Doom Hero will be launched on New Year’s Day

Doom Hero, NFT+DeFi+RPG 3D strategy game

The Year of the Ox is drawing to a close, and the New Year is approaching. On the occasion of the global celebration of the New Year, Doom Hero will be launched in the much anticipated form. It will be locked at 12 o’clock on January 1, 2022 (Tokyo time) to welcome Doom Hero together. online. In order to go online smoothly, the public beta will be suspended at 24:00 (Tokyo time) on December 31, 2021.

Doom Hero is officially launched, with a lot of fun and benefits. Be sure to follow the official Twitter and telegram!

Doom Hero’s krypton gold player glory moment is here, 1.5 times are in place during the public beta, it will be released with 180 antennas, and it will be released for the first time on the 1st, do you know? Doom Hero’s guild player welfare is here, and the top ten guilds all over the world gather, the exclusive welfare gift package is not to be missed!


Adventure is the genes of human beings. Some people go hiking and some people are absorbed. In the attempt of adventure, it is excitement and conquest is glory. Later, entertainment was born and games were born. The adventure in human genes is the soul, and the game industry has an adventurous soul. Enduring for a long time, with the development of science and technology economy, there are various changes, only the changes have not faded.

Hush Future Society is a game production and publicity company with a long history. It was established in Japan in 2013. In the early days, it cooperated with GAME FREAK, KONAMI and many other companies to participate in the production of “Devil City”, “Game King” and other games. After vigorous development, with the addition of talents such as Ken Chiba-COO, Taniguchi Naohiko-Game Design Director, William-CTO-Chief Technology Officer, Aaron-Chief Technical Consultant and other geniuses, with the gradual development of blockchain games, Under the inspirational collision between genius and genius, the company began to plan gradually in 2017, and this year was born Doom hero, a NFT+ DeFi+ RPG Unity3D strategy game based on the BSC chain. This is a great progress of blockchain games.

Chain game players can develop their own heroes in the Doom hero world, form unique teams, build and upgrade unique equipment, join alliances, and obtain gold coins through battles and missions. The gold coins can be exchanged and traded in Pancake. At the same time, everyone Heroes of different qualities are independent NFT assets, and users can trade through official channels. After participating in PVE, PVP and other modes, the rewards obtained by players can not only be used to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, but also can be sold on the market.

A variety of battle modes are set up in the game. Alliance wars, arenas, world bosses, and throne battles all provide players with generous rewards. The principle of being strong and strong also brings players quite exciting competition.


Under the strategic decision of the company’s Miller-CEO CEO, a strategic cooperation was reached with UB Fund and Greyrock Fund. The two funds invested heavily in the Doom Hero project. Compared with the DeFi pledge mining environment that still exists in other chain games, Doom Hero is in the game mechanism. At the beginning of the design, it was incorporated into the game. The wild mining area not only has super high profits, but also is full of thrilling competition. The environment is more healthy and balanced.



Doom Hero adopts a dual Token model, namely Doom Hero Dao (DHD) and Doom Hero Gold (DHG). DHD is used as a governance token to maintain the construction of the game ecosystem. The total circulation is 1 billion, and DHG is used as a game token to provide in-game consumption. , Unlimited distribution, thus creating a virtuous circle ecosystem, and every player’s efforts will be fairly rewarded.

With the rapid development of Metaverse today, the major GameFi chain games have come together. With rich game content, exquisite game graphics, Doom hero adopts traditional game 3D rendering technology, and combines the sustainability of DEFI economy to truly show the chain. The tour should look like it should be, and more content in the game looks forward to your exploration and conquest.

Welcome to follow Doom hero’s upcoming official launch on January 1, 2022!


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