Drivers of digital innovation in the automotive industry: Metaverse and carbon neutrality

Yiou think tank put forward in the “2022 China Automotive Industry Digital Innovation Research Report”: “Metaverse is a new driving force for the deepening of the digital transformation of the automotive industry” and “carbon neutrality is a new engine driving the advanced digital development of the automotive industry”. Big conclusion.

“How to better promote the digital innovation of the automobile industry” is a problem that the Chinese automobile industry has to face in the competition of the stock market, and it is also an industrial development problem that has to be solved under the drive of new technology.

From January to July 2022, China’s auto sales were 14.477 million units, down 2% year-on-year.Analyzing the specific reasons, there are not only the supply problem of rising raw material costs and the supply chain interruption caused by the epidemic, but also the demand problem of declining willingness to consume under the stock competition.

In the short term, China’s auto industry is being tested, and the industry itself needs to find new fulcrums to optimize the industrial structure, improve industrial efficiency, and consolidate the industrial ecology.

Based on the above industrial background, Yiou think tank has written and released the “2022 China Automotive Industry Digital Innovation Research Report”.

There are many upgrade links in the automobile industry, and digital innovation is flourishing

The report starts with the digitalization of China’s auto industry, and conducts research in four areas: R&D and products, production and supply, marketing and service, and operation and management.

From the perspective of the overall effect, the main manifestation of digitalization for the automobile industry is to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but the specific effects of the sub-sectors and the current stage are different.

On the R&D side, mainstream Chinese auto companies have basically completed the construction of their R&D digital architecture, realizing the application of technologies including digital twins and virtual reality; on the product side, the digitization of automotive products has achieved remarkable results, and automobiles have begun to shift from a single vehicle to a smart Digital biological transformation.

On the production side, the data connection from the underlying automation equipment to the production management process of production management, material management, and quality management, and then to the BOM, ERP, SRM and other software layers has been basically completed; on the supply side, the digital and automated transformation of the supply chain is underway Steady progress.

On the marketing side, the transformation of users, dealers and digital capabilities is being promoted, so as to achieve user value management, dealer empowerment, and digital capability building; on the server side, digitalization is opening up user scenarios and automotive service supply chain segmentation scenarios, integrating R&D, Product, production, supply, marketing and service are combined to achieve service everywhere.

In terms of operation and management, taking the most important financial system as an example, from the current situation, some Chinese auto companies have formed a financial digital transformation system framework, and after promoting digital transformation, they have realized the reform and upgrade of their financial organizational model. The data interconnection and intercommunication between the group finance, regional finance and finance platform have been formed, and under the guidance of a unified strategy, the integration and standardization of the financial system have been realized.

On the whole, China’s auto industry has basically formed technical support from cloud computing, artificial intelligence, 5G communication, big data, blockchain, etc., to digital empowerment of R&D and products, production and supply, marketing and service, and then to traditional technology. A complete industrial chain integrated by OEMs such as independent brands and new car manufacturers.

Drivers of digital innovation in the automotive industry: Metaverse and carbon neutrality

In the process of digital transformation of the entire automobile industry, there have also emerged many excellent companies that are supported by solutions or service capabilities as digital drivers, such as Microsoft, Huawei, Defan Technology, SAP, Yinji, Baidu, Easy Car, Black Lake Technology, etc.

Among them, Defan Information helps auto companies improve their digital construction capabilities through a low-code platform. While improving digital efficiency, it builds a closed loop of data circulation, thereby promoting the rapid transformation of digital organization and management; The intelligent connection system digitizes the permissions of car use and establishes a secure and intelligent connection between people, cars, clouds and all things, thereby facilitating the implementation and application of car service, shared travel, time-sharing leasing and other scenarios.

Metaverse is a new driving force for the deepening of the digital transformation of the automotive industry

Since 2022, Metaverse has gradually become a hot spot for global car companies and new suppliers to chase. From a global perspective, multinational auto groups including Toyota, Volkswagen, Mercedes-Benz, and BMW are actively promoting the layout of the Metaverse. In the Chinese market, companies such as SAIC and FAW have also “stolen” the Metaverse.

Although the Metaverse is still in the conception stage for the automobile industry so far, the Yiou think tank judges that the automobile Metaverse is very likely to become a new driving force for the deepening of the digital transformation of the automobile industry, which is mainly composed of the technology of the Metaverse , permeability and its close relationship with the direction of intelligence.

Drivers of digital innovation in the automotive industry: Metaverse and carbon neutrality

From the perspective of the deep integration of the Metaverse and the car, Yiou think tank believes that there will be four application scenarios, as follows: digital twin remote control of vehicle-road collaborative infrastructure, automatic driving unlimited scenario testing, automobile safety production accident simulation and training, MaaS element Fusion of the universe and mobility services.

From the perspective of the implementation of Metaverse in various links of the automobile industry chain, Metaverse has many links with all links of the automobile industry, from the design and verification of the automobile design link, the production efficiency and work efficiency of the automobile and parts manufacturing link, and the automobile industry. In different scenarios such as car viewing and exhibitions in the sales link, Metaverse can play different degrees of functional characteristics.

Whether it is at the level of combining the Metaverse with the car, or at the level of landing from the Metaverse scene, the Metaverse can effectively promote the digitization of all aspects of automobiles from design to sales. In the long run, relying on many new digital technologies such as network communication, virtual reality, game engine, artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud computing, Internet of Things, etc., Yiou Think Tank believes that the automobile Metaverse is the ultimate form of digitalization of the automobile industry. Its implementation will accelerate the digitalization process of China’s auto industry.

Carbon neutrality is a new engine driving the advanced digital development of the automotive industry

Carbon neutrality is one of the general guidelines for the development of China’s auto industry in the next 30 years.

In the short term, the main ways for Chinese auto companies to promote carbon neutrality are to build green factories and purchase carbon credits, which are less related to the digitalization of the auto industry; Energy vehicles, improving the level of intelligent manufacturing, and strengthening supply chain management are all closely related to the digitization of the automotive industry. On the whole, Yiou think tank believes that carbon neutrality is a new engine driving the digital and advanced development of the automotive industry.

Digital technology can provide measurable and planable quantitative parameter standards for carbon emissions, and effectively reduce unnecessary carbon emissions from different fields such as the manufacturing end, the user end, and the supply chain end, and improve all links based on intelligent vehicle service contacts. The connection efficiency will improve the user’s car experience.

The carbon neutrality of the automobile industry, in addition to relying on the efforts of car companies, must also rely on the cooperation and joint efforts of enterprises in all links of the supply chain, especially focusing on the support of digital technology for the carbon neutrality of the automobile industry chain.

Looking to the future, China’s auto supply chain will expand from “partial” to “entire”, from “policy-driven” to “active layout”, from “light green” to “dark green”, from “closed” to “transparent”, and As the complexity of the system increases, the requirements for the degree of digitization will inevitably increase. In other words, the development of digitalization is a necessary condition for the carbon neutrality of the automotive industry chain.

Drivers of digital innovation in the automotive industry: Metaverse and carbon neutrality


At present, China’s auto industry is in the midst of digital transformation, innovation and development, and Metaverse and carbon neutrality have become the driving force for industrial innovation and development, bringing more opportunities and possibilities for the innovation and development of the auto industry. In the future, how to better promote digital innovation and better grasp industrial development opportunities will also become the direction and subject of the joint efforts of the automotive industry.

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