!

Looking at the global business world, a master of giving birth , they will pop out what sparks? We move to new malls and innovative brand stores with bright spots abroad, and take you to quickly get to the new global business trends!

Foreign new malls opened in the second quarter, small and medium-sized projects dominate the screen, among which small shopping malls are particularly eye-catching, unlocking a new level of innovation for the current homogenization of shopping malls.

Picture source | Except for special annotations, the rest comes from the project party

Global business is facing increasingly “difficult” consumers. Whether it is a new business or a stock renovation project, you need to open your mind and try more new models and new gameplays to create greater commercial value.

Judging from the foreign shopping malls that opened in the second quarter, each mall has demonstrated its own unique shining points through some scheming “sao operations”:

Small businesses focus on subdivided business types and target consumer groups to attack;

Green elements will never be absent, and the natural environment of shopping malls will continue to upgrade;

“Fancy” to create a roof space to extend the shopping experience;

The design emphasizes the integration of local characteristic culture and strengthens the impression of the mall.

JR Kumamoto Building

The station burst into a shopping mecca,

There are also courtyards, playgrounds and wedding halls

Opening time: April 23, 2021

Building area: about 110,000 square meters

Developer: JR Kyushu

Number of brands: 186

Project location: Kumamoto , Japan

Keywords: station business, introducing knot wedding hall , the entire building full of green elements

Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

 Image source: JR Kyushu

As one of the large-scale redevelopment projects in front of JR Kumamoto Station, the JR Kumamoto Building has a construction area of approximately 110,000 square meters , with 12 floors above ground and 1 floor underground. It officially opened on April 23 this year.

Among them, floors 1-8 are large shopping malls AMUPLAZA KUMAMOTO , floors 9-12 are JR Kyushu’s highest-level hotel brand The Bloom Grummoto .

// The 7-storey three-dimensional courtyard creates a paradise in the mall

The most iconic design of the JR Kumamoto Building is its “Water Green Cube Courtyard” spanning the 1st-7th floors . The courtyard is filled with green plants and there are 3 waterfalls between each floor, with a maximum drop of 10 meters, providing the building with A 35-meter-high green and airy space.

On the third floor of the building, a terrace with waterproof eaves is specially set up for family customers . The area is about 480 square meters . There are mini tram tracks, tricycles, swings, slides and other amusement facilities. It is like a small parent-child playground .

In addition, the 9th floor of the building is a roof garden with an area of about 1,200 square meters . In the middle is a small triangular wedding chapel , where weddings can be held. From the roof garden, you can also overlook the three-dimensional courtyard downstairs.

Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

 Image source: crosskumamoto

// 40,000 square meters large shopping mall, introducing 186 brands and 75 first stores

AMUPLAZA KUMAMOTO, with a commercial area of approximately 49,200 square meters , introduced a total of 186 brands, including 14 first stores in Kyushu, 61 first stores in Kumamoto Prefecture, and 21 new business stores . In addition to popular apparel brands such as Uniqlo, BEAMS, URBAN RESERCH, GU, and IL BISONE, there are also SEGA Happy World, Hallo Day Supermarket, Metro Bookstore, and popular grocery brands such as Nakagawa Masanori, Francfranc and FritGATHERING.

The 6th-7th floors of the mall is the largest food area in the prefecture . It covers a food court and a number of popular food and beverage brands, including the 45-year-old Kumamoto shop “Fried Pork Chop Katsureutei”, and the Wagyu yakiniku restaurant that has won multiple awards. “Wagyu Yakiniku LIBEBE”, Kyushu’s first “ISORA”, Kyushu’s first “snow peak”, etc.

In addition, the mall also introduced Kyushu’s first PIKADERI cinema with 10 large screens. It is worth mentioning that in the future , the cinema also plans to broadcast live concerts/sports games , as well as on- screen Kabuki , to increase the richness of the theater. .

Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building

Food street under the viaduct, open street atmosphere

Opening time: April 26, 2021

Commercial area: about 5550 square meters

Number of brands: about 35

Project location: Kobe , Japan

Keywords: station commercial, open

The old Kobe Hankyu Building East Building was transformed into a 120-meter-high building in April this year, and was renamed “Kobe Sannomiya Hankyu Building”. The shopping mall facilities “EKIZO Kobe Sannomiya”, the hotel “remm + Kobe Sannomiya Hotel”, and Sannomiya Station The Yokocho Street under the railway viaduct and the office composition.

// Home of restaurants, 19 stores enter Kobe for the first time

The mall brands are mainly food and beverage stores, but also include convenience stores, cosmetics, and grocery stores such as “Color Field” and “Qingshan Flower Market”. The underground 1-2 floors are huge food supermarkets, where you can find all kinds of food, and there is also a dine-in area.

Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

 Image source: kobe-lunch.com

A total of 19 stores in Kobe (including the first store in Kansai) are included , such as “Mimikou”, the first Kyoto specialty curry udon opened in Kobe.

// A food street under the viaduct, with a strong street atmosphere

Under the railway viaduct of Sannomiya Station, Yokocho Street with the theme of “Nostalgic Restaurant Street” gathers gourmet shops, including world beer bars, Japanese style kappo, izakaya, western food shops, barbecue coffee, etc. Starbucks , Kobe’s popular restaurant “TOOTH TOOTH”, “New Century” serving world cuisine. There are open streets on both sides, and you can enjoy proper street food.

// There is an observation deck on the top floor, a restaurant where you can enjoy the scenery

On the top floor of the 29th floor, an observation deck is set up to enjoy the view of the Kobe Port area, as well as a coffee restaurant and a whiskey bar.

Gems Nakameguro

A small shopping mall that only serves food and beverage

Opening time: April 1, 2021

Building area: 1013.39㎡

Development company: Nomura Real Estate

Number of brands: 7

Project Location: Tokyo, Japan in mesh black

Keywords: urban small business, focus on single business

The GEMS series is a product line of “urban commercial facilities” created by Nomura Real Estate . GEMS Nakameguro is its 19th project . It is located in the commercial street of Nakameguro, Tokyo, Japan, from the Tokyu Toyoko Line·Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line Nakame Get out of the black station and walk for 2 minutes.

Since the commercial street where the project is located is known for frequent famous restaurants , GEMS Nakameguro with 7 floors above ground and 1 basement only focuses on the catering business , introducing 7 popular catering brands and one store on the first floor.

// The neon façade creates the most dazzling building on the nostalgic old street

In order to meet the nostalgic atmosphere of the Nakameguro shopping street, GEMS Nakameguro uses a neon-colored exterior design to express the “liveness and style” of the shopping street and make the whole street brighter.

// 7 famous restaurants gather together, one “flavor” on each floor

GEMS Naka-Meguro has introduced 7 famous restaurants , one on the first floor . The introduced brands cover sushi, Japanese barbecue, Korean cuisine, Spanish cuisine, Chinese Yunnan cuisine, borderless cuisine, and bars and other formats, including:

1st floor: Korean traditional cuisine brand “Yucha·ShengShu サムギョプサル·コプチャンハヌリ” , an old Korean brand established for 15 years, and one of the “Excellent Korean Restaurant” of the Korean government;

2nd floor: Super popular conveyor belt sushi restaurant “Hui Yu Sushi Live” ;

3rd floor: Spanish restaurant “エル・チャテオ” , the Spanish paella that won the international competition also landed in Nakameguro for the first time;

4th floor: SPICEHOLIC , a borderless restaurant with “spices” as the protagonist , cuisines from all over the world can create new combinations and flavors through different spices;

5th floor: SHISHA LOUNGE Chillrug , said to be a high-end bar that everyone knows about in Nishi-Azabu and Azabu-Juban, Japan . It is famous for its high-end rest places. This time it is the first to enter Naka- Meguro;

6th floor: The Secret of Shangri-La, the main mushroom is one-person pot , dozens of mushrooms in the store are picked from Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, China;

7 layers: “Nakame no Yaki Niku Onishi ” Yakiniku restaurant , Osaka Meat Nogai-style special meat, parallel delivery to the restaurant.

Ginza Six

Introduce the first store of high-end brands, and store rarity up

Opening time: Opened in April 2017, updated in the spring of 2021

Commercial area: 47,000 square meters

Development companies: Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store under the umbrella of JF Group, Mori Oh, Sumitomo Corporation, and L Real Estate invested by LVMH Group

Number of renewed brands: more than 40

Project location: Ginza , Japan

Keywords: brand renewal, first store

Ginza Six, the largest commercial facility in the Ginza area, undergoes a major renewal since its 4th anniversary this spring . By the end of April 2021, the mall will open 40 brand new stores one after another .

The atrium was replaced with a new art installation . The artist Kohei Nawa’s work “Metamorphosis Garden”, a group of sculptures floating in the air, also developed an AR performance in cooperation with choreographer Damien Jalet, staged a wonderful collision of virtual and real.

Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

 Picture source: official website of the project

There are as many as 22 “first store in Japan” and “first store in Ginza”, injecting freshness: such as the first store of French luxury footwear brand CLERGERIE in Japan, and the first shop in Ginza, Pasand by ne Quittez pas , the first hand-made jewelry store named by Indian princess , The first store of the eye care brand AXXIA established by the Japanese brand Esute, etc.;

8 Japan’s largest luxury flagship stores, exclusive store experience: such as the largest store of SERAPIAN in Japan, the flagship store of high-end jewelry brand HOORSENBUHS, the largest Japanese store of fragrance brand Fueguia 1833, the brand-new store “La Boutique Guerlain” of French Guerlain in Japan, etc.;

A collection of fashionable luxury goods and popular restaurants: In addition, it also introduces popular fashion brands such as GUCCI Watch&Jewely, The Row, OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH™, Rick Owens, etc.; and catering brands include whiskey collection store Jule’s Whisky Collection, Nihonbashi Iseta, a long-established eel restaurant…

Kyoto Kawaramachi Garden

Home appliances + catering, refined formats play a different card

Opening time: May 12, 2021

Total building area: 29,000 square meters

Development company: Sumitomo Real Estate

Number of brands: about 16

Item Location: Kyoto, Japan

Keywords: home appliance business, station business

The mall was renovated on the old site of Marui in Kyoto. It has undergone a large-scale renewal from 3 floors underground to 8 floors above ground, and 1 to 6 floors underground, including the parking lot. The mall is directly connected to Hankyu “Kyoto Kawaramachi” station, which has a great location advantage.

// The facade transforms into a huge “fabric”

The mall has redesigned the exterior with the traditional “woven fabric” pattern, and the exterior continues the visual elements of the original building with the theme of “kimono”.

// “Contracting” the 7-story main store Edion, creating a “home appliance paradise”

Due to the impact of the epidemic, consumers’ “home” time has been longer, and home appliance consumption has increased. Kyoto Kawaramachi Garden has seized this trend and introduced the only main store , Edion , a large retailer of home appliances, to take on the market with home appliances. Passenger flow “burden”.

Edion layer extends from minus 1 to 6 layers, is the brand’s largest store, selling products include home appliances, smart phones, toys, video games, smart cast shadow instrument.

// Catering area and activity space are “assisted” to form a variety of services

Located on the 7th and 8th floors are the restaurant area “FOOD HALL”, event space and special exhibition booths.

FOOD HALL continues to expand with the increase of new stores. There are 14 restaurants with a variety of dishes including cafes, barbecues, sushi, teppanyaki, Korean cuisine, and French cuisine . In the activity area, social space is reserved, and events and exhibitions are held from time to time .

Circle Mall

Make the roof a club that attracts the whole community

Opening time: April 8, 2021

Area: 49424㎡

Developer: Nakheel

Number of brands: about 80

Project location: Dubai

Keywords: Rooftop Club, Baby Walk

// Aiming at families with children, expanding the space for children and sports experience

Circle Mall focusing on lifestyle, fashion, food and beverage format for community home offers a large area of shopping, family entertainment space atrium consumer group:

126,000 square feet (about 11,700 square meters) of large supermarket space

Food court with more than 100 seats

1000+ parking spaces

60,000 square feet (approximately 5574 square meters) of gym space

A family entertainment center of 1500 square meters, including trampoline and other children’s tourist facilities, as well as children’s salons, etc.

By the end of 2021, the mall will have 80 stores , including Spinneys Supermarket, Nesto Hypermarket, Medicina Pharmacy, Du, Etisalat, Baskin Robbins, Life Pharmacy, Starbucks, McDonald’s and Il Forno.

// The roof is also fun, community clubs enhance consumer stickiness

The roof is turned into a luxurious community club, which is a pioneering move in the local area. By introducing a rich and luxurious life and leisure experience, in addition to the shopping function, the mall can also form a living place that is attractive to community consumers.

The club offers 300 indoor and outdoor seats, an outdoor swimming pool, tennis courts, McCafferty’s restaurant with a traditional Irish pub atmosphere , Wellfit indoor gym with an area of ​​more than 60,000 square feet (approximately 5574 square meters), etc.

Each of these 8 new shopping malls abroad is suffocating

 Picture source: official website of the project

Silicon Central

There are 11 football fields as big as local characteristics

Opening time: April 12, 2021

Total area: 81,500 square meters

Developer: Line Investments & Property LLC

Number of brands: 220+

Project location: Dubai

Keywords: Home Entertainment

// An all-encompassing hypermarket, join the family entertainment experience

Silicon Central has a total of three floors, with a total area of ​​81,500 square meters, about the size of 11 football fields. The mall contains a wealth of retail, catering, sports, and entertainment spaces:

Lulu large supermarket of 9000 square meters;

Department store of 7,800 square meters;

35,500 square meters of retail stores and services;

A new generation of entertainment center of 6,800 square meters for children and adults activities;

2500㎡ gym;

Cinema with 12 screens;

25 food courts;

3,500 parking spaces…

// “Dune” design and environmental protection concept incorporating local characteristics

Silicon Central is strategically located 12 kilometers away from the city center and 15 kilometers away from Dubai Airport. It is located in Dubai’s first ecologically sustainable development zone, which focuses on low carbon footprint, artificial intelligence and technology.

The architectural design of the project also incorporates the location characteristics : indoor and outdoor you can see the architectural lines in the shape of “sand dunes” , inspired by the flow of desert sand. At the same time, the project pays attention to environmental protection , uses the most advanced technology for waste management, energy conservation, and provides a large number of sustainable services internally.

Rustenburg Mall

A shopping mall “carved” in the bones of regional elements

Opening time: April 2021

Building area: about 40,000 square meters (Phase I)

Development companies: Moolman Group, Twin City, JB Holdings

Number of brands: about 130

Project location: Rosteborg, South Africa

Keywords: family-style shopping mall, incorporating local elements

Rustenburg Mall is a one-stop shopping mall jointly developed by Moolman Group, Twin City and JB Holdings, located near the CBD of Rosteburg. After 7 years of planning, the first phase of the project finally opened in April this year, with an area of ​​about 40,000 square meters, mainly focusing on family customers .

// African acacia tree elements run through the entire mall

The design of the project was inspired by African rock formations and acacia trees , and transformed it into the design and aesthetics of the mall. First, the shape and the roof of the building elements are used acacia tree, and three are located in the entrance of the mall with trees in general canopy, symbolizing the natural sanctuary of God. This design not only shows creativity, but also integrates natural elements.

In terms of interior design, several complete acacia trees stand in the atrium of the shopping mall, forming a solid canopy indoors, echoing the exterior design of the building.

// Introduce about 130 brands to create a children’s play area to attract family customers

The first phase of Rustenburg Mall introduced about 130 brands, covering many popular brands, such as Home Choice, Legends Barber, Sneaker Factory, G-Star, Polo, Truworths, Primark and Le Coq Sportif.

In addition, the mall has a children’s play area and a public dining area to provide leisure and entertainment spaces with different needs for family consumers.

// Plan shopping malls into “large galleries” to make shopping more interesting

In order to ensure diversified artistic presentation, the developer also specially hired a curator to plan the mall as a large gallery, displaying graffiti works and art installations by well-known South African artists, making the shopping experience more interesting.

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