Du Lan , Senior Vice President of iFLYTEK: Metaverse will be applied on a large scale in industry and agriculture

Under the cold winter of capital, the problems of difficult realization and financing of artificial intelligence companies are prominent.

Recently, at the 8th Global Shenzhen Business Conference and Bright Science City Conference, iFLYTEK Senior Vice President Du Lan called on all walks of life to open up application scenarios for artificial intelligence and create an environment that encourages innovation in an interview with Times Finance and other media.

 “The epidemic has brought a lot of uncertainty to our future. If an artificial intelligence company wants to be truly evergreen, it needs to solve social problems, such as medical care and education.” Duran revealed that companion robots are the main investment of iFLYTEK in the future. one of the directions.

Metaverse large-scale application is very valuable

In the face of uncertain factors such as the epidemic and war, Duran analyzed the main directions of iFLYTEK’s future research and development of cutting-edge technologies. One is to use artificial intelligence to solve social rigid needs, and the other is to study human-machine collaboration and human-machine coupling.

 “In the future, every family will have a companion robot.” For example, she said, robots can be made to accompany children to grow up happily like pets. There are also robots in foreign countries that can help elderly people with mobility problems to walk independently. But there are still many technical difficulties that need to be overcome.

In Duran’s view, machine learning technology can also solve the rigid needs of society, allowing robots to learn from the best human experts, empowering ordinary people, and helping children achieve personalized learning, which is also an area worthy of continuous development.

 “The future must be the integration of the virtual world and the real world, then human-machine collaboration is inevitable.” She said that brain-computer interface and human-machine collaboration technology may be indispensable in the future, which is also in the company’s future development plan.

The human-computer interaction system is the entrance to the Metaverse. Duran also analyzed the Metaverse. She hopes that in the future, the Metaverse will combine the virtual world with the real world. In the virtual world, people can command robots in the real world to complete tasks.

 “In the future, the Metaverse will start from C-end social entertainment, but it will definitely be applied on a large scale in the industrial and agricultural fields, which is very valuable.” She believes. Virtual humans are one of the manifestations of the Metaverse.

The application of artificial intelligence technology requires three conditions

In the current capital winter, many artificial intelligence companies are difficult to realize, difficult to raise financing, and some even plummet in stock prices. Most of their AI technologies have not achieved large-scale applications.

How can AI companies achieve large-scale application of the technology? She believes that in order for the public to feel the benefits of technology, first of all, there must be real and visible cases, starting from individual cases, running through every path, and solving technical problems.

 “To develop technology to a certain extent, we must first understand the boundaries of technology.” Duran said in an interview that at present, the technologies for realizing mature industrial applications include speech recognition and visual recognition, and the expansion of these two capabilities will be implemented. direction.

According to Duran’s analysis, the second point is that enterprises must have large-scale replication and promotion capabilities.

Third, use actual data to prove the effectiveness of the use of technology. For example, if artificial intelligence helps children personalize their learning, it is necessary to have data to prove that the learning efficiency has improved, and the time spent receiving quality education or participating in extra-school activities has become longer.

“Technological progress takes time, and so does the application. It is necessary to go step by step, keep watering and fertilizing, and wait for it to take root and sprout. This process is essential.” Duran said that practitioners need to love, but also Be persistent.

Regarding the deep learning capabilities of artificial intelligence, Duran said that the black box should be turned into a white box, which means that after a large amount of data is input, the process of outputting results can be explained, bringing more development capabilities to the enterprise. For example, she said that machine correction of compositions requires not only OCR text recognition, but also handwriting recognition, and more importantly, understanding the meaning of the composition. In the future, the recognition of judicial files and medical records will require machine comprehension.

Taking gender recognition as an example, she said that at present, artificial intelligence needs to input a large number of pictures to identify whether the person on the picture is male or female, and the machine will summarize the result by itself. feature.

When the black box becomes a white box, Duran believes that people need to input less and less data, and the machine’s judgment will become more and more accurate. In the future, the breakthrough technology of intelligent machine understanding ability will be applied to the industry.

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