Dubai water is more expensive than gold, but it has built the world’s deepest diving pool

What’s so fun about the world’s deepest diving pool?

There was the world’s tallest building before, and the world’s first 3D printed commercial building. Now Dubai has the world’s deepest diving pool.

On June 27, the Deep Dive Dubai was completed. There is a 60.02-meter deep diving pool in the museum, which has become the world’s deepest diving pool certified by Guinness. This record was previously held by Deepspot in Poland, with a depth of 45 meters.

The Dubai Diving Hall is located in Nad Al Sheba, only 15 minutes’ drive from downtown Dubai, covering an area of ​​5,000 square meters. The diving pool of Dubai Diving Hall can hold 14 million liters of water, enough to fill 6 Olympic swimming pools. As for the depth of the diving pool, the height of an adult giraffe is about 6 meters, and the depth of this diving pool is equivalent to the height of a stack of 10 adult giraffes.

Dubai water is more expensive than gold, but it has built the world's deepest diving pool

▲The shape design of Dubai Diving Hall is inspired by oyster shells.

Dubai exterior design inspiration comes from the dive shop oyster shell, pearl collection, trade and easy business was an important industry in Dubai. The whole building has a total of 3 floors, white interiors and 3D printed parts are used in many places, and its design is full of technology. Among them, the core part is naturally the vertical diving pool with a depth of 60.02 meters.

On July 7th, Dubai Diving Hall officially opened for business, with a first-come, first-served appointment system. Before the official opening, actor Will Smith (WillSmith) was invited to experience the diving pool and posted a video of the experience on his Instagram. This Instagram has more than 3 million likes in four days.

Judging from the functional settings and scene layout of the Dubai diving hall, this diving hall and diving pool hope to create a sufficiently comfortable environment to meet the respective needs of tourists, diving enthusiasts and professional divers. 

The water temperature of the diving pool will be maintained at 30°C, and it is also equipped with a sound system and ambient lights. In addition, the windows and skylights of the Dubai Diving Hall can be adjusted for brightness, so users can have a deep night diving experience even during the day. 

Dubai water is more expensive than gold, but it has built the world's deepest diving pool

▲Users can play table football in the diving pool. 

In terms of specific design, the diving pool has made some theme designs in different depth areas, and set corresponding scenery and props:

Dive to 21 meters, divers will see a library full of bookshelves, famous artists such as William Shakespeare, James Joyce and Jules Verne Of works are readily available; 

·Dive down to 30 meters, divers will see an apartment with magazines, popcorn, celebrity posters, an on-screen TV, and even a piano; 

· Dive to 40 meters, divers will enter a donut- shaped garage, where cars, motorcycles and game consoles, pool tables and other facilities are scattered. 

In order to give divers a more realistic experience, these sets and props strive to restore reality. Trees, lamp posts, billboards, telephone booths, ATMs and other props are all available, which really makes people feel like they are in a city. 

At the same time, in order to ensure the safety of users, 156 lights and 56 cameras are installed in the diving pool to monitor every corner. Dubai Deep Diving Hall has also formed a team of safety officers, composed of professional instructors from PADI and GUE, as well as record holders of free diving and technical diving, to accompany and guide users and ensure safety during diving. 

As for water safety, the water in the diving pool circulates every 6 hours. The staff will first use a perlite filter made of natural siliceous volcanic rock to filter large particles such as dust and debris, then use the process developed by NASA for ozone sterilization, and finally use ultraviolet equipment to complete the disinfection work. 

Dubai water is more expensive than gold, but it has built the world's deepest diving pool

For users who do not dive into the water in person, the Dubai Deep Diving Hall also sets up an observation area so that they can see the environment in the diving pool. In addition, there is an underwater restaurant that can accommodate 80 people in the diving hall. Visitors can enjoy the underwater world while eating. 

Currently, the diving pool of the Dubai Diving Hall opens to users three exploration options:

·Explore (for tourists who have never dived before); 

·Diving (for players with PADI certificate or professional divers); 

·Advanced (for people who have a certain diving skill training and examination needs). 

At the end of July, the diving pool began to accept reservations from outsiders. The minimum admission fee is AED 800 (approximately RMB 1,409)-in this package, the user’s expected tour duration is two hours, including receiving equipment and listening to safety notice Time, the time to enter the water is about 30-40 minutes. 

Dubai water is more expensive than gold, but it has built the world's deepest diving pool

And for those with diving training and exam requirements of the user, diving deep diving pool Dubai Museum can satisfy almost all PADI courses and GUE commencement demand, can provide the ideal environment for this type of training and examinations users. According to the requirements of the Dubai Deep Diving Hall, beginners can dive to 40 feet (approximately 12.19 meters), while divers with corresponding certificates can dive to any depth with or without a guide. 

It is worth noting that the Dubai Deep Diving Pavilion also focuses on creating a multi-format model in the museum:

· An underwater film studio is set up in the diving pool of Dubai Diving Hall, which is one of the largest film studios in the area. In addition, there is a media editing room near the Dubai Diving Hall. Obviously, such a design and configuration of the former is to attract film team to shoot the subject, and thus enhance the visibility and popularity of Dubai dive shop and attract more tourists.

·A fully automatic hyperbaric chamber is set up in the Dubai Deep Diving Hall, which can accommodate up to 10 people at the same time. This area is also equipped with an entertainment system and a bathroom. In rehabilitation training, both underwater training and hyperbaric chambers are common procedures. The Dubai Deep Diving Hall can also launch some corresponding post-operative recovery training packages, allowing athletes to perform rehabilitation training while at the same time in the diving hall. Holidays to other attractions in Dubai. 

For Dubai, the most important thing they lack is the ability to make gimmicks. Despite being located in a desert area, the people of Dubai built more than 200 kilometers of bicycle trails and an indoor ski resort in order to allow tourists to ride bicycles and ski on the snow. The idea of ​​constructing the world’s deepest diving pool when the water is more expensive than gold is also “exotic”. 

But the business logic behind this is not difficult to understand-as a tourist city, Dubai needs a variety of novelties and Guinness records to maintain its popularity and attract as many tourists as possible to come and spend. 

In 2020 the world’s best travel destination famous travel magazine Lonely Planet list published in Dubai finalists of the “Ten Best trip line city city.” With the completion and opening of the Dubai Diving Hall, tourists have one more reason to go to Dubai. 

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