Doom Hero NFT market officially launched on January 15th

Doomhero’s first NFT+ DeFi+ RPG 3D strategy game

In the post-apocalyptic world full of zombies, survive, you must fight, fight against the most dangerous zombie monsters, fight, let’s fight together as a team!

Is your hero team collocation strong enough? Is the defense strong enough? Is the support sustainable enough?

There is no strongest hero in the apocalyptic world, only the strongest hero team!

Every hero is an NFT artwork. The hero NFT trading market was officially launched on the 15th to help you adjust the hero team, build the strongest hero team, fight the doomsday world full of zombies, and start the most exciting hero journey!


Hero NFT trading market, you only need to open the official website account, click Market Place to enter the trading market interface, you can search for heroes, occupations, levels, etc. through the search engine, and you can directly search for the heroes you urgently need according to your needs.

Because Doom Hero heroes are distributed through blind boxes, many friends’ teams may lack defense, lack of support, lack of output, etc., and cannot burst out the strongest combat power. The launch of the hero NFT market allows Doom Hero players to Freely trade the heroes that you lack, the high-level hero team is no longer a dream.


Doom Hero is a Game Fi product with European and American 3D comic style that integrates SLG gameplay and RPG gameplay. In terms of game presentation, the team adopts Unity engine, 3dsMax modeling, and ARC rendering, so that the game not only has high-quality graphics , but also allows players to experience hearty battles. The birth of video games is to provide players with entertainment and benefits. Whether traditional games or chain games, they cannot destroy its original intention. Doom Hero also adheres to this principle, so it chooses the story of zombie virus invasion and doomsday. To set off the plot, let players experience the thrill of saving the world in the game, everyone is a hero, and everyone needs a strong force to defend peace.

In Doom Hero, players must have 5 heroes and form their own team to fight. Unlike other chain games, the zombie enemies in the game are very powerful, which makes players have to think about the matching of the lineup, the timing of the release of skills, The level of skills, the improvement of equipment and other issues can defeat the enemy.

The equipment, heroes, rare items, etc. obtained by players in the game are all NFT props, which can be traded in the official Market and third-party channels. After participating in PVE, PVP and other modes, the Token rewards obtained by players can not only be used to improve the combat effectiveness of the team, but also can be sold in the market. There are a variety of battle modes set up in the game, alliance war, arena, world BOSS, throne competition, etc. all provide players with rich rewards, and the principle of strong and constant strength also brings quite exciting competition to players.


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