Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?

On June 15 this year, McKinsey released the latest assessment that in 2030, the total global annual expenditure related to the Metaverse by enterprises and consumers will reach 5 trillion US dollars, of which e-commerce will reach 2-2.6 trillion US dollars, accounting for half of it.

The end of the universe is selling goods, regardless of whether Web2 or Web3, the Metaverse, the money scene of e-commerce is self-evident. Compared with MetaMask (decentralized Alipay), STEPN (decentralized KEEP), Audius (decentralized QQ Music), OpenSea and other emerging Web3 projects, Web3 e-commerce is undoubtedly the most fertile and most difficult virgin land to cultivate. People have set foot in, but with the improvement of Web3 infrastructure, this high value land will eventually usher in the strongest battle in history.

At the same time, Web3 e-commerce also has traces to follow. As a new global digital marketing position, Douyin is already evolving to Web3 e-commerce. Why do you say that? What is the way to go from Douyin e-commerce to Web3 e-commerce? What does Web3 e-commerce mean for businesses and individuals? Come and open the magic ball of the 3D Metaverse together and see the answer.

1. Douyin e-commerce, a bit of Web3 e-commerce

At present, Douyin has a tendency to replace Tencent Video, Meituan, Baidu and Taobao. Take e-commerce as an example, this year, 618 Douyin further eroded the share of traditional e-commerce companies such as Taobao, and more and more people went to the Douyin live broadcast room to buy their hands. The only hot spot of 618 this year is also contributed by New Oriental on the Douyin platform – Douyin e-commerce is still changing rapidly.

Not only in China, but also the foreign version of Douyin is also surging forward. Recently, according to a report released by overseas marketing agency Hello Alice, 43% of small business owners are considering joining TikTok, far exceeding other platforms such as Youku and Facebook. Why does Douyin dominate the Web2 arena? Because Douyin kicked off the creator economy.

Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?

In the early stage of the creator economy, Douyin e-commerce achieved three subversions: first, in terms of audiences, helping more people make money with more talents and releasing more individual value; second, in terms of making money, among platforms and merchants Pull in more individuals to bring goods to realize, distributed N-to-N marketing; third, in the e-commerce model, change the more centralized people to find goods in the past, and realize distributed goods to find people through algorithm recommendation. Although these subversions do not use the underlying technology of Web3, in terms of effect, realizing the realization of individual value, breaking up the distributed combination of people and goods yard resources, and decentralizing the general public are in line with the development direction of Web3. In the future, Web3 e-commerce will continue to deepen these directions and eventually form a new social e-commerce.

Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?

The so-called social e-commerce we now call, for example, go to Xiaohongshu to read reviews before buying, buy a group on Pinduoduo, and read reviews on Taobao after buying. No platform can cover the whole process of shopping with social behavior, and because of the flood of marketing accounts, There are many bottlenecks when brushing praise and so on.Douyin, on the other hand, has almost no social e-commerce and lacks a sharing mechanism. And Web3 e-commerce will realize a real new social e-commerce through N-to-N immersive experience, cross-platform virtual value exchange, etc.

2. What does Web3 e-commerce look like? How to promote new living and retention?

If Web1 links information, Web2 links social, and Web3 is a link economy, its essence is to establish an open platform to directly share value with users, and to realize value transfer and fair distribution at the bottom of the protocol.

Specific to the Web3 e-commerce scenario, from the three perspectives of the people and goods market, it can be understood as follows:

  1. Field: Through blockchain technology, an identity ID and digital wallet can be used across platforms, so that the “field” is opened up, and the field is three-dimensional and immersive.
  2. Goods: Through NFT, real goods and personal creations can be turned into virtual goods and traded. Goods will cross the two spaces of virtual and real, and usher in a big explosion in the quantity, type, and experience of goods.
  3. People: Individuals will take back their data rights and become an independent individual economy. All actions in the virtual space will generate data and value, which can be called a walking currency.

Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?

In this way, the Web3 e-commerce model came out – a new N-to-N social e-commerce, creating value through sharing, and infinite flow of production and services. How to understand it?

From a product point of view, public demand is shifting from real goods to virtual goods and experiences. Selling services and virtual goods will produce scale effects, and marginal costs will decrease. From a marketing point of view, only social networking will trigger the Metcalfe effect, that is The value of the network grows exponentially with the number of nodes. Web3 e-commerce will sit on the dual accelerator of virtual product transaction and social communication.

Below, we focus on the form of market and goods in Web3 e-commerce.

In Web3 e-commerce, the field will become a game, shopping will become fun, and online and offline will be integrated.For example, IKEA recently realized scanning its own house and testing furniture in a virtual space. The Metaverse nightclub platform DiscoverFeed builds a VR virtual space by 3D scanning global nightclubs. Each channel connects the global nightclubs, where you can enjoy performances, buy digital collections, and communicate with people.

Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?

How to sell in such a market? Metaverse has created a natural social e-commerce scene. We can choose to open our own virtual room and wardrobe, and others will get a share after seeing the order. The virtual store of the future brand can also allow users to participate in the production of products. After users DIY online, they will receive their own design products offline, which will stimulate social sharing.

In Web3 e-commerce, goods will achieve a full explosion in form, quantity and experience through NFT media. Formally, from selling physical goods to selling virtual goods and services, such as doctor consultations. In terms of quantity, everything can be traded online through NFT, including text written by individuals, art IP collections around the world, etc. Trillions of digital content will be circulated and traded. In terms of experience, based on the uniqueness of NFT, one can obtain the only offline products in the world through 3D printing; the landscape paintings created by individuals can generate digital artworks through NFT, which can show the dynamic effects of cloudy, sunny, rainy and snow for weather programming, and access weather data. You can also display different images.

After talking about the market and goods, in fact, the key to Web3 e-commerce is to attract and retain people. The Web3 era will form large and small squares with personal IP as the core. To enter Web3 e-commerce, you must first provide a platform that can be trusted, created, and shared, and even supports every ordinary person to create, acquire customers, operate, and finance. , cash out, and new ones can be obtained by sending tokens, dividend rewards, airdrop lottery, blind box digital collections, etc.

As for the long-term retention of players, it is necessary to decentralize and play with users in the form of DAO, even if it meets a certain social requirement. For example, the better salted fish made by social e-commerce, organized the “Tide Auction” activity for the opinion leader, the pond owner, and the pond residents voted for the trendy clothes to get rewards. fan.

And so on, how to help agricultural e-commerce in Metaverse and Web3? The online orchard scene can be made into a fruit picking game and delivered offline; the orchard village can issue tokens and attract interested people to govern together through DAO, making it a tourist area. The logic of Web3 social e-commerce is to connect individuals and individuals, rather than platforms and individuals.

3. How do ordinary people make money from Web3 e-commerce?

So far, the biggest waste of resources in the world is that individual abilities are not fully activated, including talents, skills, hobbies and even any distinctive shining point. In the web3 era, people experience, create, communicate and exchange, and everything can be done electronically. Business, monetization, personal IP influence determines the ability to make money.

Chain Games is known as the entrance to Web3. Gamers are undoubtedly the first wave of people to make money on Web3. For example, Axie Infinity has driven 150,000 jobs in the Philippines and other places and has become their means of making a living. Also earning money are virtual human face pinchers, Metaverse architects, etc. From the digital serfs of the Internet giants to the independent digital farmers with data, who is the next wave of lucky darlings of Web3? Here are four ways to make money for your reference.

  1. Direct fans to monetize, no need to deliberately market the brand. With music NFTs, for example, musicians earn revenue by selling their music directly to their fans. The process itself is a kind of 3D artistic enjoyment when the artist draws in the virtual space, and the paintings can also be sold as Metaverse space components and home decoration.
  2. Skill transfer to change jobs, from screwing to going to love. For example, designers and copywriters can become painters and novelists, providing scenes and stories in the virtual world. A large number of junk products in today’s society are because of mechanical operations and have no emotions. Web3 is supported by love and talent, and web3 e-commerce will empower everyone to become a brand.
  3. Have an idea or not? AI assists individual creation, and DAO helps you crowdfund. Now we can complete the design and editing with the help of various code-free tools. The Metaverse software can support drag-and-drop to make our own 3D house. Many people on the Korean Metaverse social software Zaizai sell virtual components to make money.On the Mirror, known as the Web3 version of the public account, someone crowdfunded a movie about the early experience of Ethereum, turning the idea into reality.
  4. Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?
  5. No talent and skills? Pure fetishes are fine. For example, some people like to collect cans, and the technology of generating 3D from photos can be used as a Metaverse exhibition hall to collect tickets; for example, cat owners can set up a cat club. You can also be a platform, an intermediary, and make money through various connections.

X To Earn is somewhat imaginary. The future creator economy should be Love To Earn and Connect To Earn. Individuals need to make a T-shaped plan, deepen themselves vertically, and connect more people horizontally for more value. In the future economy of everyone, competition will definitely exist. Only by preparing a life reservoir for continuous accumulation can we develop our advantages under the new system in the future.

Web3 and the Metaverse is a game without boundaries, and the big explosion of data and the big explosion of human imagination will refresh the world. Today, technologies such as blockchain and encryption are gradually maturing, Defi decentralized finance is about to rewrite the old financial system, and new businesses are gathering global funds and wisdom to explore day and night, followed by new organizations, new rules, new economy and even a new civilization.

Douyin e-commerce next stop: How does Web3 e-commerce make every ordinary person earn money?


As Kevin Kelly said in “Inevitably”: the global economy is moving away from the material world and moving closer to the non-physical world of bits.

In 2000, the official media was flooded with articles on whether it was reliable to buy things online? Then Ali and turned their heads and started the era of e-commerce in China. The singularity of Web3 may be that a pain point at the edge is satisfied by a small innovation, and then a hole is torn open to reveal the first light of the next era. (Finish)

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