Dual elements of the Metaverse: NFT+GameFi

“There are two roads in front of human beings: one outward. Leading to the sea of ​​stars; the other inward leading to virtual reality.”-“Three-Body”

“Meta universe” , people in the crypto industry say they are building it; gamers say they may already live in it, and the art world is profiting from it, but what is it and what is it made of?

1. NFT is part of the meta universe, why?

The meta-universe is the sum of its parts, and it relies on many different things to be truly realized. If you own an NFT, or even just own some cryptocurrency, it may also mean that you have participated in a part of the meta-universe experience, at least already very close to the meta-universe.

At present, there is no exact definition of “meta universe”, except that it may be the development of the most advanced form of the Internet, perhaps we can also define it as-” a persistent, real-time rendering of a 3D world and realistic simulations. The huge network supports the continuity of identity, object, history, payment and rights, and can be simultaneously experienced by an unlimited number of users. Each user has a separate sense of existence.”

Then, how to prove the authenticity and uniqueness of everything you own in the huge virtual world will become a primary issue.

The first question most people have about virtual products is how to maintain the value of the product when it is easier to imitate or counterfeit? From sneakers to works of art, counterfeiting is clearly a problem in most industries in the real world. How to maintain and realize the scarcity and exclusivity of virtual items? This is where NFT comes in.

It will play a fundamental role in the meta-universe, allowing people to have their own roles, accumulated objects in the virtual world and even virtual land. All intangible virtual items or tangible real items can be expressed as NFT .

NFT is a security method for claiming ownership of virtual assets. If a virtual item is protected by NFT, the NFT points directly to the original of the item, and not to any other copies or counterfeits of the product. When selling an NFT, what is sold is a proof of ownership of the asset.

NFT includes different identification information recorded in the smart contract, which makes each NFT pass different and indivisible . This attribute also makes NFT an important infrastructure of the meta universe, providing reliable and feasible technical means for accurately mapping everything in the real world to the virtual world in the future.

NFT itself is very complicated, and its role in the meta-universe is equivalent to a way of recording who owns a particular virtual commodity. The creation and transfer of virtual goods is an important part of the meta universe. Therefore, NFT is a financial structure that may be useful to the meta universe. Or to be more practical: if you buy a virtual shirt on the Metaverse A platform, NFT can create a permanent data that allows you to redeem the same shirt on the Metaverse B to Z platform.

With the development of human society, especially the in-depth exploration of the origin of the development of human society, the “unique” value of each individual and the “unique” recording function of NFT will become more and more deeply integrated, which will undoubtedly continue to strengthen NFT and meta-universe The interdependent relationship between.

NFT will become an important infrastructure of Metaverse, and Metaverse will become the most outstanding application of NFT . From this perspective, the two are interdependent and mutually prosperous.

2. From GameFi to Meta universe

Interoperable games are obviously an important tool to achieve the goal of meta-universe virtual world.

GameFi, or Game Finance, can be translated into financial gamification in Chinese. It refers to a business model centered on P2E (paly to earn) , which is the popular blockchain game Axie Infinity and attracts wide attention from the outside world. .

GameFi is a combination of games and finance, and its real core lies in “finance.” This is a sustainable economic system, a financial activity that lowers the barriers to entry through the form of Game. Of course, in addition to making money by playing games, GameFi has a more long-term significance in that it provides a rare window for users in the real world to see the appearance of the meta universe.

There are many meta-universe elements in GameFi. First of all, in the game, we have a consistent identity that can span multiple closed platforms , which is the gateway to countless experiences; second is the sense of immersion. Whether the game has a high sense of immersion is the first element to attract players, and immersion Sense is also a key part of attracting people in the real world to experience and accept the meta-universe. Finally, the meta-universe world must be open and have strong social attributes, which we can experience in most games.

In games like Roblox and Fortnite , players can build their own world . This is our vision of the meta-universe- “a highly developed digital world where people can live, work, entertain, shop, study, etc.”

Although Metaverse may have some game-like goals, including games, and involving games, it is not a game itself, nor is it carried out around this specific goal.

GameFi allows us to see the embryonic form of the huge meta-universe world in the future-in the future, people can be in a virtual world drawn by a computer, where the lights are brilliant, millions of people walk through the central street, and everyone can buy their own land and build in it. Own house.

Three, the future that can be expected

The meta universe represents the sum of all processes and protocols powered by the Internet and the emerging Web3, and is being merged into a central and interoperable space. In this future field, communications, finance, gaming, personal data, NFT, etc. are all part of a larger online experience.

Today’s virtual world is mostly limited by PC and tablet interfaces. They are limited by the hardware’s less immersive ability, that is, immersion-a far cry from what is described in “Avalanche”.

However, as VR hardware becomes more advanced and affordable, these virtual experiences will become more real, and the boundaries between the physical and virtual worlds we live in will begin to blur.

Meta universe is not a castle in the sky, but a virtual space based on the real Internet world in the future. The scope of coverage will also expand from pan-entertainment to every corner of the Internet.

However, the current development stage of the meta universe is still in its infancy, and it still takes a long time to develop and perfect.

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